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So last night I was watching videos on nirvana and Butch Vig was talking a little bit about Andy Wallace, so I did a search on...

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tincan 6th June 2010
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Somebody explain something to me. I know it's kinda futile to try to figure out one of the 'greats' but, here's whats tripping...

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Calypso 6th June 2010
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Can it be switch to -10db ?

Kir For Pleasur
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Kir For Pleasur 6th June 2010
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Right now in my mix room I'm monitoring through 2 sets, Passive Tannoy Reveals powered by a Bryston 3B and Passive Avantones...

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You_Father_Sky 6th June 2010
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After the first verse, during the acoustic part Ian's vocals become very filtered and effected....and then later on the "dee...

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vincentvangogo 5th June 2010
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I have always liked the old KRK speakers, but I am not so hot for the current generation. So I was really thrilled to hear that...

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zephonic 5th June 2010
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For one thing, this band has always just blown me away. Every variation of band member combinations has been always been very...

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XXXEsq 5th June 2010
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HI sluterz, i read a lot of threads about this, and i decide to start a thread as well, hope it's useful. i hv motu hd192,...

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radioshark 5th June 2010
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Greetings everyone, now that Amplitube 3 is out, I'm curious how it compares to GTR3? considering gtr3 came out as the winner...

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anthonymunoz 5th June 2010
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Analog inputs are optional. Must have stable drivers and ASIO. 24/44.1 & 48 capable.

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Reticuli 5th June 2010
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For a post-hardcore session, 8 mic positions. The kit is: - Snare - Bassdrum - Floor tom - Air tom - cimbals: hh, 2 crash, 1...

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DannyDedalo 5th June 2010
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Hi Everyone, I'd like to map out all of my Cubase key-commands & macros onto an iPad screen as a bunch of labeled buttons. ...

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SeniorityFedup 5th June 2010
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I realize there has been many forums on this, so I thought Id say what my applications are and list my preamps: My kit is a...

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Chromalord 5th June 2010
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Hi guys, So I did search before I posted this, and found some useful information, but nothing spot on. I'm looking to...

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Ethan Winer 5th June 2010
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so can it damage anything if i run the output of 1 preamp into the input of another for a super gainy sound?

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contramark 5th June 2010
Avatar for Ioden

Basically I need headphones for basically $100--maybe a couple bucks more but not much. I have it narrowed down to ATH-M50...

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antti 5th June 2010
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Does anyone have or know how to get a spec sheet on this mic? Maybe I'm missing something but I can't locate one on the...

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Hawky 5th June 2010
Avatar for TML

I have some Beta Monkey/Clearmountain/DFH samples. Looking for samples for rock/emo/pop that have nice"over the top...

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original-music 5th June 2010
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David Torn posted this on The Gear Page: Mick Karn official home page

vodka gimli
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vodka gimli 5th June 2010
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Silly question maybe? maybe not for me. I can understand why API went from the 4b to the 6 slot and 10 (YOU GET A BIGGER BOX)....

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pan60 5th June 2010
Avatar for IxtabStudios

Do any DMS users know if the 'Process' button needs to be in (lit) for the 16 bit dither option to be active?

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IxtabStudios 5th June 2010
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Hi Slutz I worked in a studio that had a frequency spectrum analyser hardware. simple and made by led. it was so cool to see...

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cjogo 5th June 2010
Avatar for pete

I just finished my first mix in Protools LE and I was wondering how you deal with delay compensation in LE I have 2 studios in 2...

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pete 5th June 2010
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hello I'm searching for a new interface and I'm thinking of getting Steinberg MR816 X, but I have some questions. 1. since I'm...

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judah 5th June 2010
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I have the opportunity to buy the Classic motif 6 for $600. what do you guys think?

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The Beatsmith 5th June 2010
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Hello, I'm searching for a very very well recorded percussion (mostly bongo loops in very different art of plays) sample...

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Eisbude 5th June 2010
Avatar for BrandRecordingCo

Ok, I obviously know which one came first.... However, I'm looking to buy some very trust worthy monitors for my home mix room...

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fossaree 5th June 2010
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I was reading about the distinctions between EP and LP last night, and there is quite a bit of history there. What do you all...

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mu6gr8 5th June 2010
Avatar for Mercure

Hi ! I just bought a Avalon M5 on ebay to replace my ART MPA GOLD... I switched the 2 items but there is no sound passing...

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soypancho 5th June 2010
Avatar for Lipps

Why has no one made a real console in a box with faders? Before everyone starts to jab me with the "if you want a console,...

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u b k 5th June 2010
Avatar for pwn

For instance, I was planning on grabbing a pair of KM184's or MAYBE just 84's, but I discovered the Michael Joly modified...

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EqnoixStudios 5th June 2010
Avatar for dudeitsree

I have a chance to purchase a U95 at an estate sale, they are asking $850 it has everything included. I cannot test the mic, is...

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dudeitsree 5th June 2010
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drop-in 5th June 2010
Avatar for Sk106

Been listening to many films and music with a keen ear lately, and I was reminded of a notion that I have had for some time, of a...

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Sk106 5th June 2010
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I'm not a fan of the 500 series. I'm a musician, not an engineer so I don't need endless amounts of EQ and preamps. For me, one...

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msquared 5th June 2010
Avatar for JamieVU

I used to get a lot of clients through myspace, but it seems to me that its dead now. artists dont use it much anymore because...

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theblue1 5th June 2010
Avatar for hasbeen

Has anyone that owns a non HD version of the Tascam DV-RA1000 tried upgrading to V2.0 (new machine) instead of using the V1.03...

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hasbeen 5th June 2010
Avatar for HonkyTonk

Looking for a mic cleaning expert in EU. U47 short body mic needs service. The mic has become a bit noisy lately and the capsule...

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Teddy Ray 5th June 2010
Avatar for stringz

Can anyone tell me what the WZ3 16:2 has that the WZ 16:2 does not? Thanks

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stringz 5th June 2010
Avatar for mrhudson

Good afternoon, An orienting question to start, followed by some details: Would getting new monitors improve my mixes, or is it...

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mrhudson 5th June 2010
Avatar for Booster_Kitty

I've been researching for days confoosed for a new laptop to use with my n12 after my 18 month old tipped a beer into my old...

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Booster_Kitty 5th June 2010
Avatar for sameal

soooooooo the general consensus seems to lead toward executing molex connectors with extreme prejudice. am i right? do...

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sameal 5th June 2010
Avatar for onespecial

can anyone explain the difference and/or advantages? thanks.

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dbbubba 5th June 2010
Avatar for nixoblivion

I really dont know where to ask this question. I found an old 3630 at our bar with its power plug. unfortunatly the power plug is...

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Avatar for nixoblivion
nixoblivion 5th June 2010
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Avatar for couchpotato
couchpotato 4th June 2010
Avatar for MannyTheAvatar

I've got a few questions about getting a stereo mix bus compressor. I'm not able to demo the units and I've heard clips and...

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D K 4th June 2010
Avatar for nodoubt45

thought my amp had developed a buzz as of late...... would buzz for a few minutes when turned on then stop..... turns out i think...

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nodoubt45 4th June 2010
Avatar for Webb

Didn't see mention of this here, but got an email this morning... TC Helicon PolyTune App for iPhone available for free for the...

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taa4j6 4th June 2010
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Hey, I had a thought the other day about how it would be really interesting to have a list of who was the first...

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talkshowman 4th June 2010
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So I finally got around to downloading the Waves Gold Bundle I bought a while back for my new computer that has PT8 on it and I...

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Avatar for musicjohnny
musicjohnny 4th June 2010