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I'm new to outboard gear and wanna buy a pair of MP573 kits to run instruments, digital synths and busses through to warm them...

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ChayaFFM 28th November 2019
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My friends and are are wondering if anyone has witnessed both of Steven Slates ears at any one time?

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thenoodle 28th November 2019
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Hello, I'm quite new to music production, that's why I need a little help. I'm trying to deconstruct and recreate sounds from...

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Tatewilson44 28th November 2019
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Hi all, I'm looking at various mic pres, mostly in 500 series - to record mics and DI instruments - but also I would like to...

Atlanta Bliss
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nosebleedaudio 28th November 2019
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For a vocalist, we're considering trying a dual mic setup. A detailed neutral LDC mic, and a Beyerdynamic M130 figure 8 ribbon...

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omega75 28th November 2019
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XL Desk, Matrix, Nucleus, 500 series modules, xrack modules, rackmount buss compressor... all of these have a big "price...

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nosebleedaudio 28th November 2019
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Howdy! I never ever used an ADAT-Connection in my entire life and thus have this sweet newbie-question.. I own a Scarlett...

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Rykon 28th November 2019
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Does anyone know how Brauer calibrates his compression for his buses to set and forget? I'm under the impression they are preset...

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mattias78 28th November 2019
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Hello all. Just hoped I could get some feedback on the following narrowed down options for an upgrade for my little genelecs....

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Mantik 28th November 2019
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I recently picked up the new SE V7x instrument mic. I liked the sound of it on snare. I'm in the middle of wiring and treating my...

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Nu-tra 28th November 2019
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Hi, I'm looking for a vocal microphone that can pick up sounds in a wide area. Tell me some vocal microphones with a wider...

Granny Nakajima
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Granny Nakajima 28th November 2019
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Anyone have info on how it was done? I can't even tell if it was tape or digital. And the voice… sounds like he is singing into...

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hebjam 28th November 2019
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Hi guys can someone please tell me what the difference is between the h3000 and gtr4000? I’ve been lusting for a h3000 for a...

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Sieber 28th November 2019
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Hey folks, I do live sound and every so often a band brings a beautiful retro-looking mic with them for bluegrassy style...

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doorknocker 28th November 2019
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Hello. Kind of a long shot here but I'm really searching for more reviews on these interfaces. Basically, I'm on a Mac using S1...

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travis.funk 28th November 2019
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I’ve worked on relatively simple analog boards for decades but lately I’ve been looking at these new waves of digital mixers...

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Sumdoris 28th November 2019
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I found someone near me on craigslist selling the DBX 266XL Compressor/Gate "lightly used" for 50$. I am very new...

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Frankie Mumbles 27th November 2019
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I have a request for assistance in through the AEA Website. Wondering if anyone has experience with dealing directly with them...

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jdier 27th November 2019
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Hi all Not a thread for "if you like it or not" Just favorite settings...

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bigfurry 27th November 2019
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Has anyone noticed 80s/90s Yamaha digital FX changing behaviour based on how long the unit is powered on? I was capturing IRs of...

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eugtone 27th November 2019
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kfhkh Finally got my LINDELL PEX 500 eq's and I gotta say..at first listen pretty darn good. For the price you cannot go wrong! ...

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dshodge 27th November 2019
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Hi everyone, I have Audio Technica AT4047 ldc and I'm looking for another mic to record stereo acoustic guitar with - Martin...

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samuraisoundman 27th November 2019
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I'm wanting to add simple line ins/outs to my Scarlett 18i20 via ADAT. I've found that using the Scarlett I/O for outboard gear...

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monkeyxx 27th November 2019
Avatar for Deleted 6833614

I currently have a Blue Bluebird but as much as I love its sound on its own, it requires extensive mids EQing every single time...

Deleted 6833614
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Deleted 6833614 27th November 2019
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I have responded to some posts lately but it's a while since I actually posted a thread myself so now I will write about a...

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hammond231 27th November 2019
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a friend of mine is willing to give me a few things including his Sonic Maximizer 882. i'm unfamiliar with it... has anybody here...

