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So - I'm just running my guitar line in to a digi003. Would it be better to buy something like a line 6 gx1? Better sound?

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Johnkenn 28th May 2010
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I'm trying to find a good mic or stereo pair to get the best recorded sound from my Maton Messiah acoustic dreadnought, in my...

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joelpatterson 28th May 2010
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Yes folks, I am due for a very busy start to 2006, so I have asked James 'LA' Lugo of the Vocal Asylum, Los Angeles, USA - to...

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Sean327 28th May 2010
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i have L-4E6S and L-2T2S canare cable and some NP2X connectors on hand. What is the best way to make instrument (mainly for high...

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y0ud 28th May 2010
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As you know in Nashville there was MAJOR flooding. The biggest storage facility for the studio and live touring pros is still...

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cennay 28th May 2010
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Hi, I am currently clocking my external pre's adat to my rme hammerfall 9652 soundcard . I have been hearing good things...

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drsakky 28th May 2010
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Anyone ever been an intern at a studio and then after a couple of months working for free, realized that all the have been doing...

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Dove 28th May 2010
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So I'm quite tired of not getting the right drum sounds.....Im using EzDrummer and well its a LOT of work to get a good drum...

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nightscope 28th May 2010
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ok so i'm mixing a song that has taken me about a month to finish with work breakups crazy time makes for great music. getting to...

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Ash Taylor 28th May 2010
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I've been mixing out of headphones for years, and monitors were on my want list for awhile. I finally had saved some money for a...

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the_grimace 28th May 2010
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YouTube - The Art Of Sampling 33 @1:19 Daft Punk - Revolution 909 - WITH LYRICS! @1:02 It seems as though this technique was...

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arkmabat 28th May 2010
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WWOZ 90.7 FM : New Orleans' Jazz & Heritage Station : Dedicated to Bringing New Orleans Music to the Universe

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jusdel 28th May 2010
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Uploaded with ImageShack.us i got these from a relative and was so impresed with the sound that i kept them... but there is...

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Jmc982 28th May 2010
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Picked up a pair of JBL4411s for a good price from the local university. However, the 128H low frequency drivers had lost their...

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Dr. Mordo 28th May 2010
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only $300, Buy It Now... free shipping. I bought this thing a little over a week ago. The seller had good feedback, but two...

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themixtape 28th May 2010
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I'm starting to acquire more gear and just recently got some decent pieces along with the modest stuff I already had. Here's...

Deleted 5803588
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Yetti 28th May 2010
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Keith Mohr from Indieheaven.com posted some pics of downtown Nashville for anyone interested in the flooding. Search results...

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2N1305 28th May 2010
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I'm on the prowl for a LDC that would sit pretty in front of a vocalist and possibly be useful as a room mic or in other...

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TheChariot 28th May 2010
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Can someone tell me what mic Chris is using in his version of Poker Face? Tis huge and looks really cool!

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sameal 28th May 2010
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Not looking to troll...just my own observation. I recently have run over a couple of pairs of headphones with the wheels of my...

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amost 28th May 2010
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Hi all, there seems to be little info available on the Soundcraft series 500 so I'm going to see if any of you can help me....

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antoniosolo 28th May 2010
Avatar for Lord_Bafford

What are some great sounding mixes that have been done ITB for commercial/major albums?

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e-are 28th May 2010
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I've acquired a used Mackie MCU, the gray one before the Pro refresh. I discovered last night that the serial number is not on...

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robmiller 28th May 2010
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I'm contemplating getting a balanced power conditioner and am curious what other users have experienced in their studios when...

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Victory Pete 28th May 2010
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So I'm pretty new to recording and still slowly buying gear to have a respectable home studio. Right now sadly I'm relying upon...

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jdier 28th May 2010
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I need to upgrade from a crawling ppc G5 (1GB) to a mac pro with some more power. I don't need anything crazy, all of my gear is...

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psycho_monkey 27th May 2010
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Hi, My associate and I are getting into hybrid mixing and combining some outboard pieces into our DAW while mixing. So far...

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rcb4t2 27th May 2010
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Hi sarky, This post is transfered from the gearclassifieds to here. You can try this connector. Be aware of static...

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guitarstudio 27th May 2010
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Anybody know of a good audio rental place in the Richmond, VA area? Todd

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NorseHorse 27th May 2010
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I finally found the way to make my own voice sound ok! We all know how hard it is to like the way we sound to ourselves. I...

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hazelmossobrien 27th May 2010
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I am looking to get a dual channel mic preamp (or 2 singles if anyone has a decent suggestion) with a digital out. I am going to...

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Teddy Ray 27th May 2010
Avatar for Ash Taylor

I've got a Morgans Acoustics 1 in 4 out guitar signal splitter. Its about £20 but looks like its worth about £5! haha. I'm...

Ash Taylor
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Ash Taylor 27th May 2010
Avatar for mattg082

i have a passive volume control of course between my monitors and rosetta 200 with a great river and api 512c on my 2 channels...

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mattg082 27th May 2010
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Hey Slutz, I had the opportunity to audition the following compressors on the drum bus of my latest project. 1. Thermionic...

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cosmik_debris 27th May 2010
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I need to try to get in touch with one of the Avett Brothers to ask permission to change two words in one of their songs so I can...

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Animus 27th May 2010
Avatar for Hammer Mark

In the video attached, you can see the producer has set up two mics for each vocalist: a dynamic set up on axis and close, and a...

Hammer Mark
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M4-10 27th May 2010
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Hi Guys, I'm researching into what DAW's were like around 1999 and have gotten stumped when looking for VST plug-ins and...

Deleted User
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DrFrankencopter 27th May 2010
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Hey guys got my audiofire 12 and grace m101 today but when I record there is very loud hiss.... see attached file. my mic is...

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billaz 27th May 2010
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Hey guys Basically im recording a band that lives ver far away, they came down for the week to get three tracks done and now...

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in the red 27th May 2010
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Hello! First post after years reading the slutz I have the oportunity to buy a Soundtracs console from a local tv station. They...

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mace 27th May 2010
Avatar for exgt

Hi guys! I'm about to buy an Apogee AD-8000 with Adat and DAC expansion, but I'm a little bit unsure of its sound quality...

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thebaron 27th May 2010
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do they work? i mean the cheaper ones not magma. Anyone uses this combination. such as...

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studiosale 27th May 2010
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Hi there fellow slutz! It is a nice day today and I thought about having a nice thread, while I was just browsing through some...

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Vogon 27th May 2010
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I'm reviewing my insurance coverage and realizing that I'm really undercovered. I have had Geico for years for car insurance,...

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girlthatdrums 27th May 2010
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hi everyone, i´m attracted to the rme quadmic mainly because it can be run from a battery. is there any other mic pre amp...

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evs 27th May 2010
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

I am getting ready to start mixing a 6 song EP for a band I just tracked. They insist that I master this for them as well. I've...

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BrandRecordingCo 27th May 2010
Avatar for Feromongo

I am curious as to what capsule is inside a D14. I haven't been able to find one to open up and compare to other mics that I am...

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Feromongo 27th May 2010
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I will replace any damaged Nashville MoreMe headphones for free.

Harvey Gerst
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JulianFernandez 27th May 2010
Avatar for Hazen

We recently acquired a Soundcraft 6000 with some missing cosmetic parts, namely a pot knob and some switch caps. 1) Does...

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Hazen 27th May 2010
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Does anyone know if I can find a lunchbox for 300.00 to 350.00 new, I know I can get a revolver for 300.00 is there anything with...

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madehumble 27th May 2010