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Hi, I have a situation that’s driving me crazy, it’s quite complicated but I’ll try to be as clear as possible for you...

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Papanate 20th January 2020
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Just my another "any good" post ;-). I found Studer B62 in local ads for a really small price but I know nothing about...

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mac black 20th January 2020
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Hey guys and girls! I'm new to Gearslutz. Would love your input... I think I'm about to buy an LA-610 mkii, I plan on running...

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blakegrif 20th January 2020
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Hey all, I'm struggling a bit and was hoping to pick gearslutz' collective brain. What are some of your strategies for dealing...

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Oldone 20th January 2020
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Hey guys, I just got some contact microphones but I don't really know much about recording things and microphones so I am not...

Mr. Maki
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Mr. Maki 20th January 2020
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I did a search and there are so many different opinions on what tubes run best in an LA2A. I was going to get NOS telefunken...

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mikoo69 20th January 2020
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Kiss mixes


Hello! Ive been a big fan of Kiss since I was kid! I really love their sound, their energy, their songs, especially the 80s...

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kennybro 20th January 2020
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I just bought the Gravity MS QC 1B and K&M 23910. The K&M one is rubbish, stay well clear. The Gravity one isn't bad,...

Deleted b69c0aa
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Rec_Eng 20th January 2020
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Hi GS! I'm looking for some suggestions of plugins that do a great job of creating a fake double tracked electric guitar part....

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John Caf 20th January 2020
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… do you go for ribbon or LDC?

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chessparov2.0 20th January 2020
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I wonder if it´s usable for electronic music in small room, i mean kick editing in about 50hz area for example. Are there some...

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Arksun 19th January 2020
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Hi, I was hoping someone could help me with this pair or speakers/monitors I just picked up. They are labeled Yamaha NS-8. ...

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theblue1 19th January 2020
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Lol heavily modded from our heavy mods https://reverb.com/item/31276436-vintage-neve-8078-52-inputs?utm I hope they cleaned it...

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bowzin 19th January 2020
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This is a video interview Vintage King Audio shot recently with our team. One day we'll shoot a video and do a "gear...

Deuce 225
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engmix 19th January 2020
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Hi, I recently picked up a Mooer Radar (new). It's really an amazing pedal and I'm enjoying the process of creating IRs and...

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McIrish 19th January 2020
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Does anyone have any experience with the UA LA-610 as a mic preamp for spoken word? I love the way it sounds, but wouldn't mind...

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NachosGrande 19th January 2020
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Hi everyone, I've been looking to get an outboard mixer for my studio, both for analog summing and hands on EQ while mixing,...

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Capashitor 19th January 2020
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I'm using GA Pre73 Jr with a Klark Teknik 76-KT but I've been offered an avalon vt-737sp as part of a trade and I'm wondering...

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conanb 19th January 2020
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I'm wondering if anyone can directly compare the m60 fet and the m260 microphones. Thanks!

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JoshuaMetzger 19th January 2020
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I have an SM7B connected to the input on an ISA one and then connected to the line-in TRS on a Focusrite 2i2. I have to crank the...

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Oli_W 19th January 2020
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Hi, can anyone recommend a highly flexible db25-db25 cable? I have a bit of tricky cable routing to do and my current cables are...

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subframe 19th January 2020
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Hello, When a mixer (Soundcraft MH3) is connected, ins and outs into interface, is the initial pop a concern? Should I...

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ccg 19th January 2020
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Hi, I hope you can help me with a quick question; I just bought a subwoofer equipped with a RCF woofer. These often have a ring...

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TheGreatGazoo 19th January 2020
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Hello GearSlutz community! This is my first post, happy to be with you all. I have a question about using two vocal mics at...

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Papanate 19th January 2020
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Hi everyone, Does anyone have any leads on a Los Angeles tech who works on Universal Audio stuff ? My Apollo Silvers line...

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SonorPhonic 19th January 2020
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I found this in an antique shop the other day. Has anyone seen one of these? What sort of power cable would I need? I'm not...