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Gunadoo 27th November 2019
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Hi there, being fascinated by my interim living room speakers - the Tannoy VX12s - I decided to get a similar hybrid speaker -...

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mrwolfgang 26th November 2019
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I just picked a working Wurlitzer 700 Electric piano up today that sounds great. The sustain wiring needs fixed as it is always...

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dorkjackson 26th November 2019
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Hey guys, I'm producing many different genres of music (Synthwave, some subgenres of EDM, but also Rock,...) and now I think...

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RobinCz 26th November 2019
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I've never had the funds to get into high-end mic pres, compressors or EQs, nor have I worked in large studios with similar...

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The Engine Ear 26th November 2019
Avatar for Bolt audio

Recording a band at a commercial studio in January. The female singer is very dynamic and is known to hit gospel-esk parts...

Bolt audio
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vernier 26th November 2019
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Hi all I'm looking to upgrade from a usb-interface to the Apollo 8 quad. The 8 quad is TB2, and my computer has USB 3.1 type C...

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mauve97 26th November 2019
Avatar for Thenewexhibit

Hey everyone! Sweetwater has a deal on 414 XLS mics right now, but they also have a deal on the Warm Audio 14 as well. Anybody...

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RKeefe1032 26th November 2019
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Hi all, I've been recording a bunch of DI tracks to reamp later. When reamping the tracks, though, the output of the track is...

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pleasureplateau 26th November 2019
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You have been tasked to buy a reverb anda delay pedal you been given a budget of €£$500, which 2 pedals do you buy and why?

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Bassmankr 26th November 2019
Avatar for Cheeftain

I have an Audient iD22 and JBL LSR308... I'm looking at getting a Lynx Hilo or Focal Solo 6 Be. Which one should I get first?

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floomby 26th November 2019
Avatar for KingsX

I feel I need to give a huge back story. I have a Mix TDM system, with 3 888's and an Adat bridge, using PT 6 on an ancient G4...

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tymish 26th November 2019
Avatar for brento1138

Hey everyone. So I've got a question about cables and connecting synths to audio interfaces. Here's the equipment I will ask...

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MixHitz 26th November 2019
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So I was checking some Bobby Owinski Lynda.com vid... And in the advertising photo there's some kind of digital mixer being...

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sakamoto 26th November 2019
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Just wanted to give a big TY to Patricia Harris at EV customer service. I had been looking everywhere for the replacement foam...

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Gulex 26th November 2019
Avatar for gravyface

I've been doing a little experiment with a graphic EQ application on my main playback system (via my Macbook Pro) and want to...

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gravyface 26th November 2019
Avatar for momo

Apogee doesn't support it. Anyone here know someone that can work on it? It has to be something simple. It works in 48k and down...

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Anghello 26th November 2019
Avatar for panicinbabylon

Hi, I am getting a drum kit together for my home studio, I am not very knowledgeable about drums but I kind of have an idea on...

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Drumhead57 26th November 2019
Avatar for MedicMatt

Hey, So I recent got a neve 5059. I am working on connecting it with 2 Apollo 8's. My output sections is go to go. 1.In...

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studio60owner 26th November 2019
Avatar for loopy

Currently running Event ASP8 for many years but it's time for a change. So I've never been a fan of KrK monitors after they...

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Deleted e09cd8e 26th November 2019
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Using J-Bridge, I am able to use a very old IXL plugin "Inspector XL" to get the original 32 bit version of this, to...

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geddydawg 26th November 2019
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Is the Burl B2 ADC worth purchasing for a studio that specializes in overdubs, only ever using 1-2 mics on a source at a time....

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PeterLarkin 26th November 2019
Avatar for drummerdimitri

I have recently acquired a pair of Adam S2Vs and using analogue XLR outputs of my DAC/Preamp to control their...

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spambot_2 26th November 2019
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Hi, I'm building my first signal processing rack, which is basically a preamp, an eq and a compressor, and I'd like to know if...

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guigui 25th November 2019
Avatar for creegstor

Looking for a decent keyboard. Preferably 88 keys, weighted. The Yamaha P45 @ $500 seemed a good bet. The piano and rhodes are...

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Avatar for dorkjackson
dorkjackson 25th November 2019