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Narrowed my delve into the world of Brauner Mics to either of these 2 microphones. Any opinions on which may be better suited for...

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mondegreen 26th August 2010
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I've been recording my own music again and trying to take vocals seriously once and for all. I'm starting vocal lessons this...

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junebughunter 26th August 2010
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Newbie questions: I am planning on getting a Tascam 1641 to start my recording education in the next few weeks. For bass is it...

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guitarwolle 26th August 2010
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Hello - for some reason when I send out of my Aurora 16 a stereo track to 2 distressors linked in stereo, what I get back is an...

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tazman 26th August 2010
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*** NEW DATE ADDED!!! - September 27th through October 3rd, 2010 with Special Guest Bernie Grundman!...

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ramseesmechan 26th August 2010
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I`m having a hard time figuring out how to make assignments. I read the manual, I can make the click+twist knob/hit pad to...

Johnny Favorite
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twotonbrick 26th August 2010
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Hey , Okay so I've been hearing so much about the fractal audio axe fx and how its amazing. Every major artist that uses it...

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RiF 26th August 2010
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I've recently got hold of some tannoy little red monitors, 10" - a relative had them as part of his hi fi - anyone got any...

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rocksure 26th August 2010
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Sound suprised me..very...please tell me what you think.. Neuman sm69 fet-old no name line amp (i have 6 of them) - distressor...

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frans 26th August 2010
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Lets think about the other side of this marriage.....how about.... 1> a studio interested in and with people able to teach...

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Roland 26th August 2010
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Can we discuss backing up sessions professionally? I noticed that many engineers/producers back up sessions very differently. ...

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adam miller 26th August 2010
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First off, I know what I'm asking is ridiculous and that I'm not going to find a good pair of monitors. Being 14 I have no money...

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folb695 26th August 2010
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Hey James, Just watched a rehearsal video you posted for the Hollywood Inmates. Loved the black Stratocaster you were playing....

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musicispower 26th August 2010
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Everyone always says, "high pass your heavy guitars at 150hz (or whatever freq.)", but I'm analyzing Metallica's...

Tone Monster
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mellotronic 26th August 2010
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Right now, my AT4060 is going straight into MOTU828... far from ideal... I may not be able financially to do a good preamp and...

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DaVinci 26th August 2010
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Anyone liking their x73i's eq section on the master buss? is that possible with the x73i ? Line switch on board? don't know this...

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NathanEldred 26th August 2010
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Hey guys, So, I've got a Digi 002 that I mix with now, but I bought it to learn pro tools for an internship and don't really...

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kcon 26th August 2010
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Guys this is very urgent because I was called to do some editing in a studio tomorrow and i dont remember and i cant find in the...

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makasi 26th August 2010
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Top 5 Questions About The New Avid Pro Tools HD Gear | MixBlog Very interesting.

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dream 26th August 2010
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Hello, I have a Hammond XK-1 Organ that I want to use as a MIDI controller for my Soft Synths in Logic Pro 9 and Komplete 7....

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JJPJ1983 26th August 2010
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Hello :synth:, how do "they" improve the quality of recording from vinyl? Mostly I hear bad highs. It isn good to...

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BOWIE 26th August 2010
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Can you guys recommend me a great sounding, well recorded and mixed classical tenor album ? One that would be good to use as a...

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Teddy Ray 26th August 2010
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hi guys. i decided to buy an analog summing box. I was oriented on Dangerous Music 2Bus LT, but some old ass engineers told me to...

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czarthp 26th August 2010
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How do you choose the right mic pre and compressor settings for your own voice if you're also the engineer? I ask because I...

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HudHudson 26th August 2010
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Hey guy's how many square feet would I need a booth for that is still small but not to small to mic up a standard drumset. I was...

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HealyEnt. 26th August 2010
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Hey fellow Gearslutz I have narrowed down my search 4 a compressor 2 Slate Audio's Dragon, Retro 176 & the Retro Sta-Level....

