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Hi. I've been editing audio in multitrack projects, crossfading punches, moving out-of-rhythm tracks, etc. Of course with good...

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Pandemonium 1st April 2010
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so is it ok to split the signals coming out of your pres? send one to the A/D and one to the headphone mixer? is there any...

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Disjointed 1st April 2010
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Hey guys, Doing some tracking for a new record and I was wondering if, last minute, anybody had a Phoenix Audio DRS lying...

Matthew Murray
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Matthew Murray 1st April 2010
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what the fcuk is wrong with me? Luc Besson is me favorite director, i love daft punk AND air, and now this! Yelle - Ce Jeu i...

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MarkRB 1st April 2010
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Really hard to find these ones, especially when manufacturers now only produce crappy digital ones. Im looking for a very...

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mobiledisco 1st April 2010
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Hi everyone, I'm looking for a keyboard workstation for a band member. Basically, it would be mainly for live use. We need a...

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kittonian 1st April 2010
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... Just saw this on a myspace of a band I love, inspired me to open this thread. I know there are dozens out there, all...

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Valdyr 31st March 2010
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Is anyone familiar with this ALO mod cable for the AKG 702? Looks killer, but I wonder if it is worth the investment over the...

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Decept 31st March 2010
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Hello sorry for my english I'm french I search a nice mixing console I have a possibility to by TL audio M1 with nice...

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IMANOUEL 31st March 2010
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Or is it a DAW controller?

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joshuarlyon 31st March 2010
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So far i've seen the low end from behringer ada8000 to the focusrite octopre LE (with adat card) theres also the presonus digimax...

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2Cv 31st March 2010
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How many are doing this, and with what pres? I've been really enjoying what my Neves do to the mix. I'm fully aware it's...

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Surbitone 31st March 2010
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Something struck me the other day when I was reading a thread about engineers that put tissue of the tweeter of their NS10s to...

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Henke 31st March 2010
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Thats Stig Pedersen.

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meymia 31st March 2010
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Can I use the onboard stereo mics on Zoon H4 to multi-track? Such as, record guitar using onboard mics, then record vocal using...

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OliverV 31st March 2010
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Bashing B* is sport in GS... rightly so, just don't forget the people with tons of passion and milligrams of money! BUT.... (I...

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stafs 31st March 2010
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i'm trying to run some drum room mics through my alesis midiverb 3, but it just sounds metallic. i love the midiverb 3, but is it...

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juniorhifikit 31st March 2010
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Hi, I recently upgraded to Protools hd with the Aurora converter. I'm having problems getting it to work. During install of...

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bamb00 31st March 2010
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Hey all, So I'm going to be writing a piece that features accordion prominently. Now, I'll be using a Virtual Instrument for...

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Weirwood 31st March 2010
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Hi, I've searched the forum for an answer but every "phase issues" post deals with microphone placement. My problem...

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BrainwaveMusic 31st March 2010
Avatar for bexarametric

I cannot get an organ to blend in a rock mix. It seems to be competing with distorted guitars. Organ is overdriven as well. Any...

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MarkRB 31st March 2010
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Hello Gang, I bought a Sennheiser MD421 for recording drums off of ebay about a month ago, and I just got around to using it. I...

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sargentpilcher 31st March 2010
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I can get a h3000b D/SE for a nice price, but im not so sure about the broadcasting part of it. Exactly how prominent is the...

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gizeh12 31st March 2010
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u b k 31st March 2010
Avatar for gongbass

If anyone has an idea here I'd really appreciate it. I'm using a Mac Pro, running DP 7.02. I have a MOTU 2408MK3 and a MOTU...

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gongbass 31st March 2010
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Its probably something really stupid that I'm missing but it seems that I'm doing everything correct. Here is the...

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onesong321 31st March 2010
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what do i need in order to run my mixes from the duet into a couple of 500 nv's and back to the duet? i tried it already into the...

