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I'm looking for an input/output jack that mounts into the wall that will allow me to plug my guitar into the wall with one cable...

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swafford 9th December 2019
Avatar for arsonculture

If not your thing, that’s okay keep moving. I’ve a bad case of GAS! I’m wondering what you’d do with a $1000 based on...

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David W. Jones 9th December 2019
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Hello, I've had this extreme curiosity and urge to purchase an Elektron Octatrack MkII for the last few months. In general, I...

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Stefanob 9th December 2019
Avatar for Method Man

I have 3 compressors, and a mixer (bought 2 of them really cheap for overseas work but I am going back home soon). I am figuring...

Method Man
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Method Man 9th December 2019
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Anyone know if ur242 headphone out can drive K701/2 properly? I currently have DT770 80ohm version but looking to upgrade to...

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Nightmara 9th December 2019
Avatar for Mr Funk

I used to have an SPX50D and really liked the symphonic effect. Is there any software that does this? It's a kind of multi-voice...

Mr Funk
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Jesse Skeens 9th December 2019
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Hello, I recently bought a pair of active ATC 20's on reverb and they were described in excellent condition. I attached a...

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DannyMac 9th December 2019
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I'm wondering if I need to start checking on the polarity of my outboard gear. I was plugging in some Valley People gear with...

Skoolboy Jim
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kellyd 9th December 2019
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I am looking for ideas for small gift items (stocking stuffers) for those that are into music creation. I am hoping that anyone...

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JohnDrake 9th December 2019
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hello, the ssl nucleus has two banks of 8 faders. by using left-right arrow keys, you can shift the banks being used. so a...

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gearstudent 8th December 2019
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Can anyone ID the yellow unit at the bottom of the middle rack, below the Culture Vulture in this photo? ...

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EMMST 8th December 2019
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I'm not sure what forum to ask this. Years ago I purchased a bunch of barcodes. Actually I signed up for a lifetime supply. It...

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henryrobinett 8th December 2019
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I eventually want to upgrade my Beyer DT880/ 990 Pros Keep in mind although I do find Planar tech really sexy I also like the...

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Amroth 8th December 2019
Avatar for Unknown soldier

I"m looking at picking up a used radar. They can be had relatively cheap these days. How do the Radar classic converters...

Unknown soldier
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initself 8th December 2019
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Hey guys, So just to clarify this isn't a "which one is better"-type of post. I'm more interested to hear opinions...

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Avatar for bent sounds
bent sounds 8th December 2019
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Hi guys, today I'm pretty happy becouse I have in studio my first 1176, it's a clone but it sounds fantastic....don't know how...

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vernier 8th December 2019
Avatar for jcoutu1

Hey Guys, I have a Weight Tank WT-72 landing on Wednesday. I've got a nice collection of preamps, but have never used a V72....

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jcoutu1 8th December 2019
Avatar for Mee0tch

I'm pretty new to recording and have a handful of projects on the table, the first being acoustic treatment of my studio. I'm...

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Mee0tch 8th December 2019
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Hello, Im between Presonus 1810c and 1810 , one its usb-c and the other one usb 2.0, tech specs are the same, do you think it...

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dyscode 8th December 2019
Avatar for pax_eterna

Just asking if anyone here knows much about these, or has had experience with them. Looking to buy a pair as I do like the...

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pax_eterna 8th December 2019
Avatar for Norsumies

Hey, I've been trying to figure out the gear that I need to get my workflow working at my home studio and I'm hoping people on...

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Norsumies 7th December 2019
Avatar for Dayvi

Hi, I would love to invite you to a listening demo of an hardware EQ i have here in my rack. I will later down the line tell...

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Dayvi 7th December 2019
Avatar for toofanstudio

SPL audio company with 120v technology can be showing big number of dbu ...... +36dbu. It’s so sexy and nice . Less noise and...

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Avatar for burp182
burp182 7th December 2019
Avatar for Jumeproductions

Hey fellow musicians First time posting here. I'm a full time producer and mixing engineer. And I'm looking to upgrade some of...

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Avatar for Universal Audio
Universal Audio 7th December 2019
Avatar for otoole

I have a pair of Dynaudio BM5A mkIIs and one of them makes some noise even when nothing is plugged into the XLR connector. It...

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Avatar for proxy
proxy 7th December 2019
Avatar for camomiletea

Do pultec type eq's only let you boost with Q setting? I have the Klark teknik one and it seems to only have a high frquency...

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Avatar for themiracle
themiracle 7th December 2019
Avatar for Tom F

Hi Tribute 1 users, I have a Beesneez T1 since 5 years. The mic is really great, love its sound!!! The mount not really. The...

