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Just looking for some quick opinions on what you guys find to be the most useful for writing, arranging, etc...as well as using...

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tzujan 18th September 2010
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Hey all, this is my first post.. So I'm in a band that does a lot of DIY recording and we are looking to split the cost for a...

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Accurate 18th September 2010
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Simple question. I understand Parallel compression, and I use it quite a bit when serial compression doesn't cut it. I like...

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zacheus83 18th September 2010
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Hi! I'm looking for the original presets for LXP-1 and LXP-5. I know how to dump the midi but I need the sysex files! Can...

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vonhagen 18th September 2010
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Any reports on this stuff? How is the converters? What is the quality of the Mic? I was in Guitar Center and I saw the salesman...

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Halloween 18th September 2010
Avatar for Paul David

I'm using a brauner phantom to record electric guitars. I have other mics on the speaker and room but this is where I get 80% of...

Paul David
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dodgeaspen 18th September 2010
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I recently acquired a vintage Heil Sound HM101 mixer with the original power supply. I'd just like to hear any facts, opinions,...

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Roodillon 18th September 2010
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I don't have it, but a buddy of mine does, and I'll be doing a bit of work at his place next week, so i thought I'd try and...

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dream 18th September 2010
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Anyone liking this stuff? I just got it in a IK multimedia bundle. My opinions so far aren't great. Looks pretty though....

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scottyjneilson 17th September 2010
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I know these threads are hard but I'm at a crossroads right now and don't know what to invest in next. I record pretty much...

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FlyMordecai 17th September 2010
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I don't do drums a lot, but when I do I always throw up what I call a "wildcard mic". Just a fun weird mic in the room...

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Keith Moore 17th September 2010
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Hey slutz- im in search of an app that will let me transfer the days mixes to my iphone aside fron itunes. Something...

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Keith Moore 17th September 2010
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Hi! Obviously a very subjective question, but I'm just looking for opinions. I play a Fender American Strat through a Fender...

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Flying_Dutchman 17th September 2010
Avatar for Jon Estes

Alot of people have been asking for this - so I just wanted to let everyone know that Redtape Samples are now available for...

Jon Estes
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Jon Estes 17th September 2010
Avatar for InTheBox

So to get inspiration for my soon to come home studio website, i googled, and this is the first one that came up. It's in Italy. ...

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michaels 17th September 2010
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Seriously, it's been a pretty intense session. YouTube - Echoes Any comments on the mix? Edit: more tracks from...

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lakeshorephatty 17th September 2010
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Hello. I'm a young sound engineer, I'm still doing recordings for friends, but I like the good gear, don't wanna buy cheap things...

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dalcl 17th September 2010
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Is the Kensington Expert Mouse the best mouse to use to avoid tendonitis? Where is the best place to buy/order one? Are there...

Jeff Braun
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Boschen 17th September 2010
Avatar for tzujan

I have starting working semi regularly on the new C|24, which I really like. However there is one little thing that seems to be...

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tzujan 17th September 2010
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Heard about this on BBC6- gather it was shot with a toy train set and an LG camera phone! So £50 all in.... YouTube - Toy...

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Sylvester 17th September 2010
Avatar for Tops Cut oFF

right now for drum recording i use an over head mic through the XLR input and a kick mic through the 1/4'' input whats i just...

Tops Cut oFF
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dpalasini 17th September 2010
Avatar for Lando Calrissian

I'm recording live bass and some vocals from my 24-bit API A2D into my 16-bit MPC-1000 using the spdif connection. Therefore,...

Lando Calrissian
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Lando Calrissian 17th September 2010
Avatar for makasi

Any idea if it works well anyone??

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makasi 17th September 2010
Avatar for _ali

Shown off at the Intel event that's on-going this...

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gclef101 17th September 2010
Avatar for delay1968

Not sure if I should have posted this here or in the classified section but... I Just got an MS-16 and would like to get a...

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Timjimbaker 17th September 2010
Avatar for ramjac

Hello, some high end advice would be appreciated even if you think this is low end kit - mid range I'd argue - I am feeding my...

