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The studio I work at is upgrading. We currently have dynaudio's BM5's in 5 suites and genelec's 8040A's in two others. Looking...

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Marvin01 2nd March 2010
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i dup'd the lead voc for parallel processing and its phasing with the original when i add plugs... normal? PT 8 Mac pro

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tommy lee 2nd March 2010
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Could someone shed some light on this... Why doesn't my Portico 5043 accept a insert send/ret level from my desk? My Drawmer...

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Oldone 2nd March 2010
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I was checking out some videos for Ocean Way drums, and Allen Sides talks about how he uses custom Shure SM57's on the snare. I'm...

Sean Sullivan
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Stitch333 2nd March 2010
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I am itching to buy a Pealman tm-1 from a local guy here. It can be had for rufly $1300. Mics I use now for vox: AT4050 Blue...

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imo 2nd March 2010
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Good Morning, I need a USB or firewire audio interface (or interfaces) that will provide me with 12-16 line level audio...

Chris Parsons
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Chris Parsons 2nd March 2010
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Hi GS! The other day, there arose a side conversation in one of the threads about data management for studios/live engineers,...

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theblue1 2nd March 2010
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Hey guys, I'm flying to Chicago next week and need to bring some cymbals. We don't have a legit ATA hard-case for transporting...

Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording
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cgarges 2nd March 2010
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I love this record. SO much. I think John Mayer has progressed for the better with each album. Heavier Things was much better...

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travisbrown 2nd March 2010
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Boswell and Johnson were talking one day, and Boswell said, "Sir, which travels the faster; a bullet, or a...

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joelpatterson 2nd March 2010
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How come when I record vocals on pro tools I only hear it on one side of my headphone? It's recorded on a stereo audio track. ...

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MrChrisos 2nd March 2010
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Hey guys i have had my c24 for a while and has now decided to use the talk back function so i can talk to the artists via there...

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Rightstar 2nd March 2010
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Hey guys, I just got a Moog Etherwave, mostly just to fvck around with; but if I can figure out how to "play" it well...

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Maur Bighley 2nd March 2010
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I have been borrowing a RAMSA DA7 digital console which has spdif in (rca) for aux 1&2 return and a switchable spdif/aes XLR...

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author 2nd March 2010
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hi- what do you think would work best in a tracking/mixing room. transperant!!! here is info of the speakers if you...

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Alexhunt 2nd March 2010
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When producing unsigned bands is it common to put into contracts a perc of record label advances if a deal comes from the CD...

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Stevedresser83 2nd March 2010
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Soundcraft 6000 36channel 24bus recapping: I was reading the jim williams posts on gearslutz were he said it´s o.k to change...

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johnner 2nd March 2010
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I was thinking of moving with my equipment to Germany (I am in the US). How does it work, with the electrical situation? Do I...

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Fletcher 2nd March 2010
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Want to get a marshall amp for recording but there are so many, I don't know which one. Love the tone on Faith No More's...

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Victory Pete 2nd March 2010
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Hi all I'm waiting delivery on a liquid 4 pre, I was just wondering if any existing users would be so kind to share their...

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dms82 2nd March 2010
Avatar for Harlem

After some requests, made this little tutorial about programming beats on the Korg Electribe SX: YouTube - TR909 Electribe SX...

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SpiralTrance 2nd March 2010
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Hi i been meaning to ask this for awhile, i have a pretty powerful PC, 4gb ram, quad core processors, never has a problem with...

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Realziment 2nd March 2010
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Hi gearslutz fellaz SSL alpha link AX and SSL madi PC card or with RME PC madi? I know that rme has tottal mix and midi better...

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danchi 2nd March 2010
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Is there an official thread for this? I'd really like some nice free samples. Have anyone greated .gog files from Guitar...

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Myr 2nd March 2010
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I have decided to incorporate some of my outboard gear (Distressors, Great River EQ-2NV, API 2500, etc) into my workflow through...

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jimmydeluxe 2nd March 2010
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With all of the high end - low end gear wrangling and chasing that 'last 10%,' I'd like to just take a moment and relay the...

