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Ok, ok...we're slutz. That's why we spend our time on this board in the first place. But it's pretty interesting to hear that a...

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Dean Roddey 16th February 2010
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rcb4t2 16th February 2010
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so on a A Designs EM-PEQ whats with the boost and attenuate buttons? what is happening when i use both ?...

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telejustin 16th February 2010
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Hello I have RME ff 400 and bluetube blue dp 2 channel.(a pre from presonus) Do you think is good to input the presonus bluetube...

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andy3 16th February 2010
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Greg really goes in depth abouth the gear he used on KISS' new album. Cool to hear he used a SM7 on Gene and Paul's vocals. PR30...

Farm sounds
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Drumsound 16th February 2010
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Hi There, I have purchased Native Instruments Komplete Classics. It contains B4II, PRO-53,AKOUSTIK PIANO & ELEKTRIK...

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antoniosolo 16th February 2010
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I'm using PT8 on windows 7. I'm trying to find a good metering plug in that is more reliable than the PT meters. I can't use the...

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JLit 16th February 2010
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I am wishing to sell my MASTERLINK, but the hard drive crashed and I need a new one. Where can I purchase one and what do they...

Mad John
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davetech 16th February 2010
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I've been hearing that the respected GML 8302/04 has unbalanced ins- and outs, and now even the SOS review of it seems to confirm...

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Sk106 16th February 2010
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I've been getting this error and the most dreadful CPU power error too.. I have a digi 003 with an imac (2.16Ghz Intel Core 2...

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chrisinumerable 16th February 2010
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Hi! I have been lookin for a console for a while and now Ive got the opportunity to buy a BEQ24 32 channel console with...

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rockxrock 16th February 2010
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Hi, I own an Aurora GTQ2 and I absolutely love the preamp! The EQ is very useful when I'm tracking, but I'm looking to add a...

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waxx 16th February 2010
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I’m trying to see how to best utilize my gear – I don’t have a ton of experience but I am transitioning to using Logic Pro...

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audiothumbs 16th February 2010
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confoosed I'm new to pro tools and new to tracking drums. I just bought a digi 003 and have a stereo pair of cardoid condenser...

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hihello 16th February 2010
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I am wondering if anyone can help me with this. I went to send some files to a client today, I usually use the Yousendit...

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aleatoric 16th February 2010
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I've noticed in most modern music (pop or otherwise) the vocals are really upfront!! No room at all really at less it is added...

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audionickw 16th February 2010
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So, i am just wondering, and excuse me if this is a stupid question... If you where to use some HP and LP filters to clean up a...

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ianbryn11 16th February 2010
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I need to get an audio interface and I'm highly considering the Duet because I'm on a mac and I here it is great. Although I will...

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braindmg 16th February 2010
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Well, all right, it doesn't have to be from today, or even out on the open market (the black will do just fine). What in your...

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drbob1 15th February 2010
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Novation Community great stand i need to find !!

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Jeezo 15th February 2010
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I have used about every one on the market, mainly going back and forth from a Beta 52 to a D112 sometimes re20 or a SM7, I use a...

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cjogo 15th February 2010
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Would you describe these three blue mics-the dragonfly, baby bottle and blueberry as clear transparent mics or colored mics?

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drastic 15th February 2010
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Are any of you still using the instrument + paper sheet music + pencil approach? If so, why. Thanks, LR

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author 15th February 2010
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Hello all, Could any one explain how to set up two stage compression using Nuendo and not a console. This term might not be...

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Cegalla 15th February 2010
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I have a very simple set up at home as it is, but I'm really into colorful sounding compressors. At this point I want something...

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relaibleman 15th February 2010
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Why does my brain want to boost the highs on EVERY channel/sound? How can I get rid of this behaviour? :facepalm: I'm aware...

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TakeOne 15th February 2010
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Anyone done this? Or is there anything on the net that tells you how? Cheers, Louis

Louis Bernstone
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Louis Bernstone 15th February 2010
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I made the decision to go back to PT LE after years with Cubase, and I'm very happy with my...

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robertshaw 15th February 2010
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to compliment my Telefunken modded MPA Gold and my ISA 428. As I'm mainly a mix room now I'm not looking for a ton of channelsm ...

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You_Father_Sky 15th February 2010
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i already posted this at the post production section, but i'll do it in here as well because im desperate for some quick advice...

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MFG 15th February 2010
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A lot of postings on gearslutz have to do with A/B comparisons for converters. We know all the usual suspects, and I believe...

Unknown soldier
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InTheBox 15th February 2010
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Hey guys, no doubt some of you have heard the wonderful piano samples by Matt over at Imperfect Samples Imperfect Samples ® -...

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virtualgeezer 15th February 2010
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I recently was given a Seck console. Trying to use Altec Lansing computer speakers. I pass signal thru the AL built-in audio...

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nedorama 15th February 2010
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The more I get into production the more I realise how unimportant the technical stuff is relative to the simple requirement to...

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soundbarnfool 15th February 2010
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Anyone know of a simple X-Y midi pad? I'd like something similar to the Kaoss pads, but without the flashy lights and...

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moley 15th February 2010
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In the scratching your head department. A Wii mote controlled virtual stompbox: Virtual guitar pedalboard interface Pretty...

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LFO 15th February 2010
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I am looking for what the idea setup would be to record guitar and bass directly onto my laptop. Currently, I am using an EMU...

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sidestepstudios 15th February 2010
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If so, do you know of a place that rents mics?

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digitrax 15th February 2010
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They are about the same price. The Studer has more speeds and I am sure a more sophisticated deck, but what about the sound? I...

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abtech 15th February 2010
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Been digging the Crooked Vultures CD & really love the guitar tones! Sounds like a lot of small amps & room mics. Just...

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monkeyxx 15th February 2010
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I know that this isnt gear related but just wondered if any of you could suggest some songs that feature a change of time...

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aaeea 15th February 2010
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Hi Fellow Slutz, I have a question for those of you living in expensive areas around the world... How have you managed to afford...

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Mike Caffrey 15th February 2010
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People tend to blame pirating for the problems in the music industry, but as this study shows, it's just one aspect of the...

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rufus13 15th February 2010
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Makinithappen 15th February 2010
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So, i have an amp... from what i know, it was a DIY kit that my friend put together.... He used it in his professional production...

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You_Father_Sky 15th February 2010
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Im looking to buy a cheap bass guitar that has good pickups to be able to record with and produce a cd. I need something similar...

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Xichael 15th February 2010
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I've always had this question, I know that real-time is best used when you want to print reverbs and something that uses...

Alonso Contreras
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nept 15th February 2010
Avatar for tomeford

I want to get away from the beta 52 for an upcoming session and was wondering what I could do with a 2 mic combination.. What...

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lynyrd 15th February 2010
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HI, Anyone know how well Kramer's FX, plate reverb plugin sounds?

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Coldsnow 15th February 2010
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I found a few articles on here about recording techniques for upright bass, but they were aimed at jazz, rock, etc. I was looking...

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neutronbomb 15th February 2010