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I bought a used Bogner Shiva on ebay and its got a pretty bad crackle. I attached a short clip. Anyone know this sound and what...

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jbsg02 8th April 2010
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Although I respect Ethan Winer immensely, I have to disagree on this point... After watching his videos/reading his articles, he...

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billyindonesia 8th April 2010
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thumbsup What is the cool effect on his vocals during the verse (or at least the 1st verse)? How can I get that?...I'd like to...

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Hysteria 8th April 2010
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Hey, who's taking on interns in the Boston metro area, inside the 495? I have a student asking me about 'the scene' as he's...

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audiogeek 8th April 2010
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Looking for some advice on choosing an Active Monitor. I'm a keen guitarist, playing mostly progressive metal style and since...

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rty5150 8th April 2010
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I want one. not a massivly clever spectrum anyliser plugin or phase corrolator, just a nice low cpu use vu meter that you find on...

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Obitheincredible 8th April 2010
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i've been contemplating something for a while now.. i know the subject of external summing has been covered extensively on GS,...

jaye b
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Joel C 8th April 2010
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Slash Album Trailer / Music Videos - Slash Online Slash, Ozzy, Lemmy, Fergie... Shure

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Blast9 8th April 2010
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Hey guys, I just recently got a ART Pro MPA II tube preamp, and I haven't had a chance to try it on vocals yet, but I thought I'd...

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S.Filpansick 8th April 2010
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Hi everyone, I was looking at the l22 here, and was wondering how the ad / da converters would compare, for instance, to the...

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Surbitone 8th April 2010
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Hi guys, I did a search on this forum for this topic, but couldn't find much... I'm interested in learning how to mix bass...

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polf 8th April 2010
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I´m in a session right now, recording a metalband playing in the style of Meshuggah - very raw, heavy and downtuned. We laid...

mr jkn
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Frisbieinstein 8th April 2010
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Have any of you on occasion put your drum tracks on solo, and blasted them out of your monitors, recording the result with a mic...

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coyotekells 8th April 2010
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What is the sonic difference between the yamaha custom stage vs the custom stage advantage. I know the advantage has a 3rd wood...

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skiroy 8th April 2010
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In my seemingly endless contemplation of sdc mics I've found a new entry: Charter Oaks m900. It's a modular type mic with an...

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arasandvolodkas 8th April 2010

I do recording, just built a new studio, and I just started collecting analog mastering gear. I often cruize pawn shops, thrift...

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WAVERUNNER 8th April 2010
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hey, just wondering if you might be able to help me out... I have a pro tools HD1 system with a 96i/o and just got an apogee...

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TheNewUnknown 8th April 2010
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Hi guys - I just got a Tascam DVRA 1000HD to use as a mixdown deck for my otherwise all analog studio. I'll preface my question...

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mikecorwin 8th April 2010
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anyone know where i can find some glow in the dark TT patch cables?

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Keystone 8th April 2010
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Shure has announced that the price of the SM7B will increase in response to overwhelming demand and recent changes in currencies...

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Vum 8th April 2010
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I have $1500 to spend. Current chain is: Bock U195, Jolly moded 319 (2), Jolly moded SDC, typical dynamics API 512c (2) lunch...

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persyna 8th April 2010
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I have an MCI JH-24 and it's in dire need of a calibration. Apparently when you do it once, you should be good for a pretty long...

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Soundmanluke 8th April 2010
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The green light is on but there is no sound. I think it is blown. Is this a easy fix that anyone can do or is it a must to return...

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BigAl 8th April 2010
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Has anyone used the Focal CMS monitors with Primacoustic Recoil Stabilizers? If so, my question is: Is it better to mount the...

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Ander 8th April 2010
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Hello all, Okay....Here's my thought process: (First of all, I'm from the analog summing camp, so people who think that ITB...

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kbshearer 8th April 2010
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Has anyone tried the VF14EF solid state replacement for Telefunken VF14M by Andreas Grosser ? This is a clever solid state...