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Smokey510 26th August 2010
Avatar for once a roadie

where is the sweet spot on the midas venice line input? Converters tuned so -18dbfs = 0 dbu

once a roadie
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drBill 26th August 2010
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Does anyone have any preferences for one over the other? The Radial has a few more features, but its also slightly more...

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NathanEldred 26th August 2010
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The industry lost one of it's true geniuses yesterday. Keith co-founded MXR and Alesis, and is the engineering mind behind...

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Bryce 26th August 2010
Avatar for imaginaryday

hi all, i am in search of a program that can analyze a song and generate a midi tempo track with all the tempo...

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cianthreetimes 26th August 2010
Avatar for kinganalog

I was wondering if anyone has gotten quick time or any other wave/mp3 player to output audio through the madi Xtreme 64 card...

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kinganalog 26th August 2010
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Hi, I am a new member. I run a small studio out of my basement doing both my own and paid projects for bands (rock, folk, indie,...

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teleharmonium 25th August 2010
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This may have been seen here before. In case it has not, take a look at these pictures. Quite amazing.... Record grooves under...

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theblue1 25th August 2010
Avatar for 8bitme

Hi, this is pretty basic stuff but I'm just making sure so that I won't be suprised when I set things up. Of course I love knobs...

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8bitme 25th August 2010
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Which fathead should I get for room mic? I have a large live room for tracking drums. Should I get the Fathead or the Fathead...

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Jeff16years 25th August 2010
Avatar for echorec

Hi GS, I just compared some files played back in PTHD with the standard 192 interfaces with the same files played back in Logic...

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drBill 25th August 2010
Avatar for dB Mas

I have a Mac Pro early 2008 w/ a single 2.8 Ghz Quad core, 6GB memory, 320 & 500 HDrive. I was selling it on Craigslist for...

dB Mas
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jasonwagner 25th August 2010
Avatar for Leonardo_007

recently i bought a tascam msr16 and am interested if it would be preferable to tracking direct into cubase via a/d. thanks!

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theblue1 25th August 2010
Avatar for geminijatt

Hi, So I'm in the market for a new set of monitors and really geared towards the KRK Rokit series. My current system is a 2.1...

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mikethedrummer 25th August 2010
Avatar for g22

I'm looking into buying one of these and recording guitars and keyboards directly into the inputs, but I was reading the manual...

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g22 25th August 2010
Avatar for Musician

I know of AKG, K&M .. the cheaper ones, the SE Electronics Pop Shield, Avantone proshield as midpriced ones, the Steadman,...

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jw-CharterOak 25th August 2010
Avatar for kosmos

So I won the bid on a Fireface 800 on Ebay for $1000. Then, an hour later I got a 2nd chance offer on an Ensemble I had bid on...

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emptyman 25th August 2010
Avatar for Football

Two friends told me it would be absolutely hotter than hell itself (working in summertime) to build a studio in an attic. Has...

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Grady 25th August 2010
Avatar for Drumslut

I have a pair of KM84's that I'm borrowing from a friend, and I'm thinking about buying them. Now, they pass sound fine, and seem...

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Osumosan 25th August 2010
Avatar for Beiteltjie

I recently bought a valve mic and have been very happy with the results. BUT: recently I have been getting noise from the mic. I...

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studiostuff 25th August 2010
Avatar for Tesseract

Hey, I use Cubase 5 on my studio PC but i'm also thinking of using it when playing live, using a laptop. Now i don't want to...

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author 25th August 2010
Avatar for Mono-Peter

Hi, a friend offered me a MTR100, but I have to pick it up somewhere in the countryside. Has anybody here ever transported such a...

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Avatar for rehepapp
rehepapp 25th August 2010
Avatar for esaias

Hi! I need to upgrade my old eMagic MIDI interfaces and have chance to pickup Digidesign MIDI interface for cheap. Do they...

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synthoid 25th August 2010
Avatar for RedHouse

So I recorded a bluesy rock trio... So far it seems like everything is sounding great, it was tracked well, and everything mixing...

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SamKapala 25th August 2010
Avatar for regenerative

hi all i have been building for some time my own drums in ultrabeat. Moving towards live performance, I am looking for a cheap...

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regenerative 25th August 2010