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To get an H3000 for part of my gear setup, how would I connect it to my setup? I currently have an Apogee Duet going to my Mac....

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thethrillfactor 25th February 2010
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kamiahmed 25th February 2010
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And the e602ii? At fullcompass, the e602 is $50 more. Is the II version just the newest mic and basically the same thing?

davey boy
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Bluemoa 25th February 2010
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Hi All; I have an interesting dilemma. I mix documentaries and music in Pro Tools. Have done it for years. Usually I work...

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Waltz Mastering 25th February 2010
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I'll save Abbey Road: Andrew Lloyd Webber promises £30m-plus to buy studios By Sara Nathan and Ben Todd Last updated at...

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soundrick 25th February 2010
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Hey slutz! So a few years back I made the mistake of buying a old XT on ebay and I made another mistake buying the $200...

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kbass20 25th February 2010
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I know the ASP 8s are common to have amp problems. Mine still work but the trim knob on one and the hi and lows trim on the other...

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shaddai 25th February 2010
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Good morning, I am going to try experimenting with reamping soft synths and the like (never tried it before), and the only...

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clusterchord 25th February 2010
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I need a simple monitor/layback unit. - needs to be high quality audio path - stereo balanced DAW input with switchable...

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evangelista 25th February 2010
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Just wondering if one gets a song in tv or other and has a manager how is it spilt between the publisher,manager and the writer?

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close/far 25th February 2010
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Just looking at your favourite soundboards for recording. no live stuff here, just recording

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jlaco 25th February 2010
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I have been listening to a lot of music that has come out in the last year, and I can't really seem to love any of it. Most of it...

Deleted f4cefa4
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Deleted f4cefa4 25th February 2010
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Having been laid-off recently, and un-able to find work, I am forced to sell some of my equipment. I am wondering what my AKG 414...

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Vandergraf 25th February 2010
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I'm looking to invest in a good set of studio monitors, and after doing some research via the search engine it seems like this is...

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rcb4t2 25th February 2010
Avatar for Lights Out Asia

I need some advice on how to best go about using EQ. When I begin to mix a project, I have no idea where to start. Obviously...

Lights Out Asia
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vernier 25th February 2010
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So, I now have some good compressors that I like (Ashly CL-52e, Joe Meek MC2, and FMR PBC-6a) and I was wondering; is it better...

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Musiclab 25th February 2010
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Wondering. And not kids at guitar center. Any good Jams?

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slaves666 25th February 2010
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Hello, Anyone have any impressions of the pearlman TM-LE? How does it compare sound wise to the TM-2? Anyone have an LE they...

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musesick 25th February 2010
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This was briefly touched on in the MiLaR thread. Anyone have an experience they care to share regarding this tutorial? I'm...

C Heat
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Heartfelt 25th February 2010
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So I'm really impressed with this but have a super dumb question. If I'm using it with Pro Tools HD and I've plugged my guitar...

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nedorama 25th February 2010
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The latest in rack-mounting Technology! LackRack - Eth0Wiki

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zorneatsham 25th February 2010
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Hi guys and galz. Sean Kinney from Alice in chains is using these when tracking the new album they are on either side of him in...

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Demonslave 25th February 2010
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Sorry if this has been posted before, I figured since I had relatively specific questions it would fly, but if it seems like...

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BB11 25th February 2010
Avatar for cellotape

hey there, i've recently started to gain stage my recordings by using the free g plug in from sonalksis. i have to say it...

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keano 24th February 2010
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Anyone have much experience with any of the following? Marshall 8008 or 8004 Mesa 20/20 Peavey Classic ADA power amp I've...

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Geoff Duncan 24th February 2010
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Anyone know something about these consoles, and how they sound compared to the Kelso, Melbourne or the 54-series desktop models?...

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Kristian 24th February 2010
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There was a video link posted about a month or so ago that really demonstrated the differences in various digital recording...

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MisterMark 24th February 2010
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YouTube - Tupac- Studio Session Shows the gear @ around 42 second mark, can you name what they are?

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Krush411 24th February 2010
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So I picked this bad boy up for 25 bucks from my local thrift store!!! Other than this problem, its in great clean working order!...

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caffeinegum 24th February 2010
Avatar for RTR

Alesis USB Studio Electronic Drum Kit..............I have read about people using these, so does anyone know where to buy these...

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RTR 24th February 2010
Avatar for The_Controllers

Seriously...I think I'm in love with the echo chamber sound. I can't get enough of listening to Spector's stuff and I've been...

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Buss-me 24th February 2010
Avatar for makinmovez

I'm an artist who've been performing live for the longest and I think it is time I make the moves to record professionally. What...

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Infernal Device 24th February 2010
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anyone have any info on these? can't seem to find much on the...

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nsarlo 24th February 2010
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A question for you techie types If a manufacturer claims their bass head is 1000 watts at 5% THD, what would you guess would...

daniel elliott
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daniel elliott 24th February 2010
Avatar for Subversounds

Hi all, This might sound crazy, but is there a way to turn your tube amplifiers into transistored ones? to be more precise:...

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robertshaw 24th February 2010
Avatar for skiroy

Everybody knows that you need to have protools installed on a seperate drive and keep all your plugins and storage on a seperate...

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nedorama 24th February 2010
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Someone's probably gonna hate me for the misleading title, but I couldn't help myself.....had some fun with guitar sounds today,...

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bbgallaway 24th February 2010
Avatar for G-Sun

Hi! Is grounded AC important for mixers? I just bought a Mackie vlz3 802 and was surprised to see that the AC was of the...

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Avatar for nedorama
nedorama 24th February 2010
Avatar for sweeterstudios

I have OSX 10.4.11 on a Mac PPC G5 and was wondering if there are any problems that will happen to my system when I upgrade to...

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miro 24th February 2010
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I found this thread, and thought this might be good to...

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drbob1 24th February 2010
Avatar for Bflat

Hey people, I have a question for you Metric Halo ULN8 users. How would you add external preamps with an XLR out (like a...

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Avatar for joh
joh 24th February 2010
Avatar for Kscope

Are there any audio engineering DVD's out there ??

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Avatar for JTraverse
JTraverse 24th February 2010
Avatar for thechrisl

This general topic has been covered a lot but I haven't seen anything specific to my issue so here goes: I'm wanting to chain 3...

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thechrisl 24th February 2010
Avatar for borg64

I'm being a bit slow here and feel my efforts on reading up on this abbreviation-ridden subject (SPDIF, AES/EBU, ADAT - which...

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borg64 24th February 2010
Avatar for MREVOL

Title says it all---also, guys with the bogner. Tell me if you got to try the classic compared to the 101b and what were your...

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Avatar for MREVOL
MREVOL 24th February 2010
Avatar for Captain Proton

Ethan, I've noticed quite a few times you state that reel to reel tape is inferior to even built in sound cards on...

Captain Proton
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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 24th February 2010
Avatar for Bater

I was looking through ads on MF to get some ideas for a computer desk that I am modding into a mixing desk when I came upon...

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Avatar for Bater
Bater 24th February 2010
Avatar for Webb

Looking to add a new compressor plug, mainly for rock vocal duties. I have my eye on either Softube's FET or CL-1B based on a...

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Avatar for Pale Pyramid
Pale Pyramid 24th February 2010
Avatar for plainofjars

I wound up with a set of Gold Sparkle Luddys. They were made, it looks like, in 1964. Are they Classics, Superclassics, something...

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plainofjars 24th February 2010
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With what vocoder could you get a smiliar sound like this: YouTube - capsule-JUMPER boing

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Avatar for mattg082
mattg082 24th February 2010