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Genghis krahn 19th January 2020
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Hard to find user info on theese. Any users? Specifically the new "blu faced" (Pultec lookalikes) units? Specifically...

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fromthepuggle 19th January 2020
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So I am looking to take a single line level signal and run it into 3 line level inputs. Right now this is being done by splicing...

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Moondog007 18th January 2020
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Hi slutz0rz, Im ordering Auratones soon, but I'm wondering should I use them with stands, mopads or similar or isoacoustics......

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Thal Dravv 18th January 2020
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Can’t figure this out....I’ve used 67s for years but I guess I’ve never put one in the mount. Mine came without so I bought...

7up partridge
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Klaus 18th January 2020
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Hi! Noticed that my Neotek Elan2 had balanced line drivers installed on the the first 8 channels. So looking to buy 8 more,...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 18th January 2020
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I already have Neve clones in 500 format and am wondering if it's even worth running signals through another pair of (api 512)...

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chrischoir 18th January 2020
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Just wanted to openly apologise for wasting Robin's time over at Phoenix Audio. I purchased a Nicerizer Jr. a few months ago...

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LSP 18th January 2020
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I'm looking at moving from my Event ASP8 to possibly the LYD48 and am looking for experiences with this monitor. So this is in a...

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rwhitney 18th January 2020
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I read somewhere that Bob Dylan's Mercy was mixed down to cassette because he liked the sound of it better than reel to reel. Any...

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Dave Y 18th January 2020
Avatar for GoodNight

I have a TASCAM M312B console. Each channel has a Mic input and Line input, with a button that toggles between which source is...

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nightoul 18th January 2020
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Hello guys, i feel so bad, i just received my cm800t. "I am from europe" so i could use the usa cable, so i used...

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JoshuaMetzger 18th January 2020
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Hello, I have been listening to a song called "This is your life", from a band called Switchfoot a couple of times, I...

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Tjblackartist 18th January 2020
Avatar for Dohreetoh

Most of the shotgun mics I've seen have quite a presence boost. The Sennheisers and the Neumann KMR81i have that broad presence...

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Dohreetoh 18th January 2020
Avatar for domycastellano

Hi guys! This is probably a noob question... I recently bought myself a second warm audio eqp-wa so I can now use them on...

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domycastellano 18th January 2020
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hey there everyone. i'm a proud owner of a yamaha m1532. is there anyone out there who knows of anyone who performs a 2 bus mod...

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cLoudBase 18th January 2020
Avatar for blackfinder

hello there ! i want switch OTB, and have many outboards to patch (comps eqs reverbs) i would like something not "clean...

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DomiBabi 18th January 2020
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just got the hughes ak-500 and it sounds huge phasey, like the haas effect on steroids... just miserable. does the edison...

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Gitaarwerk 17th January 2020
Avatar for Phil Buckle

Ok call me suspicious but I note that in the Dangerous 2 bus manual there is no description of what's actually inside the box and...

Phil Buckle
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Raul Ghiran 17th January 2020
Avatar for Voiceover Guy

What Preamp would complement an AKG C414 XLS going into a MOTU 828es? I have a budget of around £800 ($1044 / 936 EUR) for the...

Voiceover Guy
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Voiceover Guy 17th January 2020
Avatar for e-cue

So my client wishes to speed the tempo of the song we are working on up 2 effin' bpm. (seriously). It's all recorded in pro...

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Avatar for Renato Qu
Renato Qu 17th January 2020
Avatar for Snarshall

Hey all I’m a younger newish engineer picking up gear as I can afford it I’m looking Into picking up a grace 801 pre...

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elcct 17th January 2020
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Anyone looking at these? I've been using Focal CMS 50's and then NS-10's with a sub for awhile, but I'm looking for a 3rd pair...

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cl-audio 17th January 2020
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I have noticed that older mixing desks never had polarity switches. How did engineers deal with phase issues? I understand that...

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thenoodle 17th January 2020
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I'm looking for a nice console to sum outboard and to integrate effects and other outboard. I got offered a Trident Series 65...

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IconicaRec 17th January 2020