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Just curious, what kind of building are your studios in? Im looking for a place right now and was looking for some new ideas of...

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frans 3rd August 2010
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Hi, I've been having ongoing issues with what I think is electromagnetic 50Hz induction hum in my home studio (I live in...

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alboy 3rd August 2010
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Wanted to share this really nice cover and great recording (@ Air Studios) with you...

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Skiggy 3rd August 2010
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thethrillfactor 3rd August 2010
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I've done a quick search and I can't find what I'm looking for. So, I'd like to buy a stereo pair of headphones with a built...

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Jam 3rd August 2010
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Hey Guys, Im new to the forum as a member but not as a reader but I need some help. I cant get my Fantom to play simultaneously...

c. Barker
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c. Barker 3rd August 2010
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Hi everyone, I just joined gearslutz, the main reason was that I'm looking for cool synth like pedals...I want "not your...

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Dinkymau 3rd August 2010
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Hey, I am starting to look for a new hi-hat mic as I am getting tired of my old hi hat sounds. I do a lot of indie rock &...

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Faderix 3rd August 2010
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First of all; thanks for answering all my newcomer tape questions. I'm using quentegy 456 on my 1/4 Tascam BR-20 and loving...

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vonsac 3rd August 2010
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Hello Everyone, I work for film composer and am in charge of putting together a new Mac Pro system (including audio interface)...

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rcb4t2 3rd August 2010
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Hey all, I'm recording my band's debut album at my house and I noticed that today that some of the rhythm guitars may be out of...

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u b k 3rd August 2010
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Does anybody have any info on the recording of this album? Since discovering it after it's Drag City release last year, it's...

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Eganmedia 3rd August 2010
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Can it be done? I am trying hard to avoid buying & mic'ing up a 3000lb $$$$ Ampeg rig, but am running out of ideas to...

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nonamesleft 3rd August 2010
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I know what the majority will say, just wondering if it's worth the pain of not being able to record into PT's, and losing the...

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mattg082 3rd August 2010
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So I finally have my studio together...The gear, acoustics, the mind set, etc. I open my home-based studio (Right As Rain...

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wist 3rd August 2010
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Hey Fellow SLutz, I just purchased a very nice Yamaha 02r96v2 and am having the hardest time getting it to work with Pro...

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musicmind11 3rd August 2010
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There is a vintage mic capsule on ebay that interests me a lot. Just out of interest, how much would it set me back to make that...

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Strut78 3rd August 2010
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Hey guys! I just got a Rhodes MK-80 in good condition for practicly no money. I'm up to repair some of the small flaws and sell...

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soul. 3rd August 2010
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Hi,is there any guy here who uses both Dyna BM6A and BM6A MkII? Tell me something about their differences,OK? And,if...

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sevansounds 3rd August 2010
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So I was listening to "your hand in mine" by Explosions in the sky and was struck by how incredibly trebly the guitar...

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musichascolors 2nd August 2010
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Just wondering what uses you've found for the SE Reflexion Filter? I've used it on vocals and today I'm going to use it while...

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phas3d 2nd August 2010
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I'm looking for a high-quality MIDI drum trigger, and I'd like to solicit some opinions on the matter. I'm an experienced...

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chroma 2nd August 2010
Avatar for vodka gimli

Just redeemed a free "back-to-school" download sampler from iTunes. First song is by Erin MccCarley, who lives here in...

vodka gimli
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cheu78 2nd August 2010
Avatar for Harry_farfallen

I need to shift one of these and wanted to know if anyone knew anybody interested in buying something like this - or interested...

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rcb4t2 2nd August 2010
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I come from mixing ITB. My workflow utilizes 8 Subgroups, and 4 final stems. I treat all the single tracks with basic eq shaping...

Noise Commander
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Noise Commander 2nd August 2010
Avatar for StarfishMusic

I need a male vocal mic and have about 2K to spend. It will only be used for the one singer and only for vocals. I don't need it...

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audiomidijace 2nd August 2010
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Ive been using iTunes to burn my final mixes to CD and Im wondering if Im losing anything during the process. How do you guys who...

