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Im looking for a cool versitile TAPE delay. That can do a great slapback for the 50's and then even do cool disco delays to epic...

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Surbitone 7th April 2010
Avatar for Subversounds

Hi, I'm about to mix 6-12 drum channels through a Toft atb24. Normally - when i didnt have the desk - i would only send each...

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up and at them 7th April 2010
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Hello. one more MR816X question......... I keep reading that routing is not very good on this unit. Can someone elaborate on...

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ajk! 7th April 2010
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...anyone want to tap in? I've secured a new contract today. And there's another one on the table which will see me through the...

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TurboJets 7th April 2010
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Hey all, Im doing something wrong, but not entriely sure what... I have hooked up my Art Pro Vla compressor through my patchbay...

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The Badge 7th April 2010
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Hey guys, Ive been fiddling with the idea of seeing how many layers of guitar i can record and still get a clear and full sound...

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claend 7th April 2010
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Reports from MESSE

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George Necola 7th April 2010
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Hello, I just got cubase 5 and realized I only have main output metering on the main master output when all tracks are playing...

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drsakky 7th April 2010
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look at this piece of equipment (above the Shadow Hills), you can choose between rubber ducky and VW kombi van!...

matt thomas
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matt thomas 7th April 2010
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ok I got about $1000 to spend and mic or monitor I want something that won't need upgrading later, something I will be content...

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therealbigd 7th April 2010
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Was there black faceplated UA 2192? I was looking around UA's website of year 2002 and I saw this black UA 2192. I wasn't really...

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doorknocker 7th April 2010
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YouTube - Neal Schon - Con te partirò I have space designer, IK Multimedia's CSR, the new lexicon bundle, and oodles of...

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Kiwi 7th April 2010
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I am in the process of either building a custom PC or buying a good brand name one for recording music. I am curious about what...

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ruanddu 7th April 2010
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I Have just ordered my new gear! Wondering if anyone has the same setup, and their experiences with it. I am primarily just...

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Mike Brown 7th April 2010
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Here's my setup: Source -> (various mic-pre) -> UA2192 (SPDIF into RME FF800) -> Coleman MP3 -> JBL 4326's or...

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seriousfun 7th April 2010
Avatar for headspin

gonna have about $5k to work with. I've got Logic Express 8 on a MBP, looking to get a great mic or two, preamp, interface (mine...

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headspin 7th April 2010
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I have researched to the point where it’s all running together. I understand everyone has favorites. I welcome input on these...

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MichelleKS 7th April 2010
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Hey everyone, I'm considering new gear at the moment, and i would like some input as to what i should get next. I currently...

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mindgone5150 7th April 2010
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Ok GS, I have reached my last bit of patients with PT LE, I really want to ditch it and move on..I have tried cubase and reaper...

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amishsixstringe 7th April 2010
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I currently have a Baldwin baby-grand, but am thinking about looking to pick up a good-sounding upright. Does anyone have any...

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Jeff Scott 7th April 2010
Avatar for George Necola

what else? any other drumkit wav/gog-packs? mainly rock/metal

George Necola
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chrisso 7th April 2010
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ok so here's the dilemma. i'm after a good quality multicore cable - i don't think i can afford mogami-quality stuff, but...

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ddageek 7th April 2010
Avatar for adathead 53

I tried the search function and didn't have much luck. I just ran into one of these at my local pawn shop for 60 bucks. I...

adathead 53
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tmix 7th April 2010
Avatar for dreamsongs

For the past 6 months I've been doing everything else except writing new songs. Now that I put some things behind me I sat down...

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Old Goat 7th April 2010
Avatar for carllock

Had the opportunity today to meet another legend of the music biz (leaving un-named, zillion records sold) and he left me with...

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Avatar for Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 6th April 2010
Avatar for vincentdee

Recently, I've been encountering an overload-type sound when miking guitar cabinets, and I can't seem to figure out what's...

