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Hi, as in recent years I have invested in synths, I'm now running out of inputs on my Ensemble. I was interested in your...

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Deleted 2848499 15th March 2010
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If you use the free Stanza ereader, here you go: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/13962/mixtracks.epub I formatted some of Mixonline's...

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JustinAiken 15th March 2010
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My current chain (for guitars and vocals) is an Ultravoice XM8500 through an XENYX 502 board. Has anyone used these before and...

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Purple 15th March 2010
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I just bought a Marchshall "1935" JCM800 4 x 12 cabinet and would like to put in two different sets of speakers, I was...

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Flying_Dutchman 15th March 2010
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hello ! i'm in france, and i'm looking for simple TRS jack 6'35 cables, that are 45cm long (1.5ft). it's for my...

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zippsinc 15th March 2010
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Hello, I can buy an SCV-audio eq 231 for a few hundred euros. Has anyone tried? I've been told they're excellent. Optionally,...

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michel24 15th March 2010
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I am consider buying the Big Ben as the master clock for my PTHD rig. Also running Hedd 192, DAC-1. would the Big Ben give me...

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nestsoundstudio 14th March 2010
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Ok first off, I realize that what I want to do here is a huge pain and 99.9% of the population would never consider it worthwhile...

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jufros 14th March 2010
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Hello... I recently upgraded to v3.1 of the Duende software on my PT LE rig. The software is working fine for any mix sessions...

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[email protected] 14th March 2010
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Whats yall opinions and experiences with these 2 mics for a kick? I want a thick punchy kick.

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kellyd 14th March 2010
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I use DP 7 on a Mac G5. I have a MCU with a regular expander that works fine. I added a second expander that is the Logic Control...

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climber 14th March 2010
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I need to start learning how to record REAL drums now in my little home studio and need more mic pre's than the 4 the 002 rack...

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Buss-me 14th March 2010
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It's been raining like crazy here. Yesterday I had a leak in the ceiling in one room in my house. It just so happens that the...

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Boschen 14th March 2010
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I recently got a new Gateway NV59 with an i5 processor, 4gb ram, usb 2.0. Its nice, been using it to record/play live but I'm...

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RTR 14th March 2010
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We are currently tracking a gospel quartet. The tracking is simple blumlien capture without eq, compression or effects. The...

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theblue1 14th March 2010
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Hi, I've done a search on this with no luck. I recorded a drum kit with usual overheads and close mics as well as a room...

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guy1 14th March 2010
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I got some great stuff to mix, great songs, great performance but the recording was SOOO HOT! a lot of the stuff are so crunchy...

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AMIEL 14th March 2010
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Hi gearheads! I am currently trying to figure out which allround guitar amplifier we should have in our studio (solely as a...

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Les Paul Gibson 14th March 2010
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hey, has anybody had the chance to compare these monitors? i listened to the opals last week and really liked the way they put...

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x-von-h 14th March 2010
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I have a Gefell UMT70S. I like the mic but cannot (no matter how hard I try) get it to sound good on electric guitars. Be it...

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leaper 14th March 2010
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any type of additive EQing (especially post-recording stage) was downright unpleasant to my ears.. not only does it change gain...

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dualflip 14th March 2010
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I wonder which preamp that I can by used for about 500$ (more or less) is available out there, and that will give me great...

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u b k 14th March 2010
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I seem to be missing some easy routing concepts on my Profire mixer. I want to use the DA of my new SSL Alpha Link for...

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bexarametric 14th March 2010
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have a lead on this one... is it like a b3 you think? I see black keys makes me get excited!!

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drbob1 14th March 2010
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is the v-studio high end?, converter pre's clock?

hewo pweaze
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hewo pweaze 14th March 2010
Avatar for Teddy Ray

Chris Sheppard, Martin Stebbing, Jim Rondinelli, Lou Whitney, Skip Bryant, Mike Scotella?

Teddy Ray
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Teddy Ray 14th March 2010
Avatar for enroper

I know using dynamics on acoustics is a big no no but sometimes you do what you gotta do. Especially in a bad environment. So,...

