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HI Guys, I had pair of Adam which i returned so now i am looking at the Lyd7 And Aps Klasik i never heard the Klasik but i did...

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pqu4d 12th December 2019
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How about now, anybody compare these two side by side? I've heard a few comparisons to other speakers. I have read about the...

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Jonk 12th December 2019
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Hey guys! :) Currently I have some money left and of course I want to invest it in gear instead of saving it. :lol: Now I was...

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johannburkard 12th December 2019
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Hi. I been recording some vocals with a singer for a couple of times. And I used an Sm7b into a radial cube 500-chassi with...

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mattias78 12th December 2019
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Picked up a used Mbase 01 dirt cheap and looking for recommendations on a MIDI controller.

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iaw1978 12th December 2019
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Hey Everyone, I've lately started using a SSL Matrix to run all my mixes through. but for some reason i can't seem the SUM...

[email protected]
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[email protected] 12th December 2019
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Hello Everyone! I need Your help to choose and understand what i need. I need to record voice actor - text and...

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dickiefunk 12th December 2019
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I'm not sure if anyone in here is a John Mayer fan...but I am. On his first record "Room for Squares" the acoustic...

eaglei studio
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initself 12th December 2019
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I've been trying to identify a couple mystery effects that Geddy Lee used with Rush. This photo is a classic from around 1980,...

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LeChuck 12th December 2019
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Hi everyone i am no tech so i surely cannot read nor understand technical schematics. I have questions here : what if i...

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tracks 12th December 2019
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Hi, Maybe someone can help... just bought via ebay a pair („as new“) of SE Electronics SE5 condenser mics. Interface is...

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Erik Scatt 11th December 2019
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Hello guys, I’ve got a Millennia Td-1 with HV-3 preamp inside, connected to an Apogee DUET 2 and mainly using a Soyuz su-017...

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Vanx 11th December 2019
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Hi all, thought it'd be interesting to talk about sound production for Radiohead's Hail to the Thief, which was released in...

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rosewood123 11th December 2019
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I've found a vintage dynamic AKG mic that I can't find the model for. It seems to have been made for other manufacturers such as...

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teleharmonium 11th December 2019
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I was measuring the distance between my speakers with a tape measure, and it snapped onto the magnetic beryllium tweeter,...

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hidden 11th December 2019
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I'm not a collector, I'm going to use them every day. Are they worth it?

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Brent Hahn 11th December 2019
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Good evening everyone, I've been considering a nice gear upgrade for a while now (Roland Studio Capture, and an HD6XX hooked...

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Dullman 11th December 2019
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I have a pair of NS-10M Studio with replaced tweeters. I have tried a number of amps with these and I've finally settled on a...

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Artashes 11th December 2019

Where do you source your reference mixes these days? Mine used to come from CDs, but I haven't kept up with where there's a...

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_Ripley 11th December 2019
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Hey guys! I am 26 years old and just now getting into profesional audio gear for voice overs and singing. Pictures attached...

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Cbanter93 11th December 2019
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I still have laying around and never really used, RNC Compressor. I'm wanting to sell it but wanted to know the slutters thoughts...

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Papanate 11th December 2019
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I've ordered the 4848 to use with a Burl B32 summing mixer, but since it doesn't have monitoring, I can't seem to figure out the...

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drainyoo 11th December 2019
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I'm thinking of making some upgrades after the holidays, and am considering a subwoofer, since upgrading my monitors to something...

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tymish 10th December 2019
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I want to start busking, maybe some pubs and what not too. I currently have a Martin LX1E and a cheap peavey amp, which is...

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gravymanstan 10th December 2019
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The year is winding down... What lessons have you learned this year that have made a difference? It could be a micing...

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jpanderson80 10th December 2019
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So after sitting on my electronics degree for years, I decided to put it to use. I decided to refresh myself on it for a couple...

