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Hi all I'm desperately looking for a used revox c278 8 track 1/2" tape recorder. If someone hears something please let me...

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littlenemo 24th February 2010
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I was given a brand new AT835B shotgun mic which I thought would work for audience mic in live recordings. So I ordered another...

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clarocque 24th February 2010
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surely the studio is profitable but simply being flogged as an emi asset to raise money? so why all the 'save abbey road'...

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7161 24th February 2010
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Wassup, for those who have both an MPC 2500 and a Korg Triton/ or KT Extreme which do you think has the better effects and...

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mjhann 24th February 2010
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scanner 24th February 2010
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Hey guys, there is a problem with the JP. This is the setup so far: 1. JP audio cables into channel 1 & 2 of the Behringer...

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jvignacio 24th February 2010
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Has anyone compare SPL kultube and Manley ELOP? Not so much thinking on the compressor side, but the "tubey" sound ......

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Musiclab 24th February 2010
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I bought a Monster Power HDP900G surge protector for my home studio but it doesn't appear to protect against brown outs. If this...

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Victory Pete 24th February 2010
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hi everybody.great forum! I bought my new amek angela, I would have millions of things to ask! But first I want to know how...

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stevenson59 24th February 2010
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James Lehmann 24th February 2010
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so yeah. got an upcoming project with a blues/rock band and was thinking this might be rad. we have a pair so we can do a top...

esrever Reverb
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jonathanmardukas 24th February 2010
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Ello People, Looking at adding some killer pre's to my rig (mainly) for snare and bass drum. A real buy once purchase. Now...

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powlow 24th February 2010
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I've been using Yamaha HS80's for a while now. Yesterday I unplugged them for the first time since I bought them so I could test...

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John Eppstein 24th February 2010
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Sweetwater Teams with Indiana University–Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW) to Establish Music Technology Degree i dont...

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pfosk 24th February 2010
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1. Tito + Tarantula : Tarantism 2. Vincente Amigo: De mi coranzon al aire 3. Rush: Moving Pictures Ok, maybe a strange...

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vernier 24th February 2010
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I have bought a profire2626 interface, a st59 condenser mic, and Sonar software. I also bought a TUBEPre but I don't like the...

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MikeFFG 24th February 2010
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I am doing a project where I have to re-record a Regina song exactly the way it was originally made. I've read some threads...

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TheToneShoppe 24th February 2010
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I can get them for $950 used, anyone think they are worth that? Thanks, Eric.

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George Necola 24th February 2010
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For the songwriter and producer: How did you score it? was it thru a cousin who happened to be Jimmy Iovine or your sister who...

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Umlaaat 24th February 2010
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Just curious! And by this I mean someone that works every day at a facility that they do not own. I am in such a position and...

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Makinithappen 24th February 2010
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just found that info, if it's double posting, sorry admin, please remove it I think it's interesting what will happen with...

Red Mastering
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DontLetMeDrown 24th February 2010
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I dropped my moded Apex 460 condenser mic. Now the high end distorts when the volume gets to a certain level. What component...

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Phathead 24th February 2010
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HI everybody. I'm usually asked by younger drummers what they can do to become a better player and get more work in the industry....

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evangelista 24th February 2010
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I am using a profire2626 interface with sonar software. here is where i am confused: thru the software when i set the input on...

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theblue1 24th February 2010
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I have been thinking about selling my Triton Extreme, and replacing it with a Moog Little Phatty. Let me clarify my situation....

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Neenja 24th February 2010
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So i finally picked up a patchbay and im a bit confused setting it up. I picked the neutrik nys-spp-l1 and im working with the...

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MikeFFG 24th February 2010
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One thing I have noticed that when discussing units like the M-Audio FW 1814 and its onboard mic pres, there seems to be somewhat...

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TurboJets 24th February 2010
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A Ramsa DA7 with only 2 line inputs that don't distort and yucky faders. Everything else seems to be working. It has been...

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John Eppstein 24th February 2010
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From The New Scientist:

vodka gimli
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audiogeek 24th February 2010
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Hi!! Can anybody help me acheving this sort of sound? I believe it's a strat with a big room reverb and maybe a little...

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elginchris 24th February 2010
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Hello, I'm new to this forum so hi there! I wanted to get some advice on a problem that's been boggling me for ages... I would...

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devvoman 24th February 2010
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i recently got a Hammond M3, guy said it wasn't oiled in very long time... so i bought some oil before i even tried to turn it...

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nsarlo 24th February 2010
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I'm aware that these are ... not so good. Unfortunately it's all I have to work with at the moment. I've heard that...

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AndyHD 24th February 2010
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Hey guys, I just wanted to see how people feel about the the Lexicon MX400 nowadays. How do you feel it compares to the better...

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aplats 24th February 2010
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hi, does it make any difference whether i rip an LP at 192kbps or 320kbps bitrate? (besides higher quality noise perhaps.....

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Purple 24th February 2010
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This forum has a SPIRIT and its spirit is the people who created it and the people inhabiting it...us. I have learned SO much...

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bash 23rd February 2010
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Hey folks! I've decided to invest in a Thermionic Fat Bustard summing mixer. And at the same time ditch my entire setup and...

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Gulzar 23rd February 2010
Avatar for christopherK

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help. I have a Shure Power Console 700...

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christopherK 23rd February 2010
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I have been mentoring a 21 year old singer/songwriter. There is no doubt he is not more or less talented than any other top tier...

Deleted 86c3d96
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relaxo 23rd February 2010
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This was lingering in the wrong room, I thought it is an interesting topic

Alex Specht
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G.TheDuke 23rd February 2010
Avatar for Tesseract

Hey peeps, I've finished mixing my bands album which has been mixed in the box pretty much (I have been summing through my SSL X...

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[email protected] 23rd February 2010
Avatar for spray6969

Hi guys, In few weeks I will go to L.A. it will be a good occasion to get new accoustic guitar (Gibson) and studio Mic.(Royer...

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spray6969 23rd February 2010
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ok, so i snagged an argosy dual 15-847 desk off of craigslist for next to nothing, and i've heard a lot of people mod them. are...

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Darhgo 23rd February 2010
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OceanMan 23rd February 2010
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my studio has released 7 commercial CDs, all of which are available on iTunes and other commerical outlets. however, there are...

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theblue1 23rd February 2010
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I really love her voice and how it sounds on some tracks from new album, especially "Laughing with". Only I know M....

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jwryan 23rd February 2010
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I'm looking to order a Latch Lake, and need it sent to the UK (MicKing 2200). Does anybody have a recommendation of a good...

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Jeff A. Roberts 23rd February 2010
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Big basic broad questions. what would you do in this situation? A friend of mine has a 16yo daughter that is seriously the best...

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swankdoc 23rd February 2010
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I'm looking to pick up a TT head this week and a PPC212-OB in 2 weeks. So far $519 for the cab & $545 for the head is the...

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Slaytex 23rd February 2010
Avatar for Turdadactyl

It's been a rough start to the year for me. Broken leg. (No driving, no exercise, rarely leave the house. 7 weeks and...

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Vum 23rd February 2010