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Seems like a JV1080 and TR-rack go for about the same amount. What would you chose???

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Bradahman 1st July 2010
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Rock producer Johnny K was using a tape machine to record drums for the new sevendust album "Cold day memory". Sounds...

line.out studio
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line.out studio 1st July 2010
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Following their initial announcement at Winter Namm back in January, audio hardware specialists ESI have released their compact...

The Press Desk
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The Press Desk 1st July 2010
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RedTuxedo 1st July 2010
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I have a Sterling Audio ST77 that I had for about two years. I was in the middle of recording and all of the sudden the signal...

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MalcolmSmalls 1st July 2010
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Okay guys, I need some advice. I run a small mostly vocals/overdub studio, and am on the hunt for a compressor that can handle...

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slodk 1st July 2010
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So what is everyones chain look like? For vocals, guitar, bass, drums.

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Surbitone 1st July 2010
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I've seen the writing on the back of a few of these denoting if Burr Browns are used and in what channel, but what does this mean...

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chout 1st July 2010
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As a singer I find that I really like the way the SM7 doesn't get buzzy, hairy, or too much of a percussive presence like a...

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jmikeperkins 1st July 2010
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I'm looking to get some surge suppressors for audio stuff. Any thoughts? Equitek balanced power seems good but pricey. Is...

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Quint 1st July 2010
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I have a chance to get a good deal on a pair of P11a. Was considering looking at the new A7Xs but via spec sheets, it looks like...

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Kevinlane 1st July 2010
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just wondering what most folks use for secondary small reference monitors? has anyone tried the 5" KRK RP-5 Rokit active...

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denitronik 1st July 2010
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I've just negotiated a deal to trade some gear and some cash for a new U87AI. I want a Neumann around the studio because I do...

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DarkSky Media 1st July 2010
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Hi all, I have a song here two versions. Old version and a newer version. You can tell drastic differences on good system. Did I...

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Reptil 1st July 2010
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I was thinking about this as i was reading the 'engineers of yesteryear' thread. And all of a sudden, i realized that i'de...

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ofajen 30th June 2010
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Guys, Is $175 a good price for a Teac 3340 4-track with simul-sync? Are these any good or should I hold out for an 8-track...

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vincentvangogo 30th June 2010
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Ok, we've all seen the threads about horror stories, or crazy things that have been said or done during recording sessions. My...

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Synonym Music 30th June 2010
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I read a lot about getting sources mic'd with multiple mics right in terms of phase before recording, e.g. guitar cabs, but...

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theblue1 30th June 2010
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Hi, I've recently bought T-Racks 3 DeLuxe and absolutely love it! I love the sound, ease of use and the ability to load each...

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Jeezo 30th June 2010
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I'm looking for suggestions for mic pres under $1000, maybe a UA 610 la Help!

Andy W.
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Teddy Ray 30th June 2010
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How come once you get above, say, a Soundcraft Ghost, there are almost no full-featured analog consoles until you hit the AWS900,...

Shiny Beast
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bbgallaway 30th June 2010
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Hey everyone, I know this should probably go under mastering but i'm hoping this will reach as many people as possible! I'm...

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AndyZippy 30th June 2010
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Hi, I'm brand new to this forum even though this place has quite a good reputation around the net. :) I was just wondering if...

Cursed Lemon
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Mark A. Jay 30th June 2010
Avatar for Electric Sugar

Me and my colleagues noticed that on "live" footage from festivals (Glastonbury in particular), elements of the footage...

Electric Sugar
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huub 30th June 2010
Avatar for fastlane

I have started a website with a group of other guys called*Emeraz.com. In a nutshell the website is for: Online Music...

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fastlane 30th June 2010
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So I have a Focusrite ISA 428 4 channel Mic Pre going into the first 4 inputs on my Yamaha 02R, then into PT. For some reason,...

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DigitalVictim 30th June 2010
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Whats the best way to solve phase issues in mixing on overheads? Would lining the L and R overheads up in PT fix this?