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Crazey John 10th December 2019
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I am considering purchasing a TK audio bc501. It has Great reviews. One review that is shining also mentions that the build...

Deleted 17cd006
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Deleted 17cd006c1350317 10th December 2019
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Hi I currently use a tone beast pre amp to record vocals and acoustic guitar mainly. Recently nice noticed the phoenix drs q4...

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gazuk 10th December 2019
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I've been using the Phoenix Nicerizer Jr. for a couple of months now. I really love what I hear from this box, BUT, I do believe...

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hitsville 10th December 2019
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I'm an art/electronic/rock kind of guy but am knocked over by Norah Jones' Feels Like Home. A wonderfully minimalist record...

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cjogo 10th December 2019
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I've recently purchases 2 Neuman Berling KH120A Monitors for my recording Studio and recently there has been a buzzing and...

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mrfantastic 10th December 2019
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Hi I've just been looking at purchasing a "Phoenix Audio DRS-Q4M Mk2" Pre amp. Its on a deal at the moe because of a...

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gazuk 10th December 2019
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They're a Taiwanese mic company I believe, their stuff looks suspiciously similar to Schoeps mics, as in it seems like an obvious...

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Matti 10th December 2019
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Hi there! Im interesting in buying a matched pair of a 414 type mic. Now looking at the Warm wa14 and the Advanced Audio cm 414....

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augustusarnone 10th December 2019
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I'm excited! http://avedisaudio.com/md7/

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warhead 10th December 2019
Avatar for gazuk

Hey , I've recently noticed warm audio have a deal on at the moment, where that you spend so much ( £1100 and get a free Wa87...

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gazuk 10th December 2019
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I have the EMT 251 reverb that hasn't been much used lately, so I've decided to let it go. I'm wondering what would be the fair...

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SidneySheldon 10th December 2019
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Looking for input on using Pro Tools Ultimate Native with Dante. This would include a Cheesegrater with PT 2019 & Dante...

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Mesmerised 10th December 2019
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Hello, I'm planning on upgrading my home studio. I currently use a Steinberg UR242 as the heart of it all. I have a pair of...

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mrtesla 10th December 2019
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Hello all - seems Q-clone is an oldie but fairly goodie.. is anyone still using it? I find I'm not loving the...

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mutetourettes 10th December 2019
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Hello! We are currently using LCD-x and HD600 predominately via either a Lynx Hilo or the Symphony Mk11 I'm clueless when it...

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markbell 10th December 2019
Avatar for thegman335

I've got an old Fostex 8 track with a bunch of files I want to move onto my computer. The problem is, the display is cracked and...

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thegman335 10th December 2019
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I've been trying out different pairs of cans for mixing and notice one commonality amongst them all... they lack in bass. Or is...

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Thavma 10th December 2019
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Hey gang, I'm investigating the Toft ATB24. Possibly getting one a bit down the road this year. I've heard great things...

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alanhyatt 9th December 2019
Avatar for tymish

Yikes, the other day my Violet Amethyst Vintage (http://www.violet-design.com/amethyst) took a dive face first onto a concrete...

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tymish 9th December 2019
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Hi guys, I am looking for some advice on the most efficient way to set up my rig, compared to what I have been trying so far. I...

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konkon 9th December 2019
Avatar for L.A. Dude

My venerable Mackie Onyx 1220 is failing...I need something new. What I need: A few channels with really good XLR inputs...

L.A. Dude
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L.A. Dude 9th December 2019
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I want to treat my ITB mixes with some analog delightness - what kind of components in analog gear is responsible for the 3D...

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Jim Williams 9th December 2019
Avatar for JMA Audio

If anyone is interested, I have some New Old Stock AMB 3M M79 2 track 1/4" heads for sale.I also have a used 3M M79 2 track...

JMA Audio
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Emiledomise 9th December 2019
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I've been shopping for new I/O gear, and I've pretty much narrowed down the interface to an Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt. Now I...

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themiracle 9th December 2019