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jvancorduroy 8th April 2010
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Hey any who does regular business with EW/QL or knows someone there, or anything can you please PM me, I have a question.. It be...

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Realziment 8th April 2010
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I'm looking for the best bang for the buck in my home studio. My old, cheap Samson amp is on its last legs so I need to do...

Jay M
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Jay M 8th April 2010
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This is a question for the guys/gals in LA and NYC. What are some of the trends and gears you guys have been seeing/using around...

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kittonian 7th April 2010
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so im getting down to mix time and mostly used amp sims and then i got a marshall combo for free and decided hell i should put...

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Surbitone 7th April 2010
Avatar for RARStudios

So yes, as the title says, I switched my monitors / recording setup positioning a bit. I moved my whole set up to center my...

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Aisle 6 7th April 2010
Avatar for FFTT

Starting from scratch, down to bare white walls and ripped out the carpeting. The room is 11X12, so I can't make it too dark,...

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FFTT 7th April 2010
Avatar for analogdiesel

i have an amek big 44 and am trying to get the automation software installed on my pc (compatible according to specs). the...

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tubeaudiofan 7th April 2010
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I can only use Direct X plugins with Audition 1. Can you suggest a good wrapper please. Free or low cost would be great, but...

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PEImatrix 7th April 2010
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I have this vocal track I have to edit before I can mix the song. I don't know how this happened or who recorded it but there...

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bigdoghat 7th April 2010
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Engineers/Producers, FLUX is expanding and a couple of very nice rooms are becoming available (Probably May 1st) You can view...

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FluxStudiosNYC 7th April 2010
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So I was wondering how much the 96 I/O influences my mixes. I don't record through the 96 I/O. I get wav files from clients that...

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InTheBox 7th April 2010
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opinions, please, re this little box that mere mortals can actually afford (I have no connection to this product or seller at all...

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carllock 7th April 2010
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I record in Daw, mix with hardware and then sum analog as a general rule. I also do a lot of my own "mastering". ...

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thethrillfactor 7th April 2010
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Im looking for a great plate reverb. I have heard the UAD Plate 140 is the dogs, but refuse to buy the solo laptop card as you...

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Avatar for Mike Brown
Mike Brown 7th April 2010
Avatar for jseelye02

I just got an AK47 this weekend... I've tried it on male vox, clean guitar and some VO, using a Grace 201 and an Avalon 747 to...

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Fletcher 7th April 2010
Avatar for Deleted User #106149

Hi all, Hoping for some recommendations on any powerful laptops in the £1000-1500 range from 2010. Willing to go up if really...

Deleted User #106149
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Deleted User #106149 7th April 2010
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I found this article: Growth of Unpaid Internships May Be Illegal, Officials Say - NYTimes.com I have my job in the industry...

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lord_bunny 7th April 2010
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I was thinking about basically lashing them all together and making a six-channel "console" just for the hell of it....

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DinosaurSR 7th April 2010
Avatar for songman

Does there exist a really small midi keyboard (the size of a computer keyboard) and that you could keep just in front of you,...

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Tommy-boy 7th April 2010
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Hey, I recently got the new Mackie Onyx 1640i, and use it to record to and mix from Pro Tools 8. I just finished tracking a...

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BrandRecordingCo 7th April 2010
Avatar for BlueRadio

Being in the process of liquidating my studio, my pair of km184s are making the "keep" list. Why? I can't say for...

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Clonkified 7th April 2010
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Coady Carlisle 7th April 2010
Avatar for headspin

Little info:: I do solo indie and electro stuff, with lots of vocals.... I have a 2.16ghz MacBookPro. Has L8E, but am gonna...

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ProducerBoy 7th April 2010
Avatar for windsongstudios

So last night my intern attempted to upgrade to the Sound Toys version 4 bundle without me knowing. Everything was fine in the...

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Titans55 7th April 2010