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I have noticed a lot of you here do not like to solo during mixing, as you get a false impression of how a track will really sit...

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Synonym Music 14th May 2010
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I need to decide which one to get. They are about the same price. Which one do you think is better? Here are the links to...

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MonsterGT 14th May 2010
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In an anonymous poll - I'm curious how much time per week people on the board actually spend working on RECORDING music. What...

rack gear
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dbbubba 14th May 2010
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hi, i have 2 deluxe reverbs and when i use them together they sound kindof....funny. could they be electrically out of phase? ...

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norman 14th May 2010
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Hi, I have two ssl analogue channels that I use with apogee psx-converter. The problem or better said -strange thing is that...

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jujumies 14th May 2010
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Are there any freelance engineers in Dayton, OH? I recently opened my studio in February and would love to get some freelancers...

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Disjointed 14th May 2010
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Here is my conundrum. I currently have a mobil recording setup that I'm considering upgrading in quality only. I'm interested in...

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Jabbaz 14th May 2010
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I'm not expecting much... It should: be FW or USB have 2 mic pres have 2 ine ins have 2 Spdif It should have 4 analog...

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imagineaudio 14th May 2010
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Shopping the used market, you see a lot of descriptions of smoke free studio, etc. Is there a real benefit to this? Think about...

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Fabi 14th May 2010
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mindkontrolle 14th May 2010
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Hi! I am working on an audio interview series, and I need a :60 framework, which opens and closes the audio interview. I have...

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A.D.C. 14th May 2010
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As an industry we need to pull together from time to time, it is with this thought that TELEFUNKEN Elektroakustik wishes to...

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KRStudio 14th May 2010
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I started to hate my friend for having Fireface, just because of having RME Digicheck. SO I started my quest for analyzing...

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anabolique 14th May 2010
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I've been firing up the old 8 track to do some tracking this weekend, cleaned it all up, everything's working, no surprises. I...

brill bedroom
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brill bedroom 14th May 2010
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According to the recent (8/12/2008) update of Quantegy's website plans are under way to revive production of GP9 and 499. I hope...

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Jerry Tubb 14th May 2010
Avatar for KSHentertainment

Hey guy's I have an easy but for some reason difficult question. After the signal has been recorded into Pro Tools HD off of my...

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KSHentertainment 14th May 2010
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official GS/AES hook up is on for Sunday the 23rd Venue will be announced early next week but it will be close to the...

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Sniperschool 14th May 2010
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It's a standing wave - howdy

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Ben B 14th May 2010
Avatar for Todzilla

Gear Hedz, Getting some unexpected financial relief (daughter decided she'd rather go to public school than the wallet...

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Todzilla 14th May 2010
Avatar for indie

Just sold my MPC 2000 (great units) - but I program from computer now for ease. So before I sold it, I recorded my samples from...

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Avatar for Dusty Treats
Dusty Treats 14th May 2010
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Thought this was a funny one. Takes some good shots at autotune. kfhkh Sing Talk (Tik Tok Parody) - CollegeHumor video

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Bater 14th May 2010
Avatar for Sproto

OK, I;ve decided to change things drastically currently I have trident 65 a PT Mixcube and a MBox 2Pro. I am just a weekend...

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Sproto 14th May 2010
Avatar for fifthflaw

Hi all. Recently my asp008 has stopped syncing to my protools 96 i/o interface. I've just called audient but its going to cost...

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fifthflaw 14th May 2010
Avatar for Ken Walker

I hope I'm not the only one with this question. I've been performing music for a long time. My ear is honed to the point where,...

Ken Walker
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anabolique 14th May 2010
Avatar for Evenyre

Hello, I began a new session with a folk artist yesterday afternoon. We spent the day tracking acoustic guitar. When playing...

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spitfire52mm 14th May 2010
Avatar for Vanman4254

This is something that gets debated continuously. I have seen people record hot into their DAW.(Im going use Pro Tools LE for...

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Avatar for ron florentine
ron florentine 14th May 2010
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Hello friends; I'm currently working on an assignment where I'll need to disguise the voices of several informants for radio...

