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I'm currently using the apollo 8p and looking to upgrade a couple preamps to something higher end with a vintage vibe. Open to...

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elegentdrum 26th April 2021
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hi guys, I remember the old valley people website. black background, red colored fonts. I was able to download the...

George Necola
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JonTheMixEng 26th April 2021
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Currently buying a house and will have a room dedicated as the studio (rather than bodging one into the spare room of rental...

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Matti 26th April 2021
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Warm has taken a second try at the U87. Different headbasket, transformer, metal housing... various other smaller changes. I...

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monkeyxx 26th April 2021
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hey guys, ive seen a few people in here who owned the eve sc207 so i want to ask if anyone know what this problem is...

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PsyActive 26th April 2021
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hi all, i am using AKG414 mics and a orion synergy core antelope interface, an Imac and Ableton. I have been recording for a year...

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gearstudent 26th April 2021
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This question is kind of about acoustics, but also kind of about gear and production, so I'm not sure which section to put it...

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replaceablehead 26th April 2021
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looking for micro monitors similar to IK iLoud micro. but under $300. to be used just for composing and producing. are there...

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DogCake 26th April 2021
Avatar for The Exorcist

I do run Cubase 10 Pro with UR824, but wish to have a nearby monitor controller. To have the outputs via UR28M on the desk would...

The Exorcist
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Nick1991 26th April 2021
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If so, please let me know. It would be really great if i didn't have to ship it to Texas. Plus, getting in touch with them is...

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captainmarko 26th April 2021
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Hi, I just bought a pair of Adam A7Xs and they sound great except I keep noticing this slight distortion on certain tracks that...

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MediaGary 26th April 2021
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Hi all, Excited to have joined gearspace! I just moved into a small studio space for production and invested in an Apollo...

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Sharp11 26th April 2021
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2nd attempt. Not sure why the first isn't showing. Doing some studio rack maintenance and had a question that I'd love some...

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manfromnapa 26th April 2021
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hi there! pls help me to connect my gear to DAW i have Elektron analog keys, elektron digitakt and behringer td 03 my audio...

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ritual88 26th April 2021
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I've got a handful of outboard that sees constant use. Preamps aside, it includes an LA2A, 2 x 1176s, an API5500, and couple of...

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standup 25th April 2021
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joeq 25th April 2021
Avatar for Shannon Adkins

Yesterday was my birthday, and my wife surprised me with an expensive mic, but it's one I would have never even looked twice at -...

Shannon Adkins
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Jeroko 25th April 2021
Avatar for AdrianW

My question is regarding the differences in the outputs on the 1402vlz4 mixer, aux, control room and mains. I connect the mixer...

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Wayne 25th April 2021
Avatar for FiggyPudding18

Hi all, I have an Apollo twin duo x interface with two xlr/instrument inputs. I also have a Roland Jazz chorus jc-22 amp that I...

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Brent Hahn 25th April 2021
Avatar for weave

I like the sound, but hate the form factor. And hit return and it posted before I got to ask the question. I bought the...

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weave 25th April 2021
Avatar for unseen hand

Hey folks... Been making some upgrades to my setup recently and appreciate all the advice so far.. I have a question regarding...

unseen hand
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unseen hand 25th April 2021
Avatar for fuzzface777

I just until today, I have recording my strat though a shure beta 57. THe results were hit and miss, often trying to reset my...

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kennybro 25th April 2021
Avatar for krftwrk70

This is a question of curiosity. I run my NS-10M Studio's with a Yamaha P4500 power amp (450w per channel), and they sound...

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Jim Williams 25th April 2021
Avatar for Somafunk

Hi, new forum member looking for advice/criticism on my shortlist of monitors for my treated room, pics below to give you an idea...

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Avatar for Somafunk
Somafunk 25th April 2021
Avatar for phatmaddness919

I just recently upgraded from some white JBL 305P MKII to a white pair of Neumann KH 80's which I haven't dragged outta the box...

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pw2005 25th April 2021
Avatar for xbr

This is what we'll be discussing: the face-off between these two models of shock mount and pop filter by RØDE. The reason?...

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xbr 25th April 2021
Avatar for mnchrme

Hey, as the title says. Does anyone have any experience with these two units? Which one is better? I like the feature...

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Space1999 25th April 2021
Avatar for substance

Hi Sluts I am currently having hard time to make my mind between those 2 monitors. I have both in my studio at the moment The...

