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I know when I don't have a project I get edgy, bored, and an incurable case of cabin fever- even if I go outside,...

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BobbyL57 30th July 2010
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Hello, So, I just discovered on my Calrec console that the Aux groups with rotary pots sound noticeably better, with tighter...

mr scratchy esq
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mr scratchy esq 30th July 2010
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Hi, I know very little about matching amp's to cab's so I was just wondering; I have a 100w Simms-watt pa head with a 7.5 and 15...

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Drjanitor 30th July 2010
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Does anyone make a PCI or PCIe short form factor (or low form factor) audio card - preferably AES?

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vicenzajay 30th July 2010
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Can anyone recommend a good book to help me get to grips with synthesis. I am a logic pro 9 user and I also use reason. I want a...

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Dean Roddey 30th July 2010
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Help, help help! :facepalm: I have had this wonderful recorder since January 2009. The only trouble is, I can't copy cd's of...

Mad John
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Mad John 30th July 2010
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I'm looking for another couple channels of pre's to compliment my Vintech X73's. I've read so many great things about API's and...

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pan60 30th July 2010
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I've been getting random deafening blasts of white noise followed by Logic crashing losing all unsaved data. I think I may have...

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jamesclarke40 30th July 2010
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Hey kids - When I've been in big studios and overdriven the Neve preamps (I guess it's 1073? the big sidecar with 8...

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pan60 30th July 2010
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Hey, this is my first post on here so I apologise if there is a similar thread elsewhere, but I could not find it! You can...

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pan60 30th July 2010
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So just got a job, £72 something a week so not too shabby considering Uni is ahead of me and it's 12 hours a week. I want to...

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MikeTSH 30th July 2010
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I'll just leave this here, AUDIO_SPLENDOR Discuss.

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theblue1 30th July 2010
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Hey I (as a laymen, mind) have had no problems with the output levels of my Profire2626 for a year now. For a couple of months...

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vic123 30th July 2010
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Can anyone give me their opinion on these mic's, what they can be compared to with more popular mic's/contemporary...

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Turnberry 30th July 2010
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Ive been using Pro Tools for the last couple of years. I really like the layout and its easy to use . I feel like my recordings...

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RedhouseNorton 30th July 2010
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Hi Guyz, I read here that some of you were using the Nice DI as a 2 buss "Niceizer". How can it be compared to a...

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G-d-S 30th July 2010
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does anyone know anything about LSS : LONDON SCHOOL OF SOUND? i'm interested to study there how is it compare to school like...

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uylink 30th July 2010
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I decided to take the plunge and upgrade to PT 8 from 7.4 . I LOVE the new look and all of the new features , but I had quite a...

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djrara 30th July 2010
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Never done this but thought it might be insightful. Just finished a preliminary mix - only listened to it on one set of speakers...

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Unclenny 30th July 2010
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Hello, I'm from Argentina and I'm going to USA next week. Does anyone know where can I buy API, Manley, Pendulum, etc gear in...

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juliapixel 30th July 2010
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Can anyone reccomend a good mixing book? Ya know, chock full of techniques etc. kfhkh

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You_Father_Sky 30th July 2010
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I really hope that somebody can help me out with a problem I am having with my MCI 1" 8 Track. It is fully functional and...

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cjmnash 30th July 2010
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Kind of clicking in the background, it's very quiet, and wouldn't be any issue during a live show, but during recording I'm a...

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nbarts 30th July 2010
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I'm looking to improve my studio with new plug ins: -decent compression -reverb/delay(I can't afford the new Lexicon plug in...

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Beechwood 30th July 2010
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hey im traveling to Miami sometime in september...im trying to get my studio setup and i was wondering where i could demo some...

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rowan_rashard 30th July 2010
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What is this? And this?

Rev. Robb
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Rev. Robb 30th July 2010
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Hello. I have the complete Abbey Roads bundle. I have the SoundToys complete bundle. I also have the Sonalksis Essentials...

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Sk106 30th July 2010
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I was planning on buying a daking mic pre/sm7b combo through sweetwater.com this week untill I came across this offer. A guy is...

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Blazinskillz 30th July 2010
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Hi-ya, I'm mixing this song with a synth bass line, and I like the way the bass sounds in full-range speakers and headphones,...

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api2500 30th July 2010
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Hey you guys with McDsp Compressor Bank3! Is the McValve 3 the thickest-warmest-transformery compressor plug-in for...

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trauha 30th July 2010
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Hi All Newly registered to this forum. First off thanks for all the advice over the last couple of months. In most cases it has...

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Jakes242 30th July 2010
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Hi! ^__^ I'm considering to buy an electronic drumset. However. I wont spend money on the most expensive set there is. My budget...

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Rosvorade 30th July 2010
Avatar for numberforty1

Been going through the list of presets and IR's and everything just sounds metallic and harsh to me...really not digging it. I...

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wavcatcher 30th July 2010
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Just wondering if this is possible...I run a windows 7 x64 laptop with Ableton 8 Suite and an Emu 0404. I record guitar/bass...

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robertshaw 30th July 2010
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I have a Neumann U891 mic and when switched to fig 8 pattern it has both sensitivity and frequency response differences between...

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studer58 30th July 2010
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Oke Folks a little question i have a little 320 euro, that the money if have counted in my budget for some new gear. And now...

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Lennart 30th July 2010
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Hi, I was watching a Chris Lord-Alge "Print To Tape" session on Youtube YouTube - Live at Mix LA #4 Dave Matthews...

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daniel c 30th July 2010
Avatar for Shiny Beast

I've been contracted to record a large-ish show this fall, which includes a string quartet. I'll be renting most of the mics. The...

Shiny Beast
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syntax 30th July 2010
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I seem to prefer the API 512c, because it's so fast, and tight. Am curious as to what mic pre's, other people are using on their...

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NathanEldred 30th July 2010
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I've got an 828mkII with a broken Phones jack that MOTU wants $100 to fix (plus I have to pay to ship it to their warehouse even...

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stanley 30th July 2010
Avatar for Jazzooo

I bought one new, and it felt and played great. But I heard immediately that the low G was sharp. I tried to work around it on a...

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cnatryl 30th July 2010
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pretty whacky. Looks like someone has it out for RN. See email below. we write you today to inform you of changes to...

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larryseyer 30th July 2010
Avatar for TheRealRoach

So here's the scoop: - Primary tracking to DAW (Cubase4). Mid-production we decide to print a two-track stereo mix to 8-track...

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TheRealRoach 30th July 2010
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I dont know any DSP system that allows multichannel audio FX processing and provides realtime midi control over them, unless...

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Shy 30th July 2010
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CLA Video


<object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie"...

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Johnny Paez 30th July 2010
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Hi, This album to me is some of most stunning world music albums of the last years - both musically as well as sound...

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Shaman 29th July 2010
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So I've finally started making some bass traps for my small home studio. It is a one in all studio being the mixing and tracking...

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DaVinci 29th July 2010
Avatar for Dave Reid

Anyone worked on the Tree audio mixing desks ? Any opinions ?? peachh

Dave Reid
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mudrock 29th July 2010
Avatar for anabolique

OK, i dont want to start another "compress classical or not war"... but I want to know what is common practice in...

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jnorman 29th July 2010
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Ok, so here's the thing. I'm 16. I've been recording for 3 or 4 years now but havent really gotten serious about it until around...

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Boschen 29th July 2010