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Xrocker 14th May 2010
Avatar for Johnkenn

So - I'm a Nashvillian and I was blessed to have not been flooded. I had a cousin in Bellevue that basically lost her entire...

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w_stylz 14th May 2010
Avatar for Drywsef

What practical applications does this have in your workflow? -Thanks

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Avatar for Ringwraith
Ringwraith 14th May 2010
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Hey guys, I just got a newsletter with this: Antares Audio Technologies I thought it may be of interest to some of you. ...

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AudioRecorder 14th May 2010
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loopy 14th May 2010
Avatar for trakk

Don't know if someone posted this yet, but a friend posted it on Facebook. Thought you guys would like to see 1st hand what it...

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trakk 14th May 2010
Avatar for pistolgrip

right now im runnin AT4040 >> ProFire 610 >> Logic Pro on around a 2000 dollar budget, what would be the best way...

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pistolgrip 14th May 2010
Avatar for GearManDude

Hey guys, I am borrowing a friends Peavey 5150 II and might buy it from him.. One thing I noticed is that the power cable for the...

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Hazer 14th May 2010
Avatar for dschadt

I'm sure at least a few of you have spotted these guys doing covers of all sorts of songs on YouTube: YouTube -...

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RawBeanZen 14th May 2010
Avatar for .......

Mainly Fat Heads. It will be in my rack drawer in a trailer most of the time. Does heat effect them and should I take some...

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....... 14th May 2010
Avatar for Poco

Hi, First time poster here. I have a need for an inline mic attenuator. Does anyone know why they are so widely priced...

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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 14th May 2010
Avatar for datafeist

I read yesterday that a ua 6176 is a combination off a la 610 & 1176. So i was thinking of maybe buying this one instead of...

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Avatar for datafeist
datafeist 14th May 2010
Avatar for Jeremy - DVC

I'm trying to find out if the Electro Voice 664a and Shure 585sb were used as stage mics in the 1970's?? (were they in production...

Jeremy - DVC
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Jeremy - DVC 14th May 2010
Avatar for shanemccarthy

long time reader first time poster.. I'm in a band and a Home Pro tools user (at the moment: Dell Laptop, Windows 7, M-audio...

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shanemccarthy 13th May 2010
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Hi all, I would like to know if there is special things to take care about before put a video on youtube ? I've read all the...

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Avatar for Romain74
Romain74 13th May 2010
Avatar for Red Baron

I believe the answer could depend on your taste, but i would like to know if people use them for rock or maybe another kind of...

Red Baron
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Avatar for Mark D.
Mark D. 13th May 2010
Avatar for RTR

tell me I made a mistake.......I have never used anything that could not be used with PT, so, I have only used DIGI and M-audio...

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Avatar for steelyfan
steelyfan 13th May 2010
Avatar for Jacob H

I wanted to start (again of course) a quick discussion on the does and donts of mixing on a console. This is not an opinion...

Jacob H
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Avatar for MHB850
MHB850 13th May 2010
Avatar for Jabbaz

Hi, I'm in Toronto and would like to demo a Great River Preamp with my RE-20 in a quiet environment before buying one. Are...

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rcb4t2 13th May 2010
Avatar for injasonbow

hi all, i've been looking for a sample library of strings/horns for pop rock music.. all i have found so far are very ambient...

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Avatar for CubeCity
CubeCity 13th May 2010
Avatar for Richierich

How does one use both in harmony considering, pro tools HD requires a different X-card than the Logic symphony system? Do you...

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Avatar for psycho_monkey
psycho_monkey 13th May 2010
Avatar for T417

So i got both guitar rig 3 and amplitube 2 software, hoping to put some good guitar track. If I just use software itself, it...

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Avatar for ironbelly
ironbelly 13th May 2010
Avatar for Teddy Ray

Since I put the first thread out there(that I wasn't sure about) I wanted to clarify. Apologies for any missteps. Sorry for...

Teddy Ray
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salomonander 13th May 2010
Avatar for mkrh2010

I'm in the market for a new set of speakers. I currently have Mordaunt Short speakers with a Cambridge Audio Amp however I feel...

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Avatar for mikeyrad
mikeyrad 13th May 2010