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I've got an older version 3 promo copy of Reason that I never got around to installing. I'm debating doing the upgrade for $100...

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infiniteposse 23rd April 2010
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anyone have any info on these? Seems like they might be cool but would need racking... PAIR CUSTOM TELEFUNKEN MIC MICROPHONE...

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TankStudio 23rd April 2010
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Hola!! I just bought an La3a and before it arrives I want to know how the hell do I mix with it. There are no external instert...

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bigfurry 23rd April 2010
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any recommendations for a re-amp box (is the best way to go out of the tt bay into the re-amp box?) and a way to split a...

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pan60 23rd April 2010
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I've just started using gates in software for MIDI drums and then adding reverb. I imagine this was popular in the 80's or...

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blacklight_uk 23rd April 2010
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bong shure! I've just tried the DRAWMER MX40 Punch gate. nice thing. But i really Had problems with my kick -> whenever the...

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Wayne 23rd April 2010
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I have monitors without a power switch (Quested VS2108) and I don't have my room set up currently to power them off manually very...

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Delta Sigma 23rd April 2010
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I hate this computer stuff when it gets complicated and money just flies out of the pocket just to solve a simple thing.... ...

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Purusha 23rd April 2010
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Hi, I've been looking at picking one of these up to use on my mix-buss, but I really would like to avoid the hassle of running...

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Hpatty 23rd April 2010
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Hi!! I've been saving some money to improve my mixing chain, and I've come across a Nicerizer summing box. After reading...

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SoLo 23rd April 2010
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Hello All, Recently I was look for some information on mounting a green bullet mic on a regular mic stand and by...

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rjacobsen 23rd April 2010
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Hello all, first poster. I have a m 3500-32 which I bought back in the day without the extended meter bridge option which always...

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59junior 23rd April 2010
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Hello Fellow Music Rascals. I guess Yamaha stopped believing that musicians actually travel overseas. I need a Yamaha adaptor...

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Steve36 23rd April 2010

Hello all! Im a new member up here on Gear Slutz. Im so glad that a friend recommended me to come to the site; such useful...

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rcb4t2 23rd April 2010
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Examples can be heard in any of these: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MilR3Z1sA… ...

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SynthLine09 23rd April 2010
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i realize it's a topic that's been covered many times, but allow me to discuss what i do.... first of all, i roll off...

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arkmabat 23rd April 2010
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Showing some love to one of my favourite albums. All I know is what the liner notes tell me. Would love to hear more Pelle...

Samuel. K
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Samuel. K 23rd April 2010
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there is not many choices in the MADI world. and if i want madi i need an extra box to to be able to go to other formats. the rme...

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Dean Landon 23rd April 2010
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Hi, I'm looking for alternative setup for my main monitor setup. So a pair of speakers to tell me more abut what's going on...

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jujumies 23rd April 2010
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There are a few moments on some of the later Johnny Cash records where it sounds like something like a mellotron might be used, I...

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SynthLine09 23rd April 2010
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I want to know where can i buy downloadable wav files.... Itunes?

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aleatoric 23rd April 2010
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Hey all, I am used to working in an environment where A/D didn't have preamps...High end stuff, where you kind of separate the...

Deleted 2848499
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bexarametric 23rd April 2010
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I'm afraid my crappy 3 leg mic stand is going to fall over at any moment with my $1700 mic attached to the end of it. Not good. ...

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guittarzzan 23rd April 2010
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I was told you can just buy a video signal distributor with BNC connectors instead of wasting money on wordclock distributors by...

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Francis Vaughan 23rd April 2010
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Would it be okay to make a floating floor with plywood directly on hockey pucks with insulation between?

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theom 23rd April 2010
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YouTube - Loudness War Educational Video It's true that a lot of todays music lacks dynamics and just sounds like a wall of...

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robertshaw 23rd April 2010
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Looking to purchase a new recorder and wanted to get some insight on the Zaxcom Deva vs Zaxcom Fusion. Cheers!

organic tone
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organic tone 23rd April 2010
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sold mods, you may fire when ready

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sameal 23rd April 2010
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Ok, so after the LE vs HD post I had last time kind of went awry and subsequently pointed me away from spending the money for HD,...

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Tangible 23rd April 2010
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i'm using some Liberty 22-2P-PINDSH cable...it has two hots, two colds, but it also has two grounds (i expected to only see one...

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vince @ speck 23rd April 2010
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Hello all! I'm trying to decide whether it is worth buying the M50s or not. I'd really like a quality pair of headphones that...

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woodhenge 23rd April 2010
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Hi Folks I bought an MCI 110 without trying it first ... I know ... I know ... I won't be doing that again in a hurry (I did...

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mcijh 23rd April 2010
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Just wondering which way to go with this. I have a Aurora 16 and a Apogee AD16X and need to know which to use as the master. All...

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glissando 23rd April 2010
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I thought it would be very helpful for those of us hear to give the best definition we know for all the thousands of recording...

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maxpower 23rd April 2010
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I would like to know what the options are for multi (6-8) channel AD converters that have an ADAT/ optical lightpipe out. Or a...

John N
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stonewall40 23rd April 2010
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I was going through my old Portastudio and found this little gem! Recorded in the drummer's dad's library with only one mic -...

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mikethedrummer 22nd April 2010
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Hey everyone, Thanks for looking. Before you dismiss this as "another thread about converters", know that I'm looking...

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WillEverett 22nd April 2010
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Can someone point me to what's considered an appropriate microphone for quality female voice recording?My style is Folk/Blues and...

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Sean Sullivan 22nd April 2010
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Anyone ever deal with a broken Avalon 737 vu meter. I am working at a studio and am wondering how difficult and expensive it is...

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py75 22nd April 2010
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hey forum, I am having real trouble installing my MTron. Whenever I set the package to install it stops and says. "the...

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degas 22nd April 2010
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danja http://c3.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images02/35/l_cdbddff7b33c40ee9bc20aadbe41564a.jpg telefon tel aviv...

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reax 22nd April 2010
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hi all, I just wanted to let you know I have been invited to join KMA Music in Manhattan come August which is pretty exciting and...

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OVERNIGHT 22nd April 2010
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Just like the title implies. I had a two channel Presonus ADL-600 which felt a bit like over kill for what I needed to do so I...

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johnnyc 22nd April 2010
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Since lots of members on the board here probably use ADDA <-> mixing board, one question came up which you may have asked...

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beingmf 22nd April 2010
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just picked up one of these bad boys in like new condition for $190 -- I intended to use it for lead guitar limiting to just...

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UpNSmoke 22nd April 2010
Avatar for Unknown soldier

So I'm now using a Lavry AD10 for my input tracks, and recently recorded some electric guitars. I thew on a ferox tape simulator...

Unknown soldier
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rogerbrain 22nd April 2010
Avatar for shrimpbait

Right! I need suggestions on a two channel compressor for kick drum. I currently use a 421 on the batter side and an RE20 on...

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M4-10 22nd April 2010
Avatar for Firemans Run

Hi, I'd like to post a Mytek D/A converter for sale, but I'm not sure where to put it. Is their an appropriate area on the...

Firemans Run
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Firemans Run 22nd April 2010
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Hey all, I recently made a post about a MCI JH 110 1" 8 track I was having trouble with the power supply. When I got...

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cjmnash 22nd April 2010
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Hello everyone, I've been lurking here for a while and finally decided to register. It's a great forum with lots of useful...

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dustyreels 22nd April 2010