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right now i'm using Pro tools Le 8 on a digi 003 rack running on my macbook pro. Musicians friend has the presonus firepod on...

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steelyfan 7th October 2010
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I've been going crazy the past few months looking through old posts on different forums about Presonus and their Firewire issues...

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Savagery 7th October 2010
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(EDIT = I discard Motu option. Profire 610 vs Digi 003 Rack) Hey! Im J.P. I need your help and experience. Im living a...

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djsaintlouis 7th October 2010
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Hi there, thinking of picking up a used digi 002 or 003. With Avid rebranding their Pro Tools range, do you think it would be...

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BadJones 7th October 2010
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What are some guitar and bass amp recommendations for a studio? ie perhaps something on the smaller (1X12) side for guitar and ?...

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homestudioguy 7th October 2010
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I'm doing the best I can to self master a few things for the time being, and I'm wondering if there's generally a numerical...

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DaVinci 7th October 2010
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Hi I just found a flaw in my amplifier sony str-k685, so I just want to know if this flaw is in other brands also. In my amp...

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12ax7 7th October 2010
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I am starting to go insane with the lack of progress I have made since getting my new laptop and UA-25. Quick catch-up: I...

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DAW PLUS 7th October 2010
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I am having no luck with getting my UA-25 audio interface to work so I'm considering buying a USB mic. Are they any...

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ldn2 7th October 2010
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I would like to know how its done,especially stuff like enrique and pop, to make it fat and not sound like its been double...

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Webb 7th October 2010
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Anyone make one that can hold a bunch of modules? I'd like to be able to use the modules from my console that I've bought in the...

Matt Grondin
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alexstringer 7th October 2010
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Hi, I have some outboard gear i want to integrate in my daw setup. For example : Buss 1&2 :I have my drumsection on 2...

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datafeist 7th October 2010
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hello i have a weird unit that i won off ebay. I have 2 regular dbx 160x'es racked right next to this one. Next to the...

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drummerboy1533 7th October 2010
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My 2 year old son's bedroom is next door to my studio, so in the evenings I've cobbled together this table-top studio on our...

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moley 7th October 2010
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Hey GS, Many engineers I know check their mix in really soft volume. Why do they do this ? Is it to check the balance between...

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Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording 7th October 2010
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I use a compressor called "Blockfish" in Fl Studio. In the middle their is a knob called saturation. I just wonder,...

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Weirwood 7th October 2010
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I've got an M-Audio Firewire 410 hooked up to an iMac and a pair of Yamaha HS80M's. When I used to use the interface with my PC...

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tmuikku 7th October 2010
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I'm looking to improve my website performance. Hopefully a few link exchanges will help with different relevant sites !! | O |...

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clivek 7th October 2010
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How do you all compensate for the 14db drop in level by using this FMR gear? Do you just push your mixer faders up higher? or do...

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Fletcher 7th October 2010
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Hi, I have a question concerning a possible setup. Owning an Allen & Heath GL24, a HD24, a ProjectMix and a DAW (Cubase 5)....

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Macci 7th October 2010
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Hey I was just curious to get preferred takes on overhead placement (drums of course) configurations for a pair of Coles 4038's. ...

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Ol' Betsey 7th October 2010
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Hi there, At the end of October I will be in Paris for a few days. It would be great to visit inspiring (recording) places and...

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Joram 7th October 2010
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Has anyone used a Sennheiser, MD421 for vocals. I would be running it straight in to a FireFace 800 mic input. Thanks in...

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chessparov 7th October 2010
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hello i am trying to set up a studio at home and i have been shopping around i have come across a m-audio ProFire Lightbridge...

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deedeep28 7th October 2010
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mindkontrolle 7th October 2010
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I am reposting a problem refined from a previous thread - thanks to those of you who have helped thus far. Here's my problem: I...

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emptyman 7th October 2010
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Hi, I have a problem when i am tracking my analog synth through an tlaudio 5052... It is probably something i do wrong but i...

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datafeist 7th October 2010
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Hey Guys. I've got a client bringing in a single reel of 2" 16trk 15ips this Friday for a mix in Nuendo. I need to get the...

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cjmnash 7th October 2010
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Hi guys, I've been reading up on this mic and what I've come across a lot is that this mic prefers a tube preamp for it to really...

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word_play 7th October 2010
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Sorry wrong forum ..... hidz Gabriel

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flyingkeys 7th October 2010
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do I have to uninstall pro tools on my computer before I can sell it? If I don't will the person who buys it from me be able to...

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Halloween 7th October 2010
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I've searched everywhere I can find and I can't seem to find a direct answer to this question. I have a blackface Avalon 737sp...

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andonwego 7th October 2010
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Hey everyone, I am heading out on tour this Friday (FOH for the band We The Kings) and I wanted to bring less gear that I...

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BOWIE 7th October 2010
Avatar for huh?

Hello, Like the title asks, would this be possible? Sometimes I would like to view my work as an audio wave and therefore would...

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huh? 6th October 2010
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I've been to NAMM in Anaheim about 5 times in the past 10 years, and I think the last time I was there was around maybe 07'. My...

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dasprd 6th October 2010
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I don't use Pro Tools, but McDSP has promised forthcoming AU versions of their plugins for some time now and since then I have...

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djanthonyw 6th October 2010
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Good evening, I'm testing out some mics in my home studio, and I am noticing a new background sound while testing one of them....

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syntax 6th October 2010
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I can't deal with all the problems with Wave Burner anymore! Version 1.6.1 is really a piece of trash. Can you recommend a...

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Kecinzer 6th October 2010
Avatar for .......

Ok, so I searched lot's on here about this unit but couldn't find much. I have used the 3124 before but I am about to buy the...

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Sonic Lush 6th October 2010
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Looking for impulses for SIR reverb of AMS RMX 16. Anyone? Thanx guys thumbsup

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nandi 6th October 2010
Avatar for colonel_claypoo

i'm looking for my first vocal mic. it shouldn't cost more than ~400$ and should be as versatile as possible for a variety of...

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Avatar for Izzi
Izzi 6th October 2010
Avatar for burnhard

I recently worked on a digidesign venue live console... I was wondering what kind of plugins it uses?is it tdm? Or rtas ?it's a...

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jasonraboin 6th October 2010
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So I've had one of those old Saffire LE's for mobile use and recently had to switch to using multiple outs (think 5.1 though it's...

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avanturb 6th October 2010
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I'm freaking out! I get my iMac tomorrow, (i7 quad, 8 gb ram, ssd, and 1 tb hd) I will remove the apple ssd, and swap it with a...

Noise Commander
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cyrano 6th October 2010

Haaaaaaya fellows. I got a 4 channel tape recorder from a friend of mine who find this one in his new house garage..Who left...

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vernier 6th October 2010
Avatar for digibiu

So, what exactly is a 2 Buss?

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HudHudson 6th October 2010
Avatar for dustyreels

I certainly hope this is a somewhat refreshing question to start a new thread about 2 buss comps. I mainly record...

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fanriffic 6th October 2010
Avatar for csiking

Hi, Just picked up a RME 800 and man does it run hot! Almost to the point of if you place your hand you almost need to pull it...

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microwave 6th October 2010
Avatar for lionheart

What cd's give you goosebumps when it comes to both the music and the production? .. And why do you love the production?...

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binarymilton 6th October 2010
Avatar for ionian

I'm interested as a general sweetening EQ to clear the highs and give nice lows on tracks after a compressor and maybe as a pair...

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bgrotto 6th October 2010