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MDoes anyone know the quality of these units. Basically a radial 3 space work horse clone.with the inline switching. $150.00 but...

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Trashjive 3rd February 2020
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Anyone did this upgrade? I am thinking about upgrading my lyd7 to 48, or just get a sub for my 7 :-? any experiences thanks

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zoro 3rd February 2020
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OK. I have a deep voice and assumed I would need a dark sounding mic as the Flea 47 sounded good on my voice. I recently tried...

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Colin McCabe 3rd February 2020
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Hello all! Firstly, when I say "Top Down Mixing," what I mean is that you start by throwing up the faders and...

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deedeeyeah 3rd February 2020
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Anyone successful at doing this for a reasonable price in the studio? Low latency is of course important which I realize...

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psycho_monkey 3rd February 2020
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Hi, My Midas Venice 320 blew a fuse in the internal PSU about 3 months ago. I changed it and it worked fine until tonight... it...

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Charlie_vZ 3rd February 2020
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Hi GS anyone use a sub with their Lyd 7 monitors :-? im a little i doubt which sub will be the best match.(9s vs 18s ...

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zoro 2nd February 2020
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Hi there, I am looking for a compact USB mixer like the Mackie 802 VLZ3 (which I have) but with USB interface and a nice studio...

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gravyface 2nd February 2020
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can someone explain to me what he says around 10:50 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMhDmIatkNM he says that the engineer...

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Papanate 2nd February 2020
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Do people put gear to both sides of Gator rack cases or just one side? https://www.thomann.de/gb/gator_grr6l.htm It has...

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James Lehmann 2nd February 2020
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I'm thinking about upgrading to studio monitors (KRK Rokit RP5 G4) and looking at options on where to put them. I sadly don't...

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kellyd 2nd February 2020
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Hi, after buying a few older hardware synths, I ended up with more output channels than inputs on my audio interface. Since I...

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danibert 2nd February 2020
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Came across these on Facebook. They don't look like they would absorb much. Anybody have any experience or opinion with...

Rob Coates
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Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 2nd February 2020
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Hi all. I am using Topaz 8 at my home studio at current moment, but it needs some repairs. I have an opportunity to buy a nearly...

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coriolis1986 2nd February 2020
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I was in a Price Chopper parking lot the other day when this song caught my attention. I could hear the snare from inside...

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Grant Ransom 2nd February 2020
Avatar for themuffinmaker

Hi. Please bear in mind I am a complete sapling when it comes to gear. I’ve done research to figure out what’s best for my...

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dc_r 2nd February 2020
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Hi, does anyone know a good and thrustworthy Technician who is able to repair a Meazzi Factotum ('All Transistor') in or around...

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ostranenie 2nd February 2020
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hi everyone, i guess this will be quickly answer (i hope) i have purchased a Roland sbf 325 flanger here is my problem...

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Avatar for Analogue rocks
Analogue rocks 2nd February 2020
Avatar for Tilguitar18

Hello all, I was excited to get a great price on a used Audient ID22 from Sam Ash, that was supposedly in perfectly functional...

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gnotgnot 2nd February 2020
Avatar for Megalomando

If I were to have the RME Fireface UCX 36-Channel USB, it only allows for two XLR inputs. I have several mics which all need...

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justmusic 2nd February 2020
Avatar for kilinc

I’ve just moved into my new room, acoustic treatment on the way and I’m ready to get a new set of monitors to replace my...

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kilinc 2nd February 2020
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Are there any solutions available to combine the signals of two digital cables (optical or S/PDIF) into one optical cable? Say...

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ds11 2nd February 2020
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Hi yall, hope everyones having a great weekend. So I have a question I hope you can help me out with. Im ready to pull the...

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charlieclouser 2nd February 2020
Avatar for EarlG

Hardly a word anywhere about the new DDA DM12 and DM16 analogue mixers. The Quick Start guide for both units, located only on the...

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Avatar for monkeyxx
monkeyxx 1st February 2020
Avatar for NikolajD

Hi. I need some opinions for the smartest investment for buying studio gear. Current recording setup: Warm Audio WA12-500...

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NikolajD 1st February 2020
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

What are your thoughts of a hardware monitor control that offers mono, and left or right speaker control vs just doing the same...

