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Can someone explain the differences between the two? What are the strengths of each- thanks a lot

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nivek_yoccm 23rd June 2010
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Hi,for you what reverb is on the voice? The Best of Bobby McFerrin - Bobby McFerrin - Listen for free on...

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KIDBILL 23rd June 2010
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Average used price for the Langevin CR-2001 Any thoughts on a used price for one of these and is it worth it? Better than other...

Kris Bang Boom
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cubivore 23rd June 2010
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Jesus H.. that board is beautiful <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...

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lakeshorephatty 23rd June 2010
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So I'm off to Brighton tomorrow for the day/night and was wondering if anyone knows of any good places to find old keyboards/gear...

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Amber 23rd June 2010
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Gotta say, I've really come to love recording drums with M/S in front of the kit, about waist to chest high, anywhere from 2 to...

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DigitMus 23rd June 2010
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Hi everyone, I'm hoping you can all offer some help. I started having audio clicks and pops ever since I installed slate trigger...

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api2500 23rd June 2010
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I have a decent mic/preamp combo, but I'm still using a Digi002 as my audio interface. I suspect the A/D converters its using...

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Dean Roddey 23rd June 2010
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With the release of Tony Maserati's "do it all" plug in for vocals, the VX1 Vocal Enhancer... I was wondering if there...

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mattg082 23rd June 2010
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Hi there, Recently purchased a secondhand Daking Pre/EQ (mark 1 model with the filters). Problem is no power supply. Have...

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Empora 23rd June 2010
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I know this sounds like an idiotic question. But I've got some logic behind it. So please bear with me. I often hear people...

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whquade 23rd June 2010
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New to the forum, so excuse me if I am in the wrong place. Looking at getting a new digital mixer and have narrowed it down to...

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Tonio Ruiz 23rd June 2010
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Anyone in the Dallas area use Kore 2 and have the initial install disc? I'm finally getting around to learning this thing and...

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nivek_yoccm 23rd June 2010
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Hello for mixing a reggae album and dubing I have an oportunity to buy soundcraft serie 1 1973 (with transformer and fix...

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IMANOUEL 23rd June 2010
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Could you recommend me the best currently available set price/performance wise for surround mixing please ?

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Googlyman 23rd June 2010
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Thinking about buying a pair of used P33a's. Since these are out of production, does anyone know if a speaker craps out or get's...

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dbowman 23rd June 2010
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allright so here's the situation. I have a pretty nice set up as it is... I'm running Pro Tools LE8 through a 003 rack+ which is...

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sdelsolray 23rd June 2010
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I searched but couldnt really find any info. Do you guys pull down or clean any of your mics? Im really talking about large...

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John Willett 23rd June 2010
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Hi everybody I want to record the best possible vocal sound. I know that vocal chain is different from singer to singer but I...

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John Willett 23rd June 2010
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D&R Holland series 8000 (1982) I have been offered this desk, for free so to speak.(work exchange) The guy just...

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jazzbazz 23rd June 2010
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So I'm looking for a new pre. Only ONE can I afford. I will use this pre for ONLY vocals and acoustic guitars. My voice is...

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Karloff70 23rd June 2010
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I have heard of people recording acoustic guitars, guitar amps and single instruments in M/S configurations using 3 mics and I am...

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Karloff70 23rd June 2010
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So a friend of mine is a hobbyist keyboardist and singer (traditional folk, rock etc.). He wants to make tracks with his macbook...

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Ossicle 23rd June 2010
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I received a project to mix 2 weeks ago in pro tools format. I use cubase. The guy who recorded it doesn't know how to make wave...

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macrae11 23rd June 2010
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I'm determined to make a new years resolution this year to stop using my Mackie 1402-VLZ to monitor through (Metric Halo 2282...

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Bob Yordan 23rd June 2010
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Are there any places that I can buy replacement dials for my console? I've got a Studiomaster 16-8-16 and, being about 20 or so...

