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Hi, What of these units is best for getting a good reverb and delay? Fireworx is the cheapest. If you can do the reverb and...

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sempervirent 12th August 2010
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After much research and discussion on this site, my Sweetwater Engineer, and others, this is what I've decided on for a primarily...

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phas3d 11th August 2010
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Hey Guys- I am contemplating building a speaker cabinet to go with my Music Man 75 watt bass amp. This amp/speaker combo would...

Mr. PC
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Mr. PC 11th August 2010
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hello everyone, i look for a suitable and affordable clock in order to improve significantly the DA quality of the unit. what...

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Leonardo_007 11th August 2010
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I'm looking for a mixer that will provide me with: -3-4 or less XLR inputs. -rackmountable -onboard panning and eq I havent...

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metalfan8806 11th August 2010
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Anyone notice a difference between 8 and 7.4? Couldn't hear much myself.

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who? 11th August 2010
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Have a last minute location recording next week in Austin, TX. Need 32input PTHD rig on a Mac. Anyone know any reputable and...

G Davis
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dillweed 11th August 2010
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Josephson c42s Josephson C42 condenser microphone pair NO RESERVE!!!!! - eBay (item 250681297691 end time Aug-16-10 13:03:02...

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marcelgraf 11th August 2010
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How many of you dedicate all of your time and energy into chasing the placement/single? Dealing with all the flaky writers,...

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M2E 11th August 2010
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I have a chance to pick up one of these fairly cheap, Im looking to get more hands control over my mixes, i have a fireface 800...

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iflyinmymind 11th August 2010
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Hello, I'm a keyboardist in a live band, and I recently started playing live gigs, using VST Instruments using my laptop +...

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soundasleep 11th August 2010
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I'm producing some high detailed tracks. I'm looking for a VST Plug-in to cut that digital bite. Or any tips to warm up the...

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who? 11th August 2010
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Okay, so this is a new thread stemming from another... Hoping Mike Caffrey and others will chime in... Can you explain ideas...

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RKrizman 11th August 2010
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Just a quick question... Is the DSUB connector (db25) on the back of the Hearback hub have pins sticking out or is it...

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dbjp 11th August 2010
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I found a pair locally for $40. Sounds like a good deal if they're anything close to a pair of NS-10s. Are they worth picking up?

Dylan W
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JQ127 11th August 2010
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Anyone know where I can get one?

Bump Music
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guitarsandsynths 11th August 2010
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Initially, I was planning on doing all my controlling via software Automation. But lately I found I miss using actual...

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135323 11th August 2010
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Hey guys, Anyone have any advice on the technique. As of now I'm using the 100% velocity on the kick the whole way through. 100%...

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Synonym Music 11th August 2010
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Can someone help me identify what brand these transformers are? I had my CL 7602 modded a few years back by a great tech here in...

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PointReyes7 11th August 2010
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As the title says. Anybody got a Soundtracs Jade manual? Thanks Mike

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therealbigd 11th August 2010
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Just wondering if anyone running a commercial studio, with paying clients, is using Linux for their DAW or in some other capacity...

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loopy 11th August 2010
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Just recently acquired my first E-mu Sp1200, and looking to purchase a mixer to use along with it .. for samples / dumping to...

captain walker
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captain walker 11th August 2010
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This is the deal, I am the best man for my friends wedding and for his wedding there is going to be quite a lot of live music,...

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crufty 11th August 2010
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So I ordered a big monitor bundle which comes with KRK RP5s, 10S sub, SM6000 stands for the RP5's and a pair of auralex isolation...

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Capzs 11th August 2010
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I have a budget of $3000

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Jasonrichmond 11th August 2010
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I record synths and drum machines almost exclusively, and I'm trying to feel out different approaches for getting good...

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phas3d 11th August 2010
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I bought a whole set of KT77's from Eurotubes and put them in my Triple rectifier. I was talking to an amp tech the other day and...

Iggy Poop
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drbob1 11th August 2010
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Does anyone know any online session indian players? particular drummers?

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bigbongo 11th August 2010
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Revised: Do NOT post EQ settings please! I apologize the title is a little confusing, maybe it should be titled "EQ with...

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doorknocker 11th August 2010
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Hello all, I would like to sync: 01 RME Fireface 800 01 Lucid ADA8824 01 Frontier Design Tango24 All have worldclock inputs...

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Subversounds 11th August 2010
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Ok, this should be easy, but I was unable to find an answer when searching. Here we go: Wich 2ch ad/da converter keeps the...

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streetvibes 11th August 2010
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hey, i searched around for this question... but couldn't find an answer. please point me to a thread if one is open (how could...

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rcb4t2 11th August 2010
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Hey guys, I feel a bit silly for asking this, but I haven't been able to find anything concrete on the subject. Anyway, I'm...

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rcb4t2 11th August 2010
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I am looking for a soft vocal microphone. I am currently recording with a sm 57 (transformerless, very hard) with sebatron vmp...

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chrisdee 11th August 2010
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I was seing emu e64 for round 430 $ with 4 gig hd, and full specs ram and cdrom, digital out etc. In today world of soft...

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rokuez 11th August 2010
Avatar for phas3d

wondering if anyone had the chance to try the AT4080 and the AT4081. Are they any good?

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api2500 11th August 2010
Avatar for ironbelly

Hi, I posted this on the mastering forum, but no one replied.. Has anyone tried sending their tracks to Abbey Road and having...

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WunderBro Flo 11th August 2010
Avatar for guitarsandsynths

Hello all! I just won A Pico II prototype. I asked the seller and was told it was built by Foote and it's a transformerless...

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guitarsandsynths 11th August 2010
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Any hardware unit that actually has all the abundant ~settings & sound > that a Lexicon LXp 5 offers ?? We mainly have...

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cjogo 11th August 2010
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Hello I'm going to buy a high end microphone for my voice I already have K2 and 414xls. K2 was a little harsh for my voice(2-5...

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uncle duncan 11th August 2010
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I was doing stuff at a pretty high level today and the tweeters of both of my MR5s popped and started smoking. Upon inspection...

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scottyjneilson 11th August 2010
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Ok, so im sure this is not a typical question asked on these forums but if anyone could help i would appreciate it. Today i was...

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bitflipper 11th August 2010
Avatar for husky band

Getting a straight over at the digi forum is a bit tough for me so I'll ask over here. I have a Mbox 2 pro (firewire) that I use...

husky band
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husky band 11th August 2010
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I'm looking for a diagram like...

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Lrmusic 11th August 2010
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azone 11th August 2010
Avatar for takman

WOOT! Novation 49SL MKII Midi Keyboard http://www.inta-audio.com/images/novmk249.jpg Audio Technica...

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adathead 53 11th August 2010
Avatar for Deltones

When did quad-tracking guitars became pretty much the norm in heavy music production? My favorite era as far as metal goes is...

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robertshaw 11th August 2010
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looking at getting one of these for my home studio i have 2 mc mixes, 1 mc control v2, 1 mc transport. a yamaha n12 and a...

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trock 10th August 2010
Avatar for henge

So how would either of these 2 units be for a monitor controller. Different beasts but I'm more interested in transparancy...

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don4777 10th August 2010
Avatar for against88

been skimming through berlin threads trying to do my research. but i figured i'd start another. i'll be in berlin staying at a...

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against88 10th August 2010