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cyjanopan 25th April 2021
Avatar for RandomDan

Hi, I have been bequeathed a beautiful Korg SDD-2000 it's all working apart from one thing, it's stuck in bypass mode, I've...

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RandomDan 25th April 2021
Avatar for Boris_partys

Hey there, I'm just curious whether access is proceeding its company in a way or whether support is provided for their...

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Boris_partys 25th April 2021
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I have yet to see any studio monitors looking this good. I am curious how they sound. ...

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Avatar for Ruairi
Ruairi 25th April 2021
Avatar for soundesigner

Hello! I have acquired recently used DDA Interface 8 channel mixing console. It is rack mount model. However, I am wondering...

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soundesigner 25th April 2021
Avatar for konkon

Has anyone had experience of these to compare? Or if not (I know the 7721 is quite new and there are no threads on it yet),...

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Avatar for gsilbers
gsilbers 25th April 2021
Avatar for rocksoff1039

Was wondering if it would work using my pre-amp as a headphone amp, thus looping back to it a second time in my chain? My chain...

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vernier 24th April 2021
Avatar for Erwin78

I have a hybrid live setup and would like an analog compressor on the master output. I've read some posts but didn't found a...

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Erwin78 24th April 2021
Avatar for Flymax

Well here goes-- M149 - Rich and full- great drum room mic and for big male vx Vintech 473 - sounds killer..BTW the DI's are...

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Avatar for kennybro
kennybro 24th April 2021
Avatar for xmission

I picked up two decks, an amp module, autolocator, and a couple dbx modules pretty cheap, but they need work. Last weekend I got...

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Avatar for xmission
xmission 24th April 2021
Avatar for barrysasmazoglou

Dear friends and music geeks, I am sorry if this question sounds ignorant or uneducated. I am using a Studio Projects B1 at the...

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Avatar for chessparov2.0
chessparov2.0 24th April 2021
Avatar for TheKingslayer

Recently used one and found it captured too much top end, had it side by side with a Rode K2 and the k2 won by miles... What's...

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Avatar for Shannon Adkins
Shannon Adkins 24th April 2021
Avatar for paul3035

Hi all Does anyone have a manual or setup sheet for a Soundex PPM 285 card? I'm restoring an old mixer and need to liine up the...

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Avatar for paul3035
paul3035 24th April 2021
Avatar for Funkstar De Luxe

Hi all, I've been running a 424 PCIe and 3x 24IOs for some years with no problems. However, I've just ordered some Genelec...

Funkstar De Luxe
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Avatar for Cpl. Punishment
Cpl. Punishment 24th April 2021
Avatar for saltyj

What do you think the better move is? This would be mainly used for tracking electric guitar and some synths. This would be for...

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Avatar for saltyj
saltyj 24th April 2021
Avatar for ricola

Hello folks, I hope someone can help me!! I regulary use my Zoom F8 for Live Recording and I'm very happy with that. 8 XLR...

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Avatar for Lucas_G
Lucas_G 24th April 2021
Avatar for andwutt

hi, i was wondering if it was alright to run my sp404 into my interfaces HI Z input via headphone jack? do i risk damaging the...

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Avatar for andwutt
andwutt 24th April 2021
Avatar for Grooverider

Hi all, I own a couple of legacy Hill Audio products (Multimix, Datum, LC1200) and found it quite hard to find documents such...

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Avatar for rafeyq
rafeyq 24th April 2021
Avatar for jaffa

Can anyone help identifying these tubes? There are 2 of them and they have USA with red writing on the body, both 12at7 but not...

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Avatar for Statherian
Statherian 24th April 2021
Avatar for Infa

Haha, great title right ? Anyway, seriously - you know on them synths that have that metal piece in the keys as a spring ?...

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Avatar for Infa
Infa 24th April 2021
Avatar for Frankie.T

Do different audiocard (connected with usb) will offer lower latency or this isn't dependent on audiocards? If it depend on...

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Avatar for mikeraz
mikeraz 24th April 2021
Avatar for bluesmonk

Hi all, Considering an OP-1 purchase as a tool to inspire new types of compositions. Though the typical music I hear coming...

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Avatar for bluesmonk
bluesmonk 24th April 2021
Avatar for alanrigbeey

I've just bought a new UA Apollo 16 and was wondering which cables would be best to use with it. I'll need some DB25 cables...

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Avatar for andyfreeman
andyfreeman 24th April 2021