Deleted fdbab48
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Deleted fdbab48a366e43d 23rd June 2010
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CAT5 23rd June 2010
Avatar for Ioncs

New member, first time poster.. Hey! I'm about to make the critical choice of getting monitors for my new project studio. I've...

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rcb4t2 23rd June 2010
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Wow, I'm stuggling with the mixdown of an own project in my studio. I always have a hard time mixing my own stuff, it's like the...

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Warns 23rd June 2010
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Heyall, do you know of anyone doin' mods or upgrades to "old" studio mixers right here in sunny EU? I'm looking to...

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judah 23rd June 2010
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Hey Everyone! What is the difference between the Bryston 3BST and the 4BST?

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Barish 23rd June 2010
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So I need to take a moment to thank gearslutz. There is a lot of bull**** and posturing to weed through on here, but from time to...

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RawBeanZen 23rd June 2010
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Here's the situation: I front the studio time, mix for free, will distribute and license the material. I'll also beef up websites...

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telejustin 23rd June 2010
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I heard about many great free plugins for Pro Tools.

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thebaron 23rd June 2010
Avatar for Firemans Run

Can WAV files be tagged in a similar way as MP3 files (all I need is artist and song title)? And can it be done with iTunes? I...

Firemans Run
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joelpatterson 23rd June 2010
Avatar for dream

Ive been trying for a long time to get some badly recorded rap vocals to sound right.. all I had to do was put a dbx 165 over 'em...

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You_Father_Sky 23rd June 2010
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I'm looking for virtual instrument options that offer very punchy pop style brass, similar to what you would find in options such...

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LAstudio 23rd June 2010
Avatar for nick-the-sax

anyone have experience with this mic? looking for an addition to my little collection and need something that is a good...

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blacklight_uk 23rd June 2010
Avatar for westbeats

Hello there. I'm new to this site and would really appreciate some help! I am very knowledgeable with mixing and mastering my...

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westbeats 23rd June 2010
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Hey guys, I'm working on some sound design for a film at the moment and I had a possibly stupid question about the master fader...

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Izhaki 23rd June 2010
Avatar for cjogo

FOXNews.com - Scientists Decode the Song of the Sun Sounds like the Sun sampled some of the Moody Blues

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blacklight_uk 22nd June 2010
Avatar for Deltones

I was reading one of the interviews in the "Behind the Glass, Volume 2" book the other day, and the producer was saying...

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Bob Ross 22nd June 2010
Avatar for sameal

awaiting the shipment. can't wait! by by presonus! anybody know if active monitors are gonna have a problem with the m3ph...

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sameal 22nd June 2010
Avatar for MartyKillstorm

The talkback button is stuck to "on" on my ProControl. Anybody have any idea how to turn this off?!?! And how this...

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MartyKillstorm 22nd June 2010
Avatar for thesteve

So, I am in an interesting situation... I am producing a record and the band wants what they call a "bass bomb" sound...

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Avatar for blacklight_uk
blacklight_uk 22nd June 2010
Avatar for Darhgo

Hey guys- I'm just getting my mc mix and control set up. my main issue is that when i bank, it banks 32 channels at a time. is...

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Darhgo 22nd June 2010
Avatar for KSHentertainment

Hey guy's i'm looking for a good solid hopefully free method to transfer complete sessions across the world. haha If anyone has...

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RiF 22nd June 2010
Avatar for AC Long

When Engineer/Producer Roy Thomas Baker recorded The Darkness album One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back, he had the bassist double...

AC Long
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whquade 22nd June 2010
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Hi, I have a few videos of my band playing that i would like to be able to raise the volume and eq ect.... They are in MOV...

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ianbryn11 22nd June 2010
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Hi! I have now the chance to get a D&R Stylix Mixer for 360$ (300€). It has 18 mono mic/line channels, 8 stereo line...

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Aerophone 22nd June 2010