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I found a pair of Sansui S-61U Speakers and I bought an Inter-M R500 Plus amplifier to go with them. I don't know much about...

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cent_gr 1st September 2010
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I have an AKG Perception 200 (I know not the GREATEST of mics) and it seems to be not working. When I first get it all set up, I...

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JMulhollan 1st September 2010
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I'm looking for a new preamp I've settled on the ART MPA PRO, I think its the best 2 channel I can afford, but... But I'm seeing...

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iankaravas 1st September 2010
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Do anyone have experience with western electric mic pre? Wich one are goods? A friend or mine have two am1065,do you guys think...

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spectrasound 1st September 2010
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Hi, Does anyone have any suggestions for string section libraries to get a Motown kinda sound. At the moment I am using EWQLSO...

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AndyHD 1st September 2010
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Googlyman 1st September 2010
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Is it common to have a longer attack on voice then on your guitars, piano, pads, hihats? I feel that it sounds clearer this way.

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fixitinthemix 1st September 2010
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Anyone had any luck kissing this over a mix or extremely colorful master? I've always enjoyed entertaining the idea of a flexible...

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dream 1st September 2010
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Hey guy's I have a question about computer monitor stands. I keep using these really cool monitor stands that are on wheels. They...

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HealyEnt. 1st September 2010
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anyone know anything about this delay? http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4134/4930378289_f316c83cc3_b.jpg looks like it was used...

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pan60 1st September 2010
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Sorry if this is a repost, but I did search. One of my favorite bits of kit is a Sans Amp PSA-1 I bought back in 92 when I was...

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GYang 1st September 2010
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I'm looking to get an external hard drive to record onto. I have the new mac pro and logic 9. Is this a good...

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robertshaw 1st September 2010
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I searched, and searched, and searched. While both of these mics are mentioned, I've found absolutely nothing comparing them...

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Teddy Ray 1st September 2010
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is it possible to set my slutz account so that i'm notified when my posts receive responses? i've looked a couple of times and...

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leebridges 1st September 2010
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I want to buy some long cables and am looking for some good advice for: 1. Mic -> Grace m101 2. Grace M101 -> Profire...

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Guitar Zero 1st September 2010
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Hey guy's I'm having a debate right now and I can't figure out whether having a pair of Meyer HD-1's or having MC DSP's Emerald...

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biggator6 1st September 2010
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Why is 500 series so comparatively expensive, considering that the user is already providing the chassis, IO, and power supply?...

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danetate 1st September 2010
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Hi Everyone! I had an interesting situation come up the other day and would like to bounce this off of you guys. First some...

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joeq 1st September 2010
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As you can imagine from the title, I've managed to get the orange light which is due to amplifier overheating. It's been a 12...

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thetalkinghead 31st August 2010
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i'm inquiring for a friend here... these things are pretty hefty - about 25kg and almost a square foot in terms of its...

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thetalkinghead 31st August 2010
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this is likely the wrong sub forum but thought i'd try. google only finds me the basic subdivisions but i want to get all the...

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glitchfactor 31st August 2010
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One of the cards on the ATR102 that we have won't bias, the needle just keeps going up up up and it never comes down, I worked...

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rockitrecordings 31st August 2010
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Hi there I have an PYE 844060. One of mine was misssing a few bits. I have managed to find a Painton Attenuator and a pair of...

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Emil Sauer 31st August 2010
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Hi people - I am still hesitating what guitar amp to get for reamping purposes. I was almost sold on the Fender Deluxe Reverb...

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PEImatrix 31st August 2010
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I'm sorry if this question is trivial but I'm new to all this and I see a lot of posts going on on which converters are better,...

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mattg082 31st August 2010
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help me decide which one to buy. I'm literally just gonna count up the most recommendations and buy that one to try first. Let...

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guitarsfrommars 31st August 2010
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Is this really true? I've heard a lot of people talking about this and would have to say as a Nuendo user would make me seriously...

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BigJunk 31st August 2010
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Anyone seen/heard this new puppy? I've been anxiously awaiting word on its release. Now that Chameleon Labs says it's shipping,...

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BigJunk 31st August 2010
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Hi all, howdy some friends of mine need to re-record their album since the mixing and recording was so awful. Please see this...

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studiostuff 31st August 2010
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Can I do that??? Here's the deal...... Just spent six hours tracking acoustic guits for the next JDL tune. AT4050 on one...

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joeq 31st August 2010
Avatar for rockitrecordings

A friend is looking for vintage guitar amp sales, anyone know a dealer in LA or on the web?

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rockitrecordings 31st August 2010
Avatar for 10000arms

Hi wise and trusty Gear Gods, I'm just getting into hardware and want to know the best way to hook up a compressor with only...

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mfischman3 31st August 2010
Avatar for DajaVu

i have a neumann u87ai and an avalon 737sp that are on the way out the door, dont have a studio anymore, dont need them i need a...

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obijuano 31st August 2010
Avatar for iankaravas

1) get sound absorption panels / material 2) Do NOT place them in a baffle position around your recording zone, instead place as...

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mikethedrummer 31st August 2010
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The Linndrum II had been reported to have 4 voices with much of the same bells and whistles as the recently released Tetra, also...

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powarule 31st August 2010
Avatar for Young Fuego

I record rap vocals. I only need one instrument - Microphone comp spex - Delle5500, windows vista, 2 GB RAM core 2 duo I need...

Young Fuego
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ltemma74 31st August 2010
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Hi there, Long time lurker first time poster! I am thinking about buying a Sennheiser 416T. I have no experience with...

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junior 31st August 2010
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Does anyone know of any commercial spaces in the NYC area (Jersey, Brooklyn, etc. are all fair game) that has a...

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dpianomn 31st August 2010
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Hey, First of all, I'm sorry I've been posting so many threads on what to buy first, I just trust you guys and I want you guys...

Chris Lago
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Chris Lago 31st August 2010
Avatar for Baroque

Sorry to bother. but I've been shopping around like crazy. and no matter what I read, it can't beat personal experience. Anyone...

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Prompt 31st August 2010
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Would you help me identify this equipment in the attached picture? This gear is used by a singer that I admire.

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musiclover2 31st August 2010
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Yo, Quick question. I have been using a Bogner Uberkab 4x12 for quite some time. This cabinet has two Celestion Vintage 30s...

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matskull 31st August 2010
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Originally posted at Reaper forum. Sorry for the cross-post, I'm in a bit of a bind, though, and could use all the help I could...

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Piyono 31st August 2010
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I don't understand why I can't get my songs loud with a master limiter without things massively distorting. I don't know how Luc...

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chribble 31st August 2010
Avatar for Ash Taylor

I believe the tweeter cone in my Peavey Messenger P.A speaker has blown as you can only hear audio from the bass cone. As a pair,...

Ash Taylor
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therealbigd 31st August 2010
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Hello - I am wanting to purchase a rack case - note this will mainly sit in my control room (spare bedroom ;)) but i do most of...

dominic hoenig
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dominic hoenig 31st August 2010
Avatar for shambles76

Hey GS, I mix ITB. Im running on Protools HD System. I would like to get the BLA PM8 summing amp so i can route 8 stems out then...

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shambles76 31st August 2010
Avatar for Don Solaris

--- solved ---- Thank you Paolo!!!

Don Solaris
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Mr. Varaldo 31st August 2010
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i would like to make a jewel case layout including the booklet and back insert for a project i am working on. i dont need...

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djemberecords 31st August 2010
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i know this may seem kindergarten to some of you, but i am trying very hard to learn all of this. And your answers are more...

Young Fuego
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old ghost 31st August 2010