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I have several 16 track tapes that were recorded in the late 80's that were originally done on a Fostex 16 track recorder. I've...

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777Artin 12th August 2010
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Looking for one to connect my StealthPedal to PC. I'm getting ridiculous electrical interference. Any recommendations for the...

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DeyBwah 12th August 2010
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I have a tone of 1/2" masters and multitrack tapes from throughout my so- called career and I'd like to store them in the...

brill bedroom
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brill bedroom 12th August 2010
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As the subject goes. So if a client fails to pay for my mixes but releases the work commercially, would I, hypothethically,...

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studiostuff 12th August 2010
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I'm looking for a specific device, and I'm not sure if it exists. If anyone knows of one, either the name of a specific product,...

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MarvinDog 12th August 2010
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My 2 MOTU 2408 MK3's have been at Black Lion Audio since last Wednesday (8/4), I had an appointment date of Aug 6th. Everything...

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gongbass 12th August 2010
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For those who use it - On the two monitor mixes - is each mix any combination of input and output? I would like to create a...

Unknown soldier
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Unknown soldier 12th August 2010
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I'm trying 88.2 sample rate out for myself and seeing if I like the results after doing a couple projects and I've hit a snag. ...

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Shy 12th August 2010
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This place is amazing! I keep meeting incredible musicians from all over the world and even musicians from New York. Ever since I...

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newyorkbrass 12th August 2010
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I know there have been threads about the compression units, but I have never seen this. I was perusing a classified, and saw...

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dbbubba 12th August 2010
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Anyone every heard of what they are like or experienced them? 8 week online course. Regards Dave

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rubberdave 12th August 2010
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<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie"...

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themaidsroom 12th August 2010
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How do you keep your 2-year old kid from pressing any of buttons on your console or from unplugging all the fader caps,...

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dustyreels 12th August 2010
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Have a listen to this singer please. I don't have access to any mics here, but we want to rent and maybe down the road buy in the...

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brockorama 12th August 2010
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Hi I just bought a matched pair of M-audio pulsar II SDCs. Happens that one of the mics has a consistent hum whenever plugged,...

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WH1 12th August 2010
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Hi, Really love the distressor but it is expensive to buy the matched pair. Is it a good to buy one distressor (and afterwards...

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datafeist 12th August 2010
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I'm not sure how to phrase this but; All these new plugins that everybody has suddenly got - I'm REALLY tempted to get involved...

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Mike Brown 12th August 2010
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arrived friday. upgraded from my focusrite saffire Was sitting listening to some itunes tracks through it and got lost in them....

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edva 12th August 2010
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what is the Maximum Lenght(Time) of an Audio File that you can import into Pro tools HD?

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AMIEL 12th August 2010
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this is yet another basic recording hardware question by me.. i did see lots of topics that touched on items similar to this...

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lucidphreak 12th August 2010
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Hey guys, I was listening to a pretty famous album mixed by, oh boy Mr Wallace, and while listening to it in mono I noticed...

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Retinal 12th August 2010
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I just purchased Ableton live and I am looking to purchase a hardware controller for it. Maschine has been on my want list for...

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bryan942 12th August 2010
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Anyone know how to extract surround sound mixes from a DVD (or DVD-A) into a program like cubase to hear the 4 or 5 or 5.1 or...

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Deaf 12th August 2010
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I want to get an electric guitar that is easy to learn on. I found these 2 sites and was wondering if anyone could make a...

Lazer Toms
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Musiclab 12th August 2010
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<object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie"...

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Marlowe 12th August 2010
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esaias 12th August 2010
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Michael Brauer, speaking about bass says, How many channels are coming up in front of MB on his SSL? Bass Amp Unaffected, DI...

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MHB850 12th August 2010
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Hi guys, I'm looking to buy an AKG C 414 EB, but it has no brass ring-Teflon. Can anyone describe to me how the lack of the ring...

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matucha 12th August 2010
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Hi all, I am currently using a Yamaha/Steiny Mr816x and love it dearly. I have decent monitoring and a well treated room and...

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GotGear? 12th August 2010
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Hi Slutz howdy So here is the thing... I know about the couple of EQ's that have flaws, I know some comps sound stellar and...

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Big_Bang 12th August 2010
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Hi Guys, I was just thinking today about records that have been put out with audible mistakes, I don't mean duff notes from...

Deleted User
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marcus 12th August 2010
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Can Anyone guess the Synth(s) used on this track? Some of it reminds me of Rob Papen's sounds. 5.20 - In Particular I would...

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dotl 12th August 2010
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Hi all I use an RME Fireface 800 and I like it a lot for the TotalMix software and solid drivers - a very well behaved piece of...

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EddieTheRed 12th August 2010
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Hi, my first post, so excuse any newb faux-pas :) In a nutshell, I'd like some help from you seasoned pros out there regarding...

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Megageoff 12th August 2010
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I am thinking of buying the following to start recording demos for bands. I have a reasonably sized garage and a budget of about...

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therealbigd 12th August 2010
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So I'm looking at buying a Yamaha 01v96 and trying to make sense of all the cards and digital I/O it can have. I've got a Mac...

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Deleted d78e603 12th August 2010
Avatar for LiveLife

I'm going to be working with this band who wants to do a hard rock tune and another song that is just acoustic. When tracking...

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Quadrophonic73 12th August 2010
Avatar for Real Talk Ent.

Ok so im thinking of getting a used PCI hd core card and a Digital 192 so i can run a UNL-8 Into it via ADAT. my question is can...

Real Talk Ent.
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Real Talk Ent. 12th August 2010
Avatar for Real Talk Ent.

What is the difference between the regular and the Flexi version's? if i get just a regular UAD 2 Solo and use the stock plug...

Real Talk Ent.
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RiF 12th August 2010
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Hi guys, can anybody post a disassembly guide for Yamaha P80, i want to restore the paint of my unit(got one used)...thanks! :)

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j3yps 12th August 2010
Avatar for hauk

Anyone care to make a guess as to what piece of gear the drummer in this video is using to sample himself live? It's off to his...

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hauk 12th August 2010
Avatar for kingpin478

ok everyone ive been recording and mixing for about a year. my equipment is a m-audio fast track pro interface,cubase 5 and a...

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Unrealworld82 12th August 2010
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Excuse me. I deleted my posting. I didn't want to bother you. I speak english once in a year, as I'm living in continental...

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syntax 12th August 2010
Avatar for api2500

There is already a thread up about the differences between the C414s, a great link to the C12 page and sonic comparisons of the...

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api2500 12th August 2010
Avatar for Ringwraith

The CLA comp pack is at a great price right now for the month of Aug. I've been itching to buy it based on all the raves but do I...

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Avatar for adpz
adpz 12th August 2010
Avatar for Unknown soldier

I'm trying to decide on a lightpipe interface - I don't need bells and whistles, just ADAT connections to the computer, with the...

Unknown soldier
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robertshaw 12th August 2010
Avatar for achabloop5080

Hi guys, I'm in the market for the best quality natural sounding eqs, compressors and limiters..... I'm on a Mac using Logic...

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phas3d 12th August 2010
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Okay I have read so many posts about this thing here and elsewhere and I still cant find a definitive answer. I would like to...

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jcue23 12th August 2010
Avatar for RobAnderson

Howdy Sytek owners. I bought mine a number of years ago without the Burr Brown op amps on 3&4, and I have been happy with...

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The dman 12th August 2010
Avatar for Victory Pete

Does anyone remember these? 1959 R.C.A . Audio Tape Cartridge Infomercial Video by Davy - MySpace Video And YouTube -...

Victory Pete
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cyrano 12th August 2010