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Yeah, I could use this guy live on percussion duties!... <object width="480" height="385"><param...

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mikethedrummer 27th May 2010
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Coming up to doing some home studio drum recording and am wondering how I should distribute the following pres for the best...

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kodaz 27th May 2010
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Hey, I tried to find answers on other threads, but I didnt see any. Let me know if someone already asked this stuff. The studio...

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Purple 27th May 2010
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Will it have a noticeable impact on quality of sound if I use a studio interconnect/patch cable to connect my studio monitors to...

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SoundWeavers 27th May 2010
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I have been wrestling with getting some things sounding "alive" in mixes. From some random posts I read, it seems I may...

Ron Vogel
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trondned 27th May 2010
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Hi Been offered a rack for 390 EURO (the guy will also add stereo link switch for the two BKE4's and wire it ready for them)....

Mr Funk
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Mr Funk 27th May 2010
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Hi there! Black grills often get some scratches, where the blank metal is becoming visible. On my 421 I could simply use a...

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Friedemann 27th May 2010
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Hi, I am currently clocking my external pre's adat to my rme hammerfall 9652 soundcard . I have been hearing good things...

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drsakky 27th May 2010
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I am new with PT, so I´m sorry if these are stupid questions. I want to use hardware compressor and plug-ins in same track. I...

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zapper 27th May 2010
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So I own some Fender Telecasters and a couple amps with my main amp being a Fender 59' Bassman. My issue is that my amp makes a...

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John Eppstein 27th May 2010
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The reviewer seemed more impressed with overall external build quality of the GAP 73 than sound quality. Said he wouldn't bring a...

John N
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robertshaw 27th May 2010
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Raal and other folks have made mention of their approach to print tracks that have analog components in order to have easy...

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midnightsun 27th May 2010
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i currently own a pair of rokit8 g2, and due to low funds ive had to use them for dj'ing aswell. its seems my right speakers is...

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andersmv 27th May 2010
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Hey guys. My studio was recently flooded in the Nashville floods. I lost a lot of stuff including all of my microphones....

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pristineb 27th May 2010
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does anyone have any experience, preferably more than 5 minutes worth, with this pre? i see they're selling for only $499 now...

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youngrob 27th May 2010
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Hi guys! Please, read before you think I am ******** ;) I own a AKG C414 EB with a CK-12 brass capsule in very good condition....

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lynyrd 27th May 2010
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i have a grand to spend on a new (tube?) mic. i play and record pop rock music. i would be using this mic on my Martin HD35 and...

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nigeldaddy 27th May 2010
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hello all... i just got a ramsa wrt820 console for FREE... BUT, it does not have a power supply : ( Can any ramsa fans tell me...

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mathlete 27th May 2010
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I am looking for tips on mixing, and tracking.

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kooz 27th May 2010
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I been moving to a bigger city in 2 more weeks, and maybe you can help with this in the last month i sent several mails to...

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papanauta 27th May 2010
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I hope this is not interpreted as just blatant self advertisement, its not. Me Studio is going to start running a monthley news...

Ian Harrington
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Ian Harrington 27th May 2010
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I'm living here, and stayed dry fortunately, as did our studio. Our regular mastering place (Yes Master) got ruined. Awful story,...

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BudgetMC 27th May 2010
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Hi... I am having problems with my sound quality recording into an imac through a focusrite isa pre. All my recordings sound...

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Aaron2010 26th May 2010
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Hey guys, name is Aidan, from Australia I have done a bit of work in audio here an there for a few yrs For year I have been...

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tropicalhotdog 26th May 2010
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Just kidding.... But really, I wonder how the sales curve looks since GS started pimping this mic out (or Great River, etc...

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warhead 26th May 2010
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Unidentified Tannoy ribbon microphones. Not sure but I suppose they are stereo matched as they sound really similar and were...

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Feromongo 26th May 2010
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ok. i just got my permit and im trying to decide what tires and rims to get with my car. its a 1999 for taurus. i have been...

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sleeper1400 26th May 2010
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Is there a particular tape machine that folks are using mainly just for sending the final 2 track master to it before...

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steelyfan 26th May 2010
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I'm selling off my old Alesis Masterlink and have several years of mixes stored on it that i need to archive...obviously, I could...

Elvis Christ
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Elvis Christ 26th May 2010
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Soo..yeah... I have posted on several threads debating how to work with not so good singers....what you do to have them deliver...

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InTheBox 26th May 2010
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I've been searching and searching for a studio picture I saw years ago that I really want to show a friend of mine. If you could...

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Barish 26th May 2010
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I've heard people complaining that running tracks through too much Neve circuitry can result in some issues, primarily low-end...

Matt Grondin
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Steve G 26th May 2010
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been using the cheapie hosa ones for basic short connections, seem to work fine. what about for longer runs of 20-25 feet? hosa...

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teo 26th May 2010
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I recognize I'm talking about some older pieces of equipment, but any help would be awesome... I've been hearing more and more...

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OneWerd 26th May 2010
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Long time lurker, first time poster heh Anyways, My Baby Bottle mic is kinda dead !? On my preamp, I have to up the input gain...

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pan60 26th May 2010
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Pretty much any "Best DI" thread throws up the Reddi, and I'm sure it's a fine unit - but is it too coloured for...

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Slaytex 26th May 2010
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For vocals or other relatively low SPL sources, if you get up really close to an AEA R92 (especially on the back side), will it...

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warhead 26th May 2010
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I have the Shadow Hills Preamp with Iron option. Tubetech MEC 1A Millennia STT1 with Telefunken Tubes and API 7600 I...

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AllAboutTone 26th May 2010
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Hi. Does anyone have any experience in setting up at motif XS with Logic Studio? When I plug in my Motif via USB, I hear sounds...

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candersen 26th May 2010
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Wanted - Someone to copy 8-track master tape to wav files I have an 8-track Ampex 456 1/2 inch master tape from a professional...

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nobtwiddler 26th May 2010
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I just got done moving into my new house and went to set up the studio. I plugged in my monitors and one is making this weird...

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rshelton87 26th May 2010
Avatar for slipperydip

I'm looking for a switching system for my pedal board. I was looking at the TC Electronic G-System, but I actually don't need...

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remixthewar 26th May 2010
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Honestly I have another gearslutz username but I don't want people searching and finding out who my boss is. I work as an...

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Amber 26th May 2010
Avatar for nsarlo

can you believe that? in the middle of doing a hiphop session everythings cool, all of a sudden hardly no gain... took it out of...

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DaveE 26th May 2010
Avatar for mattg082

I have a great river, api 512 and a rosetta using logic 9 right now. A friend loaned me a very nice acoustic i plan on tracking...

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tropicalhotdog 26th May 2010
Avatar for merciless

Heyy, well I'm selling Logic 9. Pretty much brand new! Never registered. Comes in case, looks like it's right out the apple...

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merciless 26th May 2010
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So my friend was working in Logic the other day, mixing at a fairly loud volume, the the dreaded "white noise" burst...

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theblue1 26th May 2010
Avatar for Ioden

Hey everyone! I've been reading probably 1000 posts on these forums for the last few days as I try and figure out what to buy for...

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Ioden 26th May 2010
Avatar for Hiwatt

I know this guy who comes across a great deal of old gear, lately he's been trying to pitch me on this dynamix console he has....

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Machinetooth 26th May 2010
Avatar for tripz

Hi guys! I' ve just bought a really nice compressor in order to use it as an external compressor unit while mixing with my daw...

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tripz 26th May 2010