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thegnu 30th June 2010
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here it is. I know it's a Speck brand but i don't know what model. If you've used one then, how does it sound? how much are...

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THEMIXFIX 30th June 2010
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Hi, I am looking to get into protools le or m-powered and I just wanted to ask, when dealing with delay compensation , is it...

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SOLOIST101 30th June 2010
Avatar for Amber

I'm looking to have a few contacts (male and female) to sing vocals for tracks I will pitch to artists. I usually have a lyric...

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Amber 30th June 2010
Avatar for unqlenol

Hey all Cubase 5 users! A spot of advice needed: I am on Cubase 4 and sitting on the fence about sticking with Cubase (upgrading)...

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unqlenol 30th June 2010
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Greetings, I'm looking for a hardware reverb unit capable of some massively long decay times for dreampop/ambient/soundscaping...

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leaper 30th June 2010
Avatar for kodaz

Have an opportunity to pick up an Art pro MPA II for quite a good price. My question stems from the fact that I already own one...

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kodaz 30th June 2010
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hi, please can somebody tell me how to correctly hook up the triton extreme to the mpc so that i can play the programs and...

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synthbob 30th June 2010
Avatar for dialectic

When boosting the EQ on the low end (bass, kick drum etc) i tend to use a 'peaking EQ' and then adjust the 'Q' control to obtain...

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steelyfan 30th June 2010
Avatar for nonamesleft

so I just finished recording/mixing/etc this metal band, think Killswitch tone, and we used a Framus Cobra on one side and a...

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private_stock 30th June 2010
Avatar for mjhann

hi, please can somebody tell me the best way to connect a D1600mkII multitracker, a triton extreme and an mpc2500(jjos2xl) i'd...

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mjhann 30th June 2010
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I just read that "you MUST use a secondary hard drive (not your main OS drive) for recording and playback of audio in Pro...

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Hashbrown 30th June 2010
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Hello all, (I hope the mods will not mind that I post this announcement here, because it is not a commercial one) I have...

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Emanuel 30th June 2010
Avatar for Fabi

sorry for this silly question in advance - can't find the answer anywhere is there any opto-unit in a 33609 metal knob?? Many...

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Fabi 30th June 2010
Avatar for Frisbieinstein

Much to my surprise I discovered that the vuvuleza was my first musical instrument. They were sold at the University of Michigan...

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Frisbieinstein 30th June 2010
Avatar for Mr. Bars

Here is latest file from me with C&V home session. Just drum set. Only Superior's EQ at some places, very slight liner phase...

Mr. Bars
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edrummist 30th June 2010
Avatar for Storyville

A client of mine did some work in a top-of-the-line studio recently and mentioned a 20k$ vocal processing unit. I've never heard...

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stevelindsay 30th June 2010
Avatar for uylink

i've heard some bad about m147 seems like there's no yummy flavor in this mic... and i 've heard a lot of sibilance in gemini...

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KRStudio 30th June 2010
Avatar for ronslaton

I'm currently building a small home studio. I built a platform for my drums out of plywood and 2 x 4's. It i about 4 inches off...

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WAVERUNNER 30th June 2010
Avatar for complex

Hi, i would really like to learn how to sight read and i have seen the Ipads version of Etude and i think it exactly what i would...

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complex 30th June 2010
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So financial circumstances recently forced me to sell my Yamaha N12, which I absolutely loved, and I am hating my life right now...

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goldendeathmusic 30th June 2010
Avatar for audiogeek

I want to ease my way into the tube mic market, and the Pelusos seem to get some good attention on GS. For the money, the seem...

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audiogeek 30th June 2010
Avatar for adamaudio

mcdsp? massey? give 'em to me - the best cheap all around package OR individuals that you can buy individually without having...

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Avatar for Bill Moriarty
Bill Moriarty 30th June 2010
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Hey guys, I've been using Waves IR-1 Convolution Reverb in my mastering chain.. Does anyone have any experience with this? ...

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Kenny_Vance 30th June 2010