Tom F
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Avatar for jerkrecords
jerkrecords 7th December 2019
Avatar for wavewalker

Akai Mpc-X Will Never Do What Pioneer DJS1000 Does ? (..and Traktor Remix Deck too..) For DJ performances type, as well to what...

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wavewalker 7th December 2019
Avatar for gypsymoth

Hey Apols if this isnt the right forum section but i'm looking for a reasonably priced A&H mixer technician in London. If...

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gypsymoth 7th December 2019
Avatar for Pandemonium

Hi. I want to try ribbon mics as overheads, to tame the hihats and cymbal sizzle. I have low ceilings, so Beyer M160 is the...

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Deleted 01042bec05e8de3 7th December 2019
Avatar for Diogo C

Hi guys, It's been almost 3 years since I have a Yamaha HS80 and I was wondering about the lifespan of monitors. They are in...

Diogo C
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Deleted e09cd8e 7th December 2019
Avatar for dialectic

I'm due to be recording with a band in the coming week whose bass player uses a MXR M81 bass preamp pedal as part of his live set...

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dialectic 7th December 2019
Avatar for jeebles

Can anyone help identify the exact synth(s) used in this track? I love that lush sound with the slight grainy quality to...

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jeebles 7th December 2019
Avatar for Mr Funk

$149 seems like a great deal to me. Add the colour of your choice for a few extra $. CP5 Mic Preamp Kit Preorder – DIYRE

Mr Funk
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REMIXER31 7th December 2019
Avatar for captain54

It's been almost 20 yrs now that Roland VS recorders hit the market I've noticed there's a wealth of used recorders on...

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Avatar for cjogo
cjogo 6th December 2019
Avatar for Providence

Sooo, I have a XLR (female) to 1/8 cable that Im using for mic preamp out into my OP-1 for live recording/sampling. Problem is...

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Avatar for melveyr
melveyr 6th December 2019
Avatar for funkrhodes

Hi All - I've been searching for a 500 series breadboard that I can use to build some custom hardware, but I've struck out. ...

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funkrhodes 6th December 2019
Avatar for NoPro

The mono in and out on my pedal is messed up. I get sound when plugging into stereo in and out. Is this ok? Am I getting stereo...

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Avatar for NoPro
NoPro 6th December 2019
Avatar for rickymix

Hi guys! Question: I'm looking for someplace in Southern California, near LA, where I can transfer my old analog tapes,...

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Avatar for Oldone
Oldone 6th December 2019
Avatar for nightchef

I'm doing a studio makeover and I'm thinking a monitor upgrade should probably be part of it. I'm currently working on JBL...

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Avatar for nightchef
nightchef 6th December 2019
Avatar for Mr Funk

Looks like Neve is trying to entice the high end audiophile community? $5k for the DAC seems a little...

Mr Funk
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Avatar for Jim Williams
Jim Williams 6th December 2019
Avatar for electricity17

I'm looking for a studio in Austin TX to record piano overdubs for a project that I'm working on. Going in for a day, interested...

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Avatar for kellyd
kellyd 6th December 2019
Avatar for 777

How Long Do You Run Your Mic./Line/Instrument Cables? Me, my mic cables are all Mogami, & never run more than...

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Avatar for swafford
swafford 6th December 2019
Avatar for MeatisOmalley

the pair of Sennheiser HD600's I bought came in the mail today. I was generally pleased with the sound quality, but right now I'm...

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Avatar for hello people
hello people 6th December 2019
Avatar for XMaramena

Quick question, on an 1176, if I enable all ratios, should the meter needle jump straight to the far right and sit there...

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turk sanchez 6th December 2019
Avatar for AundreMyles

So I just joined this site after a fair amount of googling and empty links. I apologize if I posted this is the wrong area, I...

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Avatar for Quetz
Quetz 6th December 2019
Avatar for GSGuitarest

Has anyone had experience with the first and second versions of the RME OctaMic? Are the Pre's night and day different, are there...

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Avatar for Hitrate
Hitrate 6th December 2019
Avatar for audiofunken

I've been using headphones for quite few years mostly so I would not annoy my spouse. I kind of feel like it's not infringing on...

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Avatar for audiofunken
audiofunken 6th December 2019
Avatar for bobbobbob

I currently have a KMS 105 which I use on stage. I'm planning to start doing some home recording and wondering whether it's worth...

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Avatar for gearstudent
gearstudent 6th December 2019
Avatar for SeanRyder

To T-BAR or not to T-BAR my Manley Vari-Mu? For those that have please let me know your thoughts? And those that haven't...

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Avatar for augustin187
augustin187 6th December 2019