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A robotic sound at very low dB SPL is going on and off in my NS10. My halferP3000 is plugged in, but powered down. Any...

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violet 18th October 2010
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...or even better, predicting and creating feedback. How can that be done? I've recently recognized the sound of digital, or...

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soupking 18th October 2010
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Can someone tell me the difference between the Ramsa WR and WR-S series boards? I already have a wrs-4212, but am looking at one...

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digibiu 18th October 2010
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Hey guys. I might be doing a record in Ukraine in the near future. Anybody have recommendations for studios to check...

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kooz 18th October 2010
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Would appreciate any info in this. I've been using Mackie Universal Controller for a while, now. Would like to probably move to...

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phas3d 18th October 2010
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I'm using a house beat for the first time, and I'm looking to go beyond some of the basic mix techniques I've read up on. I'm...

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DaVinci 17th October 2010
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hey everyone. im new here and not in the industry. my family is in the process of selling my dads cousins recording studio...

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johnnyc 17th October 2010
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Hello all. I am recording bass guitar on a demo and this is the chain I am working with: Bass > DBX 160A > Overdrive...

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pan 17th October 2010
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Hi, I saw Hakon Kornstad play a duo gig (sax + voice) two days ago and he used some kind of a looper, most probably electrix ...

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soulata 17th October 2010
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boing I found in Berlin (Germany) a nice music store where you can test almost all effect pedals from Diamond, Jam and...

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G-Spot 17th October 2010
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On my MCI JH110c should the tape lifters push the tape out far enough to clear the erase head? Manual says it should but on my...

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Beneficial 17th October 2010
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SSL: Xrack, XDesk, Matrix How they Compare in sound? I just want to know about the sound...just the summing. Are they...

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zak7 17th October 2010
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You guys probably see tons of threads comparing the products of the two competitors. I thought it would be an interesting...

Ddjembe Mutombo
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Bob Olhsson 17th October 2010
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Ive been using different noise gates and suppressors in my rig. i have a rack studio grade stereo gate comp enhancer id like to...

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dkelley 17th October 2010
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So, in this amazing digital age, I found myself wanting more "feeling" from my setup. So I found a screaming deal on a...

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JigMD80 17th October 2010
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Guys I have a old Japanese fake les paul that's giving me a hard time. I just want to give it a quick try tonight and I want to...

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greatgreatriver 17th October 2010
Avatar for -JK-

First of all: thank you for making Gearslutz such a HUGE information database. I really dig this site. Second: hi, I'm new here....

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-JK- 17th October 2010
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Logic has really improved A LOT over time, I see more and more people using Logic nowadays, even non electronic music producers...

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Whitecat 17th October 2010
Avatar for Teddy Ray

when someone says "I like the production on that record" what do they mean?? is it all...

Teddy Ray
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fhames 17th October 2010
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I've been trying to find something that I'm not sure exists. I'm hoping that if it does someone here can point me in the right...

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doncaparker 17th October 2010
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Hey guys, I've been recording some acoustic guitar with my new Little Blondies, using 2 of them; one at the point where neck...

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AlphaDingo 17th October 2010
Avatar for The Press Desk

FDW Corp announces that users of the revolutionary portable signal processing Black Series from Audient can now carry API 500...

The Press Desk
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lordward 17th October 2010
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Hello, I'm using eleven rack to record guitar with digi 002 rack. I happend to have sonic maximizer 462, and want to give it a...

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loopy 17th October 2010
Avatar for lakiscy

I recently bought 2 behringer monitors B2031A and i get a strange noise from the left one every 5-10 minutes for about 5-6 secs....

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lakiscy 17th October 2010
Avatar for odc

It's a bit confusing to me, but i just want to use the software, what's the cheapest way to use this software?

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odc 17th October 2010
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Hello! I'm interested in one record in september 1976. I made this piece of audio recording. song1. Amazing sound...

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Andrey 17th October 2010
Avatar for sat159p1

I need to get stereo tracks from computer thru Nagra reel-to-reel mono machine and then back to the computer (for coloration). So...

