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I'm trying to experiment however I can with reducing sibilance in my vocal recordings, both by singing with less sibilance of...

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chessparov2.0 31st January 2020
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drums-mdx2600 | soundmodel | hearthis.at

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thermal 31st January 2020
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I would like to make a mod to the Behringer ADA8200 by tapping the direct out from each preamp (before it goes to the A/D) and...

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Deleted 10089a2 31st January 2020
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Hi everyone, I own a DBX 160XT (which I really love) and I am in the market to buy a few more of them for my studio. As I’ve...

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Jim Williams 31st January 2020
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Ok, so you or your client have carefully chosen the guitar, selected the appropriate pickup/s, plugged into your amp of choice...

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Snorktop 31st January 2020
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Hallo all. Slots here, im producing EDM all kinds of stuff. So long story short im saving up monney to burn, and im looking at...

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johannburkard 31st January 2020
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I've been reading about the ways condensers, moving coil dynamics, and ribbons respond differently to transients. I got curious...

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Rec_Eng 30th January 2020
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I know it's not for everyone, but I'm totally in love with Shawn Everett's work for the most part. In particular Grizzly Bear's...

St. Augustine
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crestifer 30th January 2020
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Looking for an Upgrade from HD650. Which is better? Almost same price for me. Focal Elex are not available in my Country but I...

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andresnol 30th January 2020
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I am looking for some input for a carrybag/flightcase for an EMU-SP1200. Closest I could find was one at Megacase.com, but I...

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neoking 30th January 2020
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I’ve picked up a bunch of random used mics that don’t have cases. Would love to make foam cut outs for them and stick them in...

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PsyKology 30th January 2020
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Wich stereo pair would you prefer to record classical music, mostly small chamber orcherstra, sometimes in a church? These would...

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David Rick 30th January 2020
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I’m familiar with my Korg D3200 workstation for home recording, but I have a few questions about how should I integrate...

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ardis 30th January 2020
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Hi, I’m looking for the best microphone to capture a jaw harp (video of me playing it: https://youtu.be/9V5xg0yuXCs) and you...

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Nick Tammer 30th January 2020
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Hi, I bought a SSL 4032 Mixing Console (from the 80s). It’s working fine so far but I don’t get any sound from the left...

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drBill 30th January 2020
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I'm currently using a Digi003 Console, and Saffire Pro40 connected through adat and tbh, I love it and have no problems with it....

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Ty Ford 30th January 2020
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Hi, We are researching the emergence of the 3-track recorder in the mid-1950s and its use during the late 1950s and early 1960s....

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Ty Ford 30th January 2020
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Hello Audio Wizards I was advised by Arturia support before purchasing the Audiofuse 8PRE that I could override the auto...

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DamianEvans 30th January 2020
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Looking at adding an affordable version of a Pultec. I'm curious if anyone has the Lindell Peq or maybe have compared the two?

melodic dreamer
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melodic dreamer 30th January 2020
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If you're into high end recording and customized workflow this video is for you: https://youtu.be/pBQ9r6QF7RE

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syra 30th January 2020
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Goal: Use current Mackie 1402-VLZ3 and Focusrite 18i20 with DAW to ontrol knobs for live sound and the USB soundmodule for...

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erleichda 30th January 2020
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Hi, What are people’s thoughts/experiences of the Retro channels on the Audient ASP800 vs preamps by the likes of Warm Audio...

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mkdvb 29th January 2020
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Who is using them Thoughts?

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etlas 29th January 2020
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Hey guys, all good stuff? hi from Brazil I want to take a doubt with you, I had a saffire pro 40 in my home studio and...

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vhitorfaustino 29th January 2020
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Last week I had a 300 page audio book to record over 2 days. Day 1 went buy without a hitch. Day 2, nothing changed but I was...

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theblue1 29th January 2020
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For travelling purpose, i'm looking for a 2 slot lunchbox (500 format). I already have "The Cube", the 3 slot box from...

