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Hello everyone, Love this forum, was hoping for a bit of help. I did a search for hourly rates for Engineers with a few years...

Rainy Days
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herecomesyourman 1st March 2010
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YouTube - Little Korean Kid Sings Hey Jude

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RUSCO 1st March 2010
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Wow, looking through local kijiji, saw local studio advertising, and found brand new, unearthed studio fail pic! Please enjoy.

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jono_3 1st March 2010
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Hi all, Long-time reader, first-time poster...first of course I'd like to thank everyone who contributes to this forum for...

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emdub123 1st March 2010
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I just wanted to hop on the board and say a few words about Truth Audio. Many of you may remember the TA1 series that caused...

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Bounce 1st March 2010
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For mixing rock I'm currently using a Cranesong Flamingo with a folcrom I am using a Cranesong Hedd at the moment as my A-D...

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dhiltonlittle 1st March 2010
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Hi, I am about to start a round of recording tests on the SM-7 for vocals so I thought I would post here. I am going to be...

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Odieman 1st March 2010
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Fellow gearslutz, I'm hosting a dayparty in austin during SXSW and need to line up some backline equipment for our stage. Here...

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gregwar 1st March 2010
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I was wondering if anybody has tried using a cassette player/recorder (denon, sony, etc) to record vocals or guitar before...

hemmick reef
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theblue1 1st March 2010
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ADL site has been not updated since June 1, 2007. also there are no dealers on the page just a direct email contact. anyone...

George Necola
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unit7 1st March 2010
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I'm completely re-doing my website with the goal to make it more than just a musical web presence and have it set up to do...

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theblue1 1st March 2010
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After lots more research for my quest of the best es 335 clone for a budget,I have narrowed it down to a Ibanez as-80 or a yamaha...

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skiroy 1st March 2010
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Starting with three of mine... "Amie"-Pure Prarie League "On The Way Home" Buffalo...

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electraluxx 1st March 2010
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This is my first post ever, on any site, therefore, if I have placed this is in the wrong place, please switch it. I have been...

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Gigazaga 1st March 2010
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Hello all, I have a fresh Seagate IDE drive and a new caddy for an HD24. I installed into both bays and when it auto selects,...

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Akoppenheffer 1st March 2010
Avatar for AMIEL

Hi! There is somebody that found Halogen Bulbs with the small base (GU10) but that can be DAY LIGHT?? and if exist a type that...

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AMIEL 1st March 2010
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Do we have any talented engineers / producers with an ear who can tell me the chords to this song? YouTube - Stewart Mac 'I Love...

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toejam34 1st March 2010
Avatar for skiltrip

Does anyone know the dimensions for the Daking Mic Pre One? Looking all over and can't find them.

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skiltrip 1st March 2010
Avatar for Saxy

Hey Guy's... Just got Addictive Drums, from what I actually can hear, they sound really good but all of the midi notes don't...

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Avatar for Saxy
Saxy 1st March 2010
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Avatar for slaphappy
slaphappy 1st March 2010
Avatar for jujumies

Hi, I have been lately struggling with vocals. Especially with vocalist with lots of dynamics. I just cant get my vocals sound...

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mattg082 1st March 2010
Avatar for martin75

Hi. Someone want to sell me is Yamaha organ YC45D and is speaker RA 200 R (kind of Leslie). He ask 500USd for both. It is a good...

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martin75 1st March 2010
Avatar for jmhgtr

Hey All, I've been using AT 4050's a LOT lately, and being very pleased. Just curious if anyone knows if there's a sonic...

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Avatar for Big Tim
Big Tim 1st March 2010
Avatar for toejam34

I want to do a cover song gig and need this instrumental without the vocals. YouTube - Dead By Sunrise - Let Down {Music...

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Avatar for adamcal
adamcal 1st March 2010
Avatar for boriscrispin

Hi guys, Anyone know the 'correct' way to use/store the old great british spring reverb, standing vertically or mounted...

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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 1st March 2010
Avatar for rackdude

There are a lot of things the search should be used for, and many would agree that it's not used enough. However, I can even say...

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Jules 1st March 2010
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Most beautiful song (and singer heh) ever? YouTube - Elis Regina & Tom Jobim- Waters of March - English subtitles Happy...

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author 1st March 2010
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I've been using PT HD for several years but want to get an LE setup at home. I've read many threads about the difference between...