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monkeyxx 2nd March 2010
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Hey guys, So i've been on and off recording and playing for ages (seems like it at least). I don't have much gear (not enough...

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rockstar_josh 2nd March 2010
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I am just getting into the business but I'm curious to how you guys dealt with those people lol.

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glissando 2nd March 2010
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Hello to everyone at GearSlutz, I have just started using tape and have a decent cheap set-up and was hoping that if I describe...

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Teddy Ray 2nd March 2010
Avatar for pearldrum944

A friend of mine recently got a TS-2 and would like to change out the tube, but he isn't very techy. I am getting into DIY audio...

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pghpgh 2nd March 2010
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I'm switching between -10 or +4 engaged all are going through either an avalon737 or a germanium preamp and input 5 of my digi...

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chrisinumerable 2nd March 2010
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Hi everyone!! I know that I should search before posting. Although I did a quick search, I couldn't find the same problem that...

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mattg082 2nd March 2010
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haha pretty dumb question but I have a $500 gift card to there and I need a pre for my vintage U87 I just got. I really wanted to...

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AddictivePro 2nd March 2010
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Hello All! I recently purchased a slightly used Audio Accessories Inc 2x26 1/4 plug patch bay with punch down on backside. Upon...

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Lifestyle 2nd March 2010
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I'm interested in purchasing one but I have a general question about how the unit works outside of Cubase (or any other sequence...

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supernovasounds 2nd March 2010
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i basically need this: Nice-Racks 4-space Studio Racks but would like it in solid white (not a stain showing wood grain). it...

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bbgallaway 2nd March 2010
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I tried doing a search, but nothing relevant came up. I just got a stock Symetrix SX202. The unit doesn't turn on, but I am...

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nicknolte 2nd March 2010
Avatar for paul999

Has anyone noticed that if you record sounds from the track using drumagog that there is a sound loss compared to adding an agog...

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slaves666 2nd March 2010
Avatar for Shane Michael Rose

I just got a session to mix that was tracked at avatar. I don't have much more information on the record other than avatar. all...

Shane Michael Rose
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Snatchman 2nd March 2010
Avatar for supernovasounds

My current interface is a MOTU 828mkII, and in order to get the same audio that comes out of the Main Outputs to come out of the...

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Deleted d78e603 2nd March 2010
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i dont know whats going on but im getting a peak on my waveforms even when the mic level in pt hits -14 at the highest level. The...

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antoniosolo 2nd March 2010
Avatar for georgelegeriii

Hi, After reading a few of the other threads on this topic, I am still pretty uncertain which way to go about voltage swings...

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synthoid 2nd March 2010
Avatar for Tom C

I'm again looking at upgrading my rack mount mixer. Many people have recommended the Midas Venice mixer; has anyone checked out...

Tom C
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btjamieson 2nd March 2010
Avatar for JarrodEp

I'm thinking of taking the plunge and filling up a 500 series lunchbox. . . I'm leaning pretty hard toward 2 little...

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psufilm 2nd March 2010
Avatar for Spenca

Hi Everyone... I have the Pro Fire 2626 hooked up with Pro Tools M-Powered. I love both of them. But I'm thinking of buying a...

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Spenca 2nd March 2010
Avatar for SeniorityFedup

I remember being in the 5th grade and totally obsessed with looking at the funky designs of loud speakers ie. B&W, Infinity,...

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Avatar for AstralPStudios
AstralPStudios 2nd March 2010
Avatar for andychamp

Hi there! I've already got some tape and bucket brigade analog delays, pedals, as well as a pair of multi-FX. What I need now...

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rack gear 2nd March 2010
Avatar for Vaxxx

Hi guys. I would love to hear some opinions on buying an AUDIO INTERFACE. I'm using Mac OS, LOGIC PRO 9 (+ a lot of 3rd party...

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Maur Bighley 2nd March 2010
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I have a Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Drum Machine and the screen has packed up. Its cracked and is black on one side and displays...

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ReubenTobias 2nd March 2010
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something about "the next time you see some diva on some awards show blah blah blah...it is only the tiniest twist of fate...

Teddy Ray
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badmark 1st March 2010