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phas3d 2nd August 2010
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Hi Guys, i managed to pick up an Akai 1710 on ebay last week. It arrived today and it is in excellent condition. everything...

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recall 2nd August 2010
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I ask because it seems to me that you guys prefer Radial DIs. Is it because you don't know Palmer or is it because you prefer the...

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LonDonsen 2nd August 2010
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I'm in a bit of a pinch. I've got over 8 years of PT sessions that I need to move over to REAPER. I heard AATranslator mentioned...

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DeyBwah 2nd August 2010
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Some guy locally has one for sale for pretty cheap... I was wondering if anyone has experience, does it have any limitations? ...

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jlaugh87 2nd August 2010
Avatar for Ron Vogel

I just wanted to share my joy... Sold my AT4050 to buy an SM7B and an MXL V67G...well, for shlub like me that can only have...

Ron Vogel
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Meriphew 2nd August 2010
Avatar for mcmicken

Hi all, having a bit of trouble with my new gear unfortunately. Any chance you could help me out a bit? I downloaded the...

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mcmicken 2nd August 2010
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Hi there I'm thinking of a Derressor for my lunchbox. I'm not looking to use it as a de-esser as such, more for the broadband...

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Dayo 2nd August 2010
Avatar for numberforty1

Anyone use Renaissance Reverb? It doubles any mono track that you put through it, and I don't understand why. Its really...

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numberforty1 2nd August 2010
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I know that I've asked it before. But right now I would like to know specific falsetto songs. Do you know some? Old,new;...

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Macky 2nd August 2010
Avatar for salutem

My MIDI controller work fine in Reason 4, but when I use the thor synth it works fine, but if I put in another synth it shows the...

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phas3d 2nd August 2010
Avatar for 123haby

Hey guys :] Im looking into DAW controller and I came across the BCF2000. It looks great to me but I would just like to use it...

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123haby 2nd August 2010
Avatar for LiveLife

Here is a mix I did for this hardcore band.

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thinspirits77 2nd August 2010
Avatar for api2500

I recently fished out an old Blaupunkt Micronic A-60 to power a set of KEFs as my Alesis RA150 is being moved. But I've...

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api2500 2nd August 2010
Avatar for soke

Hey gearslutz, long time lurking-1st post. Would definitely appreciate some tips here! I'm currently in the market for...

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soke 2nd August 2010
Avatar for beau_mckee

Any thoughts people? I'm thinking of grabbing a great river pre to use with this mic for a bunch of sources, guitars vocals and...

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kcmoonshine 2nd August 2010
Avatar for Lennart

Hello I'm building my own little studio, i have made up a gearlist but i still don't know which mic('s) i should get. The...

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Lennart 2nd August 2010
Avatar for jsbeeth

Word on the street (here, DUC, etc) not too long ago was that NI and PT8 didn't get along too well, so I was wondering if...

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jsbeeth 2nd August 2010
Avatar for Timwaldvogel

I had a tu-2 but for some reason it was too jumpy and inaccurate with my two favorite guitars. Worked fine on acoustic and...

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Timwaldvogel 2nd August 2010
Avatar for James Lugo

LaChapell Audio Anyone know what's up with this guy? I have the 's' version and it is deadly sounding. Maybe it makes you...

James Lugo
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pan60 2nd August 2010
Avatar for wist

I've got an opportunity to buy a Bryston 4B, in really good condition, for a good price. It's the oldest version (i think) and...

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Avatar for wrekdahouse
wrekdahouse 2nd August 2010
Avatar for Mr. Light

I've been looking for a comparable DIY kit for an EQ to compliment a rack of SCAs but haven't come up with anything. I...

Mr. Light
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Avatar for robertshaw
robertshaw 2nd August 2010
Avatar for complex

?? i just found out i have to use a Lunchbox to make 500 series hardware work, lucky i didnt buy any yet!!! so what the cheapest...

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pan60 2nd August 2010
Avatar for 142977

I'm going to buy some percussion to spice up my ITB productions and make them a little more lively. Now, I'm not a...

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Avatar for TheLoud1Please
TheLoud1Please 2nd August 2010