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teleharmonium 31st March 2010
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Hi! I want to buy a small MIDI keyboard like these two, that are in the same price range. I would like to know your opinion, what...

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wackmofo 31st March 2010
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Hi, I was just hoping if for some thoughts on how best to use the gear I have. It is now a somewhat motley collection, mainly...

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ta56636 31st March 2010
Avatar for complex

Hi, i am due to finish a basic certificate in music production and engineering, but i have been making music and engineering for...

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complex 31st March 2010
Avatar for amberience

Hey all! I'm recording guitars, drums, and bass, all from a stage in a room. There isn't going to be enough separation to...

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seriousfun 31st March 2010
Avatar for K. Osborne

I've got an M-Audio Oxygen 49 sitting around and I was just thinking...this thing has faders, knobs, and transport. Can I use...

K. Osborne
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Gwenlais 31st March 2010
Avatar for ab187101

Anyone have an idea what would be my least expensive option for a preamp that has SPDIF out? Trying to say close to a budget. I...

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ab187101 31st March 2010
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Wow this may be the best purchase I have ever made for songwriting resources. The possibilities are just endless and amazing way...

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alexamk 31st March 2010
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Can some one please help me with some info on how to record with 4 mics to 4 different channels using the mbox 2 and pro tools le...

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ab187101 31st March 2010
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Tuefire 8: Applied Research & Technology: Tube Mic Preamps Konnekt 24D: TC Electronic | konnekt24D Details Saffire 24:...

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d0za10 31st March 2010
Avatar for javahut

Anyone have any knowledge, thoughts or opinions on the new GT Velo 8 as compared to AEA's R92? Thanks.

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JustAnotherUser 31st March 2010
Avatar for Jadestar

My studiosetup now are a fireface 800, some good mics(peluso, shure, neumann etc), dynaudio bm5`s, a vintagedesign ca73 and a...

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Avatar for Jadestar
Jadestar 31st March 2010
Avatar for Curtis Day

Control volume and such and act as the pre for my amp? Basically, If i go to HD I want to have all matching digidesign HD gear...

Curtis Day
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Vum 31st March 2010
Avatar for bexarametric

I have a Profire 2626 and an SSL Alpha Link. The band wants me to go out of the direct outs of the mixing console into my setup....

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bexarametric 31st March 2010
Avatar for musimedia

Hi all, My current setup consists of Two MOTU 896 (MK I). I totally dislike having those two beasts on a single FireWire...

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musimedia 31st March 2010
Avatar for Twig

im running a tascam portastudio mk 3 analog 4 track tape machine into an mbox2 pro and pro tools 7.3.1 on a mac. the mbox has...

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Twig 31st March 2010
Avatar for 7up partridge

first post, i've been using this site as a resource forever, sooner or later i had to sign up. i've been extremely interested...

7up partridge
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7up partridge 31st March 2010
Avatar for IntelDoc

All, So I have had my Harrison 32eq's now for only a few weeks. I love em and plan on getting 2 more. We the other day one of...

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pan60 31st March 2010
Avatar for Nu-tra

How does one go about checking to make sure the polarity is correct in my 500 series rack?

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pan60 31st March 2010
Avatar for Dean Roddey

I have a Solo/610 that seems to have a bad, or going bad, level pot. It works, but if the level is in the range from about 5 to...

Dean Roddey
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Dean Roddey 31st March 2010
Avatar for appleseed666

Hey guys I tried to do a search but maybe i was using the wrong search keywords. So, if this is a common thread apologies :(...

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appleseed666 31st March 2010
Avatar for LMS

So I am sending everything out of pt at -18 and pretty much back in around -17. Seems that im gaining a db somewhere, but im cool...

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IntelDoc 31st March 2010
Avatar for PDC

Has anyone else had a chance to check out the new release? They didn't goop one the hard panned double or quadruple tracked r....

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AKCSTUDIO 31st March 2010
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I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but when I'm deciding between 2 mics to buy that sound somewhat similar... I always...

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joshuarlyon 31st March 2010