Glenn Bucci
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Glenn Bucci 1st February 2020
Avatar for AVaughn

Hi everyone, In the upcoming weeks I'll be recording the drums for a track i'm working on, nothing fancy, i'll be moving my...

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joeq 1st February 2020
Avatar for Sunshy

I have 3 of these mics with no clips. Are there any clips anyone know of like on Amazon or something that will work with the D112?

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Avatar for Kronos147
Kronos147 1st February 2020
Avatar for Pikz7

How we doing slutz ? Was wondering if I could get your opinion on my studio monitor situation and if you fancied helping me out....

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Deleted 10089a2 1st February 2020
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Hi there, I have had a hard time finding any info about how these two incredible records were engineered etc, I am very...

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SamplingPerson 1st February 2020
Avatar for Glenn Bucci

What do owners like and not like about the Apollo X8? How are the headphone outputs and are they high end or woukd you recommend...

Glenn Bucci
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Avatar for homespunaudio
homespunaudio 1st February 2020
Avatar for MattyJoe

I'm an experienced engineer, so I already know that ideally you NEVER want to just turn off a Furman rack with a bunch of gear...

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Avatar for junkshop
junkshop 1st February 2020
Avatar for FranciscoFrugoni

Hi, I just found two nice vintage VU meters and I wanted to know if they can be connected to the headphone output of my monitor...

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Avatar for FranciscoFrugoni
FranciscoFrugoni 1st February 2020
Avatar for Lance Lawson

Just about every new condenser microphone being offered today claims a certain high frequency boost but why? Since virtually...

Lance Lawson
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Rec_Eng 31st January 2020
Avatar for mikoo69

Having an issue with my BAE1073MPF. The right channel is producing a low level hum. I've figured out that it happens when I turn...

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Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 31st January 2020
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ChayaFFM 31st January 2020
Avatar for dickiefunk

Hi, It would appear one of my new tube LDC’s has moisture on the capsule as I’ve been getting various crackles and wind...

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wrgkmc 31st January 2020
Avatar for ghostofwoolfy

Just starting out and been doing a lot of head scratching and checking out reviews. I've managed to get a couple of bits of kit...

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Avatar for Pikz7
Pikz7 31st January 2020
Avatar for Mend

Title is self explanatory. I'm trying to fix the knob not resetting all the way to 0. Rather, it goes beyond (CCW). And where it...

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Mend 31st January 2020
Avatar for AVaughn

Hi everyone, I hope I am asking this question in the right part of the forum (it appears to be the most relevant one, at...

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AVaughn 31st January 2020
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good night bros, excuse my poor english, can u say me how i can make the voice automatization of billie eilish in should see me...

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Avatar for morty_d
morty_d 31st January 2020
Avatar for B. Toast

I'm really not a fan of the stock tube that's in my Avantone BV-1. Anyone have recommendations for a replacement?

B. Toast
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Avatar for B. Toast
B. Toast 31st January 2020
Avatar for garyjones42

Hey, Been trying to decide on my headphones for producing/mixing when i am unable to use monitors. I produce mainly edm and hip...

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garyjones42 31st January 2020
Avatar for danibert

Hi guys, got a new Yamaha A5000 sampler and just getting into it. Just found out that "Loop to End" Mode in Edit...

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Avatar for xxxxxl
xxxxxl 31st January 2020
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Deleted baa19f3 31st January 2020
Avatar for Charlie_vZ

Hello GS, I own an Oberheim (Viscount) MC2000 and I have lost the instruction manual (actually I'm not sure I ever had one)....

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Avatar for Charlie_vZ
Charlie_vZ 31st January 2020
Avatar for carbon

Was this a licensing issue where SSL wouldn't allow other manufacturers to build? What's the story here? It seems like x-rack is...

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Avatar for Glenn Bucci
Glenn Bucci 31st January 2020
Avatar for Trisso

Hi Guys, Please see attachment. Saw it on a documentary, does anybody know what it is? :cowbell::cowbell::cowbell: Edit =...

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Avatar for Trisso
Trisso 31st January 2020
Avatar for Its Mork

Since I discovered its existence the SiX is the heart of my little setup and I just love it! But as already mentioned in the...

Its Mork
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Avatar for Its Mork
Its Mork 31st January 2020
Avatar for Billenius

Hi guys! Many of you recommend cinder block monitor stands. Right now I have those cheap stands with a triangle base and they...

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Avatar for thermal
thermal 31st January 2020