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I thought I was helping by buying several of their products, but fat lady looks like she is singing: Legal Notice Ads |...

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Deleted 0dfcc1b0acdbc16 13th August 2010
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Apparently, Universal Audio has a deal, if you buy a LA610 mkII channel strip and get a free UAD-2 Duo. Anyone considering...

Deleted 86c3d96
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dez81 13th August 2010
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Hei! I use Cubase5 with an Lynx Aurora16 Interface. Now i was thinking to get an PT Mbox so that i can edit drums in PT with...

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NateThruman 13th August 2010
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I'm trying the Softibe FET compressor this week and I've got a dumb question: Using the detector controls would it be possibe to...

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Tesseract 13th August 2010
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Is it possible to use link output on one channel into another channel's input? Thanks

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MarvinDog 13th August 2010
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Hi, I recently got a job that requires me to work a few overnight shifts. I am looking to buy a laptop so I can take my music...

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entropy 13th August 2010
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I am looking to sell my custom built desktop PC. Specs: AMD Athalon XP 2600+ 2.09 GHz 1.25GB RAM 80GB HDD 17" LCD...

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ldn2 13th August 2010
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I'm thinking just a little two channel with pre bypass so i can run one or two external pre's into the d.a.w. without pre'ing a...

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sameal 13th August 2010
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I use pitch on my HD system in the studio for this H3000 harmonizer effect and I need something on my LE rig at home to replace...

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pulse_divider 13th August 2010
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anyone selling one or kno any similar products cant find one anywhere but amamzon and they want 1500 used lmao id was only a few...

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mrc 13th August 2010
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I need some advice since I didn't try that much. I'll soon make the change to tape for my recording studio. Probably a 16 track....

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Darth Preamp 13th August 2010
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Hey guys, I have a freezing problem in the studio. Basically I have a Jp 8080 connected directly to my M-Audio Fast Track sound...

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phas3d 13th August 2010
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I have a MOTU Timepiece AV and a Digi 002 Rack. I wanted to sink up the MOTU to the digi 002 but the MOTU only has a wordclock...

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synthoid 13th August 2010
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Sooo... A particular person at a particular institution confirmed to I that he had spoken to a digidesign employee and something...

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sardi 13th August 2010
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paulneedles 13th August 2010
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hi there, watched the governor of california in total recall last night, and was blown away by the vocal processing on the chief...

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WhiteSheets 13th August 2010
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So what about that? Gearjunkies have this story: Gearjunkies.com - Comprehensive resource for music production and DJ...

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breit72 13th August 2010
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hi, I saw arturia has a new collection out called the v-collection. There is no analog factory included in this package. I ask...

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datafeist 13th August 2010
Avatar for living sounds

I know some might disagree, but I love the sonics of the album, especially side two/second half, the acoustic part. That...

living sounds
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vernier 13th August 2010
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I just picked up an AT 2050 for an amazing 129.99 at guitar center (using a price match found online, they were real upset they...

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NeedsMoreFuzz 13th August 2010
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if you record an acoustic guitar in a crap room with one mic you get more of the crap room than you do if you record with two...

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loaf 13th August 2010
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My focus here is mainly mic placement and choice of mics... I began guitar tracking today for my own self produced metalcore...

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Scott Whigham 13th August 2010
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ReubenTobias 13th August 2010
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jimcroisdale 13th August 2010
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tips on how to get close to this sound? that fat kick, guitars are almost clean but yet so raunchy.. bass, it's probably the...

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sick.vulturez 13th August 2010
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Hey fellas just was wondering if any of u guys have had the chance to see this software in action, was curious to see if it was...

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audioman 13th August 2010
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Yeah? You know what I mean? I have a Fender. I like the way it sounds. What harmonizes well, you know? What gives good hum?

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travisbrown 13th August 2010
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I picked this up pretty cheap, just looking for some more adat ins/outs for integrating hardware signal processing into my DAW...

James Krumhansl
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wavcatcher 13th August 2010
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I'm looking around for a low wattage, rack, tube power amp to complement my Axefx and tube preamps for recording. Can anyone...

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Whoopysnorp 13th August 2010
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Hey folks, I'm looking to purchased my first compressor for my home setup, mainly doing vocals , bass and acoustic guitar. ...

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Caj 13th August 2010
Avatar for AudioWonderland

Cutting guitar tracks for a new tune the band is working on. Main part - Yamaha AS220 through Deluxe reverb. SM57, Apex 205...

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AudioWonderland 13th August 2010
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i read all the tips but it was kinda confusing for me....i dont use side chain vst connections or busses frankly because i dont...

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mikethedrummer 13th August 2010
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Versatile 2-Channel Pre Hi there, I am looking to spend around $1000 on a 2-channel pre and was wondering what you all would...

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AviEinZur 13th August 2010
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kingpin478 13th August 2010
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Hey anyone have the individual tracks for Linkin Park Catalyst?

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Adlen 13th August 2010
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So I play in a rock band as I'm sure many of you too... play guitar, keys, write songs, lyrics, the usual, your average Joe, I...

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Synonym Music 13th August 2010
Avatar for Tryp

Hi there, I've noticed a 'pop' when I power down my ESI nEar 05's, in which I believe is the right sequence, monitors first. I...

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Tryp 13th August 2010
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For any of you people who are looking to become solo artists or singers, I would highly suggest watching a few YouTube videos on...

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RARStudios 13th August 2010
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I'm looking at getting a Digi 192 shipped from the States, to use in the UK... does anyone foresee any problems with that?...

David Watts
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David Watts 13th August 2010
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Hi all I want to be able to take a stereo mix (line level, balanced, +4) and sum it to mono balanced. (Two Balanced XLR...

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Fantomaz 13th August 2010
Avatar for imaginaryday

Light Peak is the code-name for a new high-speed optical cable technology designed to connect your electronic devices to each...

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Shy 12th August 2010
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I stumbled on this while looking for the layout of a DDA console. At first I thought it was a used gear broker. Maybe there is...

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quantumpsych 12th August 2010
Avatar for Clonkified

Hello, Was wondering if anybody knew of any good production / arrangement tutorials for more organic pop music (instead of...

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soundrick 12th August 2010
Avatar for TheKidCoke

I searched the forums but i couldn't find the answear to my question. basically I just purchased a M audio firewire solo...

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TheKidCoke 12th August 2010
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Hi Guys we got a DDX3216 Behringer digital mixers . I want to use a Imac 27" with DP5 and the Motu Traveler . is it...

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Teddy Ray 12th August 2010
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which audio interface has the best converters for under $1000? Gonna buy a new soundcard soon need to kno which would be my...

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rhizomeman 12th August 2010
Avatar for tampa

Hey guys bought a ISA430 last night in mint shape, like I could really afford I might add. I have a quick question, on account of...

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tampa 12th August 2010
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I'm playing and recording kick drum for some songs (though I'm not a drummer), and I no longer have a pedal (last one was...

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CompEq 12th August 2010
Avatar for DeyBwah

Next on my purchase list... APC Battery Backup Surge Protector Power Balancer Questions: Anything I'm missing besides a...

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DeyBwah 12th August 2010
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NEXT WEEK---you will want to pay attention! - Avid Audio Forums User seems legit, but I was hoping for something for us LE...

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magus888 12th August 2010