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a.beck 1st March 2010
Avatar for audiogeek

I just posted something similar to the following in another thread, then realized it was in "The Moan Zone"... sorry...

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Avatar for soulstudios
soulstudios 1st March 2010
Avatar for JoeyM

(forgot the question mark at the end) I was just zooming in a wave in Wavelab, so you can see one bit, the next bit etc - and...

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Avatar for doorknocker
doorknocker 1st March 2010
Avatar for braindmg

Is it possible to use more than2 monitors with the Duet? On another note, I need an outboard mixer to monitor my Xbox, computer,...

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hpp99 1st March 2010
Avatar for tkr

I`ll confess right away: I`m an audiophile hidz No, I don`t own cable raisers, "quantum mechanic resonators" or...

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Avatar for tkr
tkr 1st March 2010
Avatar for mattg082

Next week I will be recording a meditation cd at work for my college university. I will be using protools and the vocal chain...

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mattg082 1st March 2010
Avatar for perx

I didnt even know there was an antares ATR-1 Auto tune hardware... Its a bit older though than the plugins.. are the latest...

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Avatar for glenn Taylor
glenn Taylor 1st March 2010
Avatar for sargentpilcher

I'm generally pretty good at figuring stuff like this out on my own, but this time I am just not seeing a solution. (Yes I did a...

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Makinithappen 1st March 2010
Avatar for mgilboe

I operate out of a nice project studio with one really nice isolation booth that sounds great. I've been considering building a...

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Avatar for chrisso
chrisso 1st March 2010
Avatar for Esurreal

Can anyone elaborate on the differences between these? I'm looking for overhead use mostly. I can't find any clips of the HM1's...

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Avatar for Esurreal
Esurreal 1st March 2010
Avatar for John N

Looking for a great, clean and robust sounding delay pedal, preferably with stereo out (or a dry out as a 2nd out) for use with 2...

John N
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Avatar for rack gear
rack gear 1st March 2010
Avatar for mgilboe

I just wanted to see how other full-timers are faring... check the pulse so to speak. When the economy crashed, my business (I'm...

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Avatar for mattg082
mattg082 1st March 2010
Avatar for DeathMonkey

So I'm having teh issues. I have a 500 series 10 space API rack ( w/ API, BAE, Shadow Hills, Purple and Buzz Audio pres) going...

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Avatar for Kronos147
Kronos147 1st March 2010
Avatar for Deo Gratias

sup slutz!! n00b here, currently I am listening music from a mismatch PC speakers found on the street, Altec Lansing and the...

Deo Gratias
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Avatar for DigitMus
DigitMus 1st March 2010
Avatar for funkjosh

i just got a profire 2626 and am running it on 10.4.11. i cant get a stereo output from either of the headphone jacks. any...

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Avatar for brian_i
brian_i 1st March 2010
Avatar for BlackBeauty

Hello...i have been using Acousticas IR for a some months and i am really happy with quality and results. (EMT245.252. - L300 And...

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Avatar for FreshSkweez
FreshSkweez 1st March 2010
Avatar for jehem

when i turn my aw1600 on ,the screen (display) is empty and all control buttons are innefective.

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Avatar for sameal
sameal 1st March 2010
Avatar for Realziment

So im getting tired of everytime trying to open sounds i have to browse for folder, i think this is due to a time, when i renamed...

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Avatar for Realziment
Realziment 1st March 2010
Avatar for sameal

anyone have any experience with these controllers? i picked up a cs-10-2 on the cheap, hoping it's worth it. i can't afford the...

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Avatar for sameal
sameal 1st March 2010
Avatar for MrChrisos

OK, so I've worked really hard on some tracks and I've got two I'm putting up on my site. But there seems to be a catch, for some...

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Avatar for MrChrisos
MrChrisos 1st March 2010
Avatar for Kenny Ca$h

Alright, I'm looking to get a new microphone due to the fact that my girl decided for us to build a home studio in our apartment....

Kenny Ca$h
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Avatar for joelpatterson
joelpatterson 1st March 2010
Avatar for phodee

I have an at 4047 and would like to purchase an oktavamod 319. I'm looking for something less sibilant and more full sounding...

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Avatar for Lenzo
Lenzo 1st March 2010
Avatar for LSouyave

My question is, where is it possible to download unmixed stem files and/or projects and .wav files, of well known songs to load...

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Avatar for LSouyave
LSouyave 1st March 2010