Renaud Charlier
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Shrdni 29th January 2020
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Hi everyone. I'm a long time reader and first time poster. I'm here with a desperate cry for help. I'm getting an awful noise...

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charliemusics 29th January 2020
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I've been googling and reading some threads here and can't seem to find any 500 Series EQs that are recommended for under $500....

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Derek15555 29th January 2020
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working with a loud drummer--the D8 has no pads and he's sitting right around 0db on my presonus quantum test recordings. how...

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hedgehognrown 29th January 2020
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Hello. I'd like to buy Zoom F6 or Sounddevice Mixpre ii for 32bit float AD converter (no more compressor or limiter is...

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bluesj 29th January 2020
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Alright, What do you people think of The Brain's new album. It is produced by Adam from The Beasties and you can tell, at least...

Jim Kerr
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swafford 29th January 2020
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Hi there, I'm an intermediate mixer looking to enhance my skills whilst brushing up on the basics. Specifically looking for...

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Luison 29th January 2020
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Hi Guys, I've recently recorded the upright piano in my home studio, but have had some phase problems which I can't easily...

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Drumsound 29th January 2020
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Hi! I´m looking for a higher end Furman power conditioner/regulator for my studio, but don´t really know much about...

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pmbmcg 29th January 2020
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Just wondering in anyone out there has used both of these tube pres and could offer any comparisons. I recently purchased the...

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Dennis4 29th January 2020
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Hi Team- I just wrote an entire spill and accidentally closed the page.... smh... Long story short- I currently have...

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deedeeyeah 29th January 2020
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Hey guys, last week I bought an SSL 4000 Series 4032 from 1983. I got some problems with the configuration and wanted to ask...

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zinedine 29th January 2020
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I was using Oktavamod NT1a for almost 8 years and I am kind of upset with the sibilance it produce on my vocal . I was using...

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luantruong87 28th January 2020
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Hey guys, I'm gonna be in LA mid April and need a room to work out of (mainly writing) for a couple of weeks....

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Jcc61 28th January 2020
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Sometimes I get a bit of click bleed on my acoustic guitar recordings. I was wondering how well the Vic firth isolation...

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Carnesd 28th January 2020
Avatar for lucasmusic

Im finding scooping the mids on this lead vocal at 1k with medium broad Q at as much as 6-7db on Waves SSL channelstrip sounds...

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Sigma 28th January 2020
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I have a super specific question i have wondered about for years now. We all know Prince used drum machines for most of his...

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buckan 28th January 2020
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Any brand recommendation and a store to get the tubes for my Tube Tech MEC 1A ? te tubes are: 3x.... ECC 81 1x.... ECC...

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Deleted 8c17990eb5d8a46 28th January 2020
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Hi Not sure if this is the right place to post but here I go. My question is about Canadian radio play. In Canada most radio...

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rambelam 28th January 2020
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Hey, I just got myself this Beyer mic in a flee market but can't figure out what's the model exactly. It seems old, I would...

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Michav 28th January 2020
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I just realized I sing better without headphones. So that leaves me overdubbing in my tiny mix room with the monitors. Any...

Skoolboy Jim
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Avatar for Vesta
Vesta 28th January 2020
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I was cleaning my Shure Beta 58 microphone when the internal foam pad that covers the cartridge fell out, all disintegrated....

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CRK 28th January 2020
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Studer J37


I've been offered a Studer J37 in unknown condition for a small price. I have no expirience with tape at all, but I'd like to...

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Bushman 28th January 2020
Avatar for lovekrafty

I know this is a long shot but I just picked up a Zoom 9010 effects processor For get this 20 euro !!! Only problem is a dead...

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DJKrishna 28th January 2020
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I've been contemplating my move from my Apogee Ensemble firewire since support was discontinued. Even though it still seems to be...

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keypnchr 28th January 2020