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sat159p1 17th October 2010
Avatar for RockTheRoll

Hey there, I'm controlling a soft synth in Cubase via a E-MU Xboard 25. When I go to record a musical passage, everything works...

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RockTheRoll 17th October 2010
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has anyone got any experience with this? I have a peavey 5150 orange rocker 50 marshall jcm800 do you think the jetcity would...

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mojojojo 17th October 2010
Avatar for Bluepowder

I just recently got some Event TR5 monitors secondhand. There are 2 issues which I can see : (1) speakers are not quiet - there...

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Digital Black 17th October 2010
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Melgueil 17th October 2010
Avatar for beezwax901

Hey all. So I am a budget college student in the market to upgrade a few aspects of my developing home studio. Right now, I have...

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beezwax901 17th October 2010
Avatar for Unknown soldier

I need to get a WC cable, and thinking of a hosa 10 footer...so has anyone actually A/B'd word clock cables and found that the...

Unknown soldier
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Barish 17th October 2010
Avatar for Freq Farm

Just got an email from a company of receivers who have been instructed to sell off the contents of 3 studios in...

Freq Farm
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tekkentool 17th October 2010
Avatar for randomguy

For those of us who have small monitors without subs and want to mix bass more accurately, a pair of headphones seem like a good...

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Masaaki 17th October 2010
Avatar for RockTheRoll

woh, woh, woh... How hard can it be to find who mixed "Angel Dance" by Band of Joy... ie Robert Plant. Not on discog,...

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mikepoole 17th October 2010
Avatar for djMickSwell

Ok everyone this is a complete noob question but I really need to know. I keep reading people wish pro tools was native or so and...

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loujudson 17th October 2010
Avatar for heisleyamor

I want to improve my guitar tones. Sometimes I like to have nice full and heavy guitar tones and at others just a nice ambient...

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Kristofer Harris 17th October 2010
Avatar for Monroe/Rampart

I had some extra time on my hands after a session the other day, so I decided to set up a quick shootout. I didn't have that much...

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Monroe/Rampart 17th October 2010
Avatar for Evo

Hi all, first post here, great community you guys have got! Anyway, i joined up because i need to buy a new audio interface and...

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Evo 16th October 2010
Avatar for pete

how can I import gig files into kontakt? I used to open them directly with kontakt but kontakt 4.11 crashes when I´m opening a...

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Avatar for robertshaw
robertshaw 16th October 2010
Avatar for AURORA4DTH

I was wondering if any of you who have this piece have issues with the bad clip light always coming on when working with louder...

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Dave Derr 16th October 2010
Avatar for Deleted User

Hi Guys, I'm a 17 y/o student with not much money. I'm building up a microphone collection at the minute and at the minute...

Deleted User
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kidvybes 16th October 2010
Avatar for chalemamone

Digidesign 9900-53111-00 Mbox Pro 8 Track Pro Tools System New Fall I plan on buying the mbox 3 pro and the site AValive...

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chalemamone 16th October 2010
Avatar for digibiu

I've been looking at the Overstayer Comp and like what I'm reading. I already have 2 distressors with the British mod, 2...

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dandeurloo 16th October 2010
Avatar for complex

Would you ever use this while mixing an electronic track? i have been experimenting and it tends to make the mix sound a bit more...

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-tc- 16th October 2010
Avatar for Mr. Kelly

Hi all, I've been thinking of buying an 1176. I see that a couple of those for sale on here, and elsewhere, are made from...

Mr. Kelly
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Avatar for Dean Roddey
Dean Roddey 16th October 2010
Avatar for coyotekells

I often find when I'm making music that is more rhythm than melody based (eg: electro house, my "tribal hip hop", some...

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Avatar for Flying_Dutchman
Flying_Dutchman 16th October 2010
Avatar for godofmetal

I was watching this video from Disturbed about how they are making albums these days. No wonder big studios are going out of...

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Avatar for KingDiamond
KingDiamond 16th October 2010
Avatar for Tieg

Are headphones "dangerous" to mix on (from a health standpoint) simply because of the tendency to want to turn the...

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Avatar for FFTT
FFTT 16th October 2010