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I know this has been covered before, but I did a search and couldn't find anything... I know Trillium Labs makes a meter that...

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DamZ 27th April 2010
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I have a chance to grab on of these and was thinking about trying it out... I currently have an mbox 2 that I use to run PT 8. I...

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eascholz 27th April 2010
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Many years ago I saw an electric guitar that was fitted with something around the bridge that made it sound like a sitar. I am...

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rack gear 27th April 2010
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anyone know if the STC 4035 uses the same 3 pin connector and pin out as the coles 4032 ? Cheers Andy

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grayedout 27th April 2010
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Hi Hope to get some answers about the strange sounds coming from my gefell UM70. At least I think it's the mic..? Haven't heard...

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mattec 27th April 2010
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When you set auto release on, does adjusting the release have no effect? What are the positive values on the threshold for...

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Umlaaat 27th April 2010
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So, In the past 2 days I've seen maybe 10 pairs of these on college kids. So, I googled "Headphones with a b on the...

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amishsixstringe 27th April 2010
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I have the chance to pick up an old yamaha electone me-15, it has a few broken keys and the usual tarnished outputs etc. Is it...

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Darhgo 27th April 2010
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Ok, this is a bit of a newb-ish question but what the heck are the little green markers that appear when quantizing using beat...

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musicjohnny 27th April 2010
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craig9045 27th April 2010
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Hello there!! At least that what I think it is... Tried to connect my Drawmer DC2476 to the MR816x through s/pdif but is...

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Project::Stroem 27th April 2010
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Hello everyone I'm looking for nice dummy load to rec the ampli without the cabs optionally. I was looking around...

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andy3 27th April 2010
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Anybody who can help where to find one? Thanks!

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HonkyTonk 27th April 2010
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Not sure if anyone's had this issue before, but with my MidiSport-Uno I've been getting a phantom Bass note playing when no input...

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jpm100eb 27th April 2010
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ok so there is this one meditation track i'm working on right now out of 7. the others are fine and i fixed the troubled areas....

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mattg082 27th April 2010
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I'd like to hear a few samples of music first without any mixing, then after the mix is done, and then finally the mastered...

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coyotekells 27th April 2010
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Hi guys, about to receive my Adam A7X's tomorrow and wondering if I should get any type of specialist cables to hook them...

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dannys1 27th April 2010
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How many of us have that gear we never use and only keep for sentimental reasons? If so, what is it? Why do we keep it? We...

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alexamk 27th April 2010
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I can't begin to imagine the can of worms this may open, and as someone who can find the beauty in both analog and digital...

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SeniorityFedup 27th April 2010
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Hi all, Apologies for my "green" question but: will I still be able to use the low latency monitoring function when...

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m.l.o 27th April 2010
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Hello guys. I need 1 or 2 D.I. For bass (electric) and acoustic guitar. I ' m taking a look on: sansamp Para (for both) Radia...

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andy3 27th April 2010
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my lovely girlfriend gave me a marshall combo last night after using guitar sims forever :) so i did a few takes on a sm57 up on...

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Jmoon79 27th April 2010
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Okay, I'm new to this, so I'm not high end or low end, but somewhere in the middle.yingyang I've read all the threads I could...

TR Mastermind
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TR Mastermind 27th April 2010
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Hi I would appreciate any advice on the following. I have a set of JBL Control 5 speakers powered by an amp. Which works just...

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chico7t3 27th April 2010
Avatar for fretless

So please shed some light on D.I.'s if you will . When would I want to use one ? For ex. Bass into D.I. ( lets say a Countryman)...

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fretless 27th April 2010
Avatar for StudioKing

Hi, can anyone please recommend a good place to have a Wurlitzer service in the UK Thanks in advance

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John Willett 27th April 2010
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Will a M3500 with -10 tape returns work with my HD24XR. I been using the HD24XR as just converters. I have quite a few decent...

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jayadelic 27th April 2010
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I have a Rode NT-1 microphone and I have the first mbox. I'm thinking about getting a Presonus Eureka preamp. I'm not sure. Do...

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bJb 27th April 2010
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How important is it to you? Is it something you always look for when buying something? Or do you just don't think about it at...

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Disjointed 27th April 2010
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jak 27th April 2010
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I couldn't find any info on this, and I am incredibly confused. I though that the liquid mix could operate as a stereo plugin...

Deleted f4cefa4
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Deleted f4cefa4 27th April 2010
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i live in an hour north of NYC and looking for someone local-ish i can use for various gear repairs. i've got a couple of...

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t_d 27th April 2010
Avatar for TomRus

Does anyone have a new tube to recommend for this preamp? Will use it to record metal guitar and metal vocals. Primarily thrash.

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rogerbrain 27th April 2010
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I've got to invest in a good solid 4 or preferably 3 unit ATA approved rack flight case. Does anyone have any suggestions of...

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ddageek 27th April 2010
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I dabble in antiques, and I'm always in antique stores, and estate sales, etc; I frequently come across random boxes or bags full...

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S.Filpansick 27th April 2010
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Hello: I tracking acoustic music in DAW. I want a analog eq for real tracking and add some colour to my tracks. I have two nice...

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lectric 27th April 2010
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I'm very used to my DAC1 as a headphone amp and DA. I'm researching a new rig based on Logic 9 and the Apogee Ensemble and I'm...

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jak 27th April 2010
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How many Los Angeles slutz would be into renting a room in an artsy multimedia facility that lends itself to inside work and a ...

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memphisindie 27th April 2010
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I'm looking for some cool potentiometer knobs... I'm bored with the knobs that come with my Fast Track 8R and would like to...

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Puffer Fish 27th April 2010
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This question doesn't seem to come up. My wireless mighty mouse has failed me. The trackball is now unresponsive. and i've only...

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toolskid 27th April 2010
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Alright, lovn' my A7's. But I can't decide on placement. Currently the A7's are horizontal because if they are vertical the...

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clank72 27th April 2010
Avatar for finlove

I dont have much hardware but I think when people say plug ins arent great well my take on it is that if you are good enough...

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LD Productions 27th April 2010
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So the JDi passive DI can be used for reamping apparently. Im curious if the amp x reamp box would sound any different than using...

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Kiwi 27th April 2010
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Hey everyone, I've occasionally visited gearslutz for a while, what a great source of information! Just recently, I started...

Jorge Vivo
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thermos 27th April 2010
Avatar for allyouneedisears

So I've got to go record some piano tomorrow... Just wondering how you guys would go about it. It's going to be an untreated room...

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Avatar for Flying Colors
Flying Colors 27th April 2010
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I know a lot of people had the same questions as me... so I figured I'd post this. How much would it cost to ship the 8MP to...

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joshuarlyon 27th April 2010
Avatar for elmolemon

Hi, do you prefer EQ->Comp or Comp->EQ if you are recording? What is your order for tracking vocals?

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Avatar for Jamie_72
Jamie_72 27th April 2010
Avatar for audioman

Im thinking about getting one these Edrums to go with Steven Slate Drums, Im really stuck between the two.. Does anybody have...

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audioman 27th April 2010
Avatar for Ker

Hi, Just wondering, I'm trying to make a choice between A scale dorroughs with 14dB headroom and C scale dorroughs with 20dB...

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Ker 27th April 2010
Avatar for D'Pops

I am not new to the forum but this is my first post! I have a digital piano with stereo TS instrument outs (Yamaha CP-33 for...

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D'Pops 27th April 2010