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ramjac 17th September 2010
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i have a bad i lok..i bought a new key i have zero downtime..thier website sucks #@%^@&@*@(@)()@ it's asking me for credit...

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noiseflaw 17th September 2010
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Hi, I'm having real difficulties choosing the right String VST plugin for PC for Pop Ballads (Money is not the issue)I also...

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Whitecat 17th September 2010
Avatar for Mcedvin

I recently bought an DPA 4099b and was planning to use it with my Acoustic Image CODA II Series III and a EBS neo 112...

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Mcedvin 17th September 2010
Avatar for Roo

Hi everyone, Just thought I'd air a few grievances on here and see what you guys think.. I just started a BAhons in music...

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Slikjmuzik 17th September 2010
Avatar for klak

Just got two of these installed in my control room. All of the sudden I can hear the subsonic problems in my mixes! Check it...

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klak 17th September 2010
Avatar for Harlem

Made another nostalgic exercise like the Linndrum, TR808 and Oberheim DMX films on my youtube channel This time the Roland CR78...

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g22 17th September 2010
Avatar for funtez

Hi, I'm currently mounting all my tube guitar heads against a wall in my new room, I'm looking for a speaker cable switching...

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funtez 17th September 2010
Avatar for TIPOL

I cannot seem to utilize clockworks. I'm running a 13" MBP and installed the software I could find via the MOTU site. I...

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TIPOL 17th September 2010
Avatar for Steersy

Hello chaps I am looking into grabbing a 003 rack+ and was wondering if you are able to convert the line in/DI inputs to Mic...

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Avatar for Steb
Steb 17th September 2010

Tired searching for it, think it was a european mfr. Not a schipmann ebbe und flut, might be more distortion orientated. I...

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TWINSTATES 17th September 2010
Avatar for Electroslut

I have read that some people re-wire the aux send to a output xfmr? is this the best way? is the output robust enough?

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orphanaudio 17th September 2010
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Delete thread, I've discovered that I'm a complete plank...

Deleted User
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Dreamsilent 17th September 2010
Avatar for RickH

Is there any plugin that will detect a transit from, lets say a kick track and convert it to MIDI on one key? I run Cubase 5 and...

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Avatar for The Fold Studios
The Fold Studios 17th September 2010
Avatar for bgomez15

I'm just curious of how different beaters for the kick pedal would sound. particularly wood beaters cuz i've heard felt and...

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Sk106 17th September 2010
Avatar for dream

So.. I happened on this little diddy today in the midst of a serious turd polishing sesh. I put Digidesigns lo-fi on a bus of...

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dream 17th September 2010
Avatar for bobbierock

Hello, i am a new member! my name is Ricky. nice to be here with you! one question. when i mix a song all tracks goes out from...

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bobbierock 17th September 2010
Avatar for George Necola

I ran into an old Sanken microphone witch was up for auction. Can anyone feed me with information about the "old"...

George Necola
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Avatar for Jamie Mac
Jamie Mac 17th September 2010
Avatar for Nash_Dred

I will be relocating to Nashville, the East Hill area specifically, in about 2 weeks. A question to all you Nashvillians: where...

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littlesicily 17th September 2010
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API 312 and NEVE 1272 I have an opportunity to buy a 6 channel preamp from a friend who built it from a kit, and it includes 2x...

Deleted User
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chout 17th September 2010
Avatar for Pachecostudios

Hello everybody, i was wondering if i could get some assistance with my Nuendo 4. heres a breakdown of everything... Now...

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Pachecostudios 17th September 2010
Avatar for phelbin

I've searched the forums and can't find quite what I'm looking for. So here goes with yet another XY thread... In most...

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EleKtriKaz 17th September 2010
Avatar for Capzs

Pretty unbelievable but today at work the janitor who doesn't speak a word of English comes up to me and gives me a box that says...

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Avatar for John Eppstein
John Eppstein 17th September 2010
Avatar for RickH

I have searched for a mixer set up, but no findings... What would a mixer look like. Let say I have 9 drums tracks...

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RickH 17th September 2010
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Avatar for Teddy Ray
Teddy Ray 17th September 2010