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psycho_monkey 6th April 2010
Avatar for Sigma

PT 630 - Breath Sounds veddy interesting

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Sigma 6th April 2010
Avatar for mac black

How come we haven't got thermionic plugins yet ?? Wouldn't that be amazing ? Thermionic and Waves would be a good combo (I did...

mac black
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psycho_monkey 6th April 2010
Avatar for antoniosolo

I just gotta ask, those with vintage mics, would you swap if say, Brauner or Neumann or Bock or Telefunken or Manley...

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redrue 6th April 2010
Avatar for Louis Bernstone

I need to get hold of the installation part of the manual. Anyone got it for this console? cheers, Louis edit: just realised...

Louis Bernstone
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Louis Bernstone 6th April 2010
Avatar for Bflat

Anyone know of a 1 RU CD recorder or Solid State recorder that will take AES inputs? I have a ULN8 mounted inside a Gator...

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Bflat 6th April 2010
Avatar for TOCDN

Hey Guys and Gals, I know there are threads about the 003 and Rosetta setup and I have read through them in depth and from...

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TOCDN 6th April 2010
Avatar for coyot

specifically for use in a grove tubes "the brick" preamp/DI. mostly using this for running bass direct, and thinking...

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Remember_This 6th April 2010
Avatar for LoRez

I recently made some massive changes in my studio (and lifestyle); sold just about everything except my computers and monitors,...

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Avatar for LoRez
LoRez 6th April 2010
Avatar for DinosaurSR

This weird freaking city doesn't even seem to have any place that SELLS these things, and I'd really like to try out a couple...

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Avatar for BradD
BradD 6th April 2010
Avatar for powerfulpaul

I just got a used mackie 32 8 bus mixer, and I was wondering how I could set it up for recording. I have yet to get my first...

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powerfulpaul 6th April 2010
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sramosch 6th April 2010
Avatar for Aaron Miller

I'm about ready to buy my first outboard compressor(s). I don't have a ton of hands on experience with outboard comps but have...

Aaron Miller
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Avatar for Aaron Miller
Aaron Miller 6th April 2010
Avatar for Evenyre

I have been considering several mid-grade consoles for my studio - Digidesign C|24, MCI JH636, and the DDA DMR12. Obviously, the...

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Avatar for LiquidArmy
LiquidArmy 6th April 2010
Avatar for olivialand

I recently received a financial windfall of a few thousand dollars, and started thinking about possibly acquiring a very nice...

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Avatar for B-San
B-San 6th April 2010
Avatar for finlove

Just wondering When mixing vocals its always a problem..i cut but then the vox is too weak i add and then the vocal is too...

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Avatar for thebri
thebri 6th April 2010
Avatar for bassdrops

which is better the sony mdr v900hd or Sennheiser hd 280 pro can somebody help me decide? pros and cons ?? i'll use it for...

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Avatar for FreshSkweez
FreshSkweez 6th April 2010
Avatar for mrcomet

Hi everyone, This will be my first post here. I have been asked to record piano recitals for a music academy. Medium room,...

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John Brook 6th April 2010
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Avatar for stringbean01
stringbean01 6th April 2010
Avatar for joedoc

I know there is a similar thread, but I'd like to start one here to discuss some of the problems, and post solutions. Please, PT...

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Avatar for Ol' Betsey
Ol' Betsey 6th April 2010
Avatar for Curve Dominant

This thing showed up at the Curve Lab last week, via Kurt Guitars.

Curve Dominant
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Avatar for bash
bash 6th April 2010
Avatar for Alex Wyler

Is this thing for sale yet? It was announced here a long while back now.....a really long time comin' now! stikestikestike

Alex Wyler
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Alex Wyler 6th April 2010
Avatar for blacklight_uk

Does anybody know where I can buy Violet mics in the UK? A quick google reveals Zen Audio as the distributors, but none of the...

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Avatar for zenaudio
zenaudio 6th April 2010
Avatar for nnl

Hi, Can anyone provide me with the D9 pin layout of the Apogee Mini Dac? Don't remember ever getting the breakout cable with...

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Avatar for nnl
nnl 6th April 2010
Avatar for Farshad

Hi guys, I have come across a good deal on a Kurzweil K2000s V3 rack version (with sampling installed) with 64 MB of ram. In...

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BLITZ_LIGHT_YEAR 6th April 2010