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syntax 14th March 2010
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I genuinely believe that the production techniques pioneered by Kraftwerk have had a more influential effect on modern music than...

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dbbubba 14th March 2010
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Hey guys, I am looking for some cool free plugs just to play around with. I use Pro Tools 8 on an imac...so I need RTAS plugs. ...

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DJMozza 14th March 2010
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I have a heavy as hell Marshall power amp that I'm putting in a standard SKB ATA rack case that has rear rails. The amp must be...

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dave999z 14th March 2010
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If you listen to this track ( YouTube - Tinie Tempah - Pass Out (HD) ) at 3:03 there is a delayed reggae / dub guitar part. ...

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Aaron Miller 14th March 2010
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I have 2 Yamaha monitors plugged into my Profire2626 interface. When recording with Sonar 8.5, my metronome comes out of the...

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Kiwi 14th March 2010
Avatar for afewster

I've recently bought an Allen & Heath Zed R16 mixer. It sounds fantastic (my comparison being my MOTU Ultralite) however I'm...

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afewster 13th March 2010
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So i am going to buy a amp to play my bass and my guitar through. Im spending a considerable about of money (not thousands), what...

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Blurgh 13th March 2010
Avatar for HealyProductions

Which pre's sound better on vocal's, ATB 32 or Audient Zen. This is not factoring in any out board gear at all. Kenny

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HealyProductions 13th March 2010
Avatar for Louis Bernstone

Hi guys, was running a bass from an SSL400G+ to the input of an AD8000 and the input of a Digi 96 io simultaneously, and noticed...

Louis Bernstone
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Louis Bernstone 13th March 2010
Avatar for mattg082

anyone else having this issue? I have a mac pro quad with 8gb ram and have tried both logic 32bit and 64 bit and checked...

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mattg082 13th March 2010
Avatar for The Listener

I just took some picks of a session in progress and I found this vintage duo (both from the mid 70's) to be very stylish and chic...

The Listener
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py75 13th March 2010
Avatar for Rappy

Okay, this mic has been talked about a lot. However, I am wondering what the difference in sound is between the Fathead I,...

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Avatar for Rappy
Rappy 13th March 2010
Avatar for andersmv

GAUGE MICROPHONES - CALIFORNIA, U.S.A. I've been looking at their stuff and it sounds good for the price. Does anyone have any...

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Avatar for bee
bee 13th March 2010
Avatar for Virgil

Hello all, this is my first post in GS. I need your advice. At the moment I´m in the middle of a technical update of my home...

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cpu 13th March 2010
Avatar for LARRYROSE

Looking at one of these- what does anyone know about these? Does anyone have one?

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audioboog 13th March 2010
Avatar for Lifted

What is the best way about going to send the expensive microphone if someone buys it from me. Just want to be safe, but still...

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Lifted 13th March 2010
Avatar for cortexdnb

HI I have just brought the advanced room correction system from ik multimedia and i seem to be having problems. I have done...

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Avatar for Jeezo
Jeezo 13th March 2010

I have made a track in Fl Studio and i want to use a effect called the Fruity Love Philter in parts of the song. how do i choose...

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SCOTT_MCLOUGHLIN 13th March 2010
Avatar for Hiwatt

Seeing as how the Stones were from England were any of their albums done at Abbey Road?

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Avatar for rob S
rob S 13th March 2010
Avatar for tenkas

The amp is an Gallien Krueger RB1001 head http://www.gallien-krueger.com/manuals/1001RB_Owner_s_Manual.pdf Bass player was...

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tenkas 13th March 2010
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1:3 rule


There are no rules right? :) I was curious do people really apply the 1:3 rule when recording? Lets say when recording large...

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kiopo 13th March 2010
Avatar for tazman

I have been having some issues "hearing" the attack on the various compressors I use on different tracks. Basically I...

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tazman 13th March 2010
Avatar for dobz

Hey Guys, I do a bunch of quick demos and eps for bands and alot of the time they bring in crappy amps. I'm looking for...

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Anselmo 13th March 2010