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What do you guys think about a WA73 pre amp vs the uad 1073? I have a apogee audio Interface which i am happy with. I would...

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miqer 6th February 2020
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Back in the early 2000s I used to use a 32/8 A&H console for mixing. I eventually sold it as I DAW's got better, I got some...

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szyam 6th February 2020
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Hi guys. I need some suggestions on a cheap 4 (Or 6 Channel) Mic Preamp? Needs to be only 1u also. The reason I say 4 (Or 6 in...

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konkon 6th February 2020
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seriously, I was going to buy one but not going to anymore I also did sound clip checks on Thomann and the Rode is not at...

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Nick Tammer 6th February 2020
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Just curious about this. I've never really done anything outside of musical recording. I'm assuming for a final mix, you don't...

Shannon Adkins
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CJ Mastering 6th February 2020
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Hi, What’s the name of this mic? https://imgur.com/gallery/pxmHrGA

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aviorrok 6th February 2020
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Hello guys easy question, I’ve acquired a couple sound module rack units and samplers and would like to control them through a...

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BIG BUDDHA 6th February 2020
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I've been searching for that thing all night and cant remember who did it. I can swear I saw a product called Cube or...

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Martel80 6th February 2020
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I am so excited to have my first bit of nice outboard gear in a new Bae 1073MPF. But I'm a bit disappointed with how loud the...

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dinidar524 6th February 2020
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I find the r121 captures low frequencies nicely, however I don't like the slow transient response. Swapping it around to the...

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elegentdrum 6th February 2020
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Wow, I'm not usually this prompt with matters of news. Look at me, the first one to post...

Matthew Murray
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Paul Vnuk Jr. 6th February 2020
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Just wanted to say these guys are AMAZING. I had an issue in one of my MM35s that I bought (sight-unseen!) from Craigslist. I...

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dranzangos 6th February 2020
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Hello, I want to try using a compressor with my Slate VMS mic. (I know that's not the intended setup for using the VMS but I do...

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rcprod 6th February 2020
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I'm here once again to ask y'all what mic do you guys think I should get for under 350€. I've got semi treated room (heavy...

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johannburkard 6th February 2020
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Hello Slutz! I was wondering if anybody had compared the Portico 5012 and the 511 preamps in person? Or if anybody had compared...

Joshua Wise
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Ox Han 6th February 2020
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Hi there! I was wondering if anyone out there is doing a mod service similar to the Oktavamod for the Rode NT1 (NOT the...

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mburghard 5th February 2020
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Actually I have three questions for those familiar with U67, their unique design, and specifically the kit offered by...

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purplenoise 5th February 2020
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I’m in the market for a good and affordable 1073 clone. The premier line from GA has me interested but I can’t find any...

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miqer 5th February 2020
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Hi folks, I've just picked up an Eventide H3000S, upgraded to D/SE, and I have been slowly going through the presets (but...

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HSLand 5th February 2020
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Hey guys, I’m still learning my new (old :-) SSL4000 console and I got a question: When I send my main signal out of the...

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Skip Burrows 5th February 2020
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I am building a pair of Dany Buchard's 87 clones and I'm trying to determine which capsule/transformer combo gives me the more...

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Riinehart 5th February 2020
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Have way too much stuff, including some high end and some "middle to upper middle class" stuff that I simply do not...

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Bushman 5th February 2020
Avatar for OK GO

My productions are entirely ITB with some recorded content running through my UA 6176 or API A2D as a front end - into ProTools...

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Avatar for HSLand
HSLand 5th February 2020
Avatar for Svenjamison

Having a bit of a bother tracking these down. Event wants me to send the whole monitors back to replace the tweeters! Not exactly...

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Avatar for Squeeth
Squeeth 5th February 2020
Avatar for kaiser_of_1kHz

A friend of a friend was showing us a metal album he was working on, and it sounded muffled. In a really nice way. Its a bit like...

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deedeeyeah 5th February 2020
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I just bought this M88 off ebay. I plugged it into my Forte, recorded some vocals and the low-end frequencies are completely...

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JaggerIF 5th February 2020
Avatar for 7up partridge

Certainly not a big deal, it's a very low level noise and only lasts for a couple minutes - but it does make me suspicious that a...

7up partridge
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7up partridge 5th February 2020
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I’ve just seen a store in the UK has dropped its prices on the Klark Teknik compressors to £181 for the KT-76 and £271 for...

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GreenNeedle 4th February 2020
Avatar for benvigil

I'm thinking of picking up a Behringer UMC204HD/UMC404HD and can't find any specs on the headphone amps in there. Namely, will...

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Rolavine 4th February 2020
Avatar for troutstudio

On my quest for a new interface for my studio, I asked an experienced music retailer what he recommended. It was an interesting...

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wolfger 4th February 2020
Avatar for Confucio

Hello, I'm setting up a recording studio in the next month or so. Depending on the budget I'm looking at ordering either a...

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Confucio 4th February 2020
Avatar for Broken whammy

Hello I am fooling around with a DS201, I have seen some mentions that it can be used as a de-esser but can't find clear...

Broken whammy
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Broken whammy 4th February 2020
Avatar for smoothmoniker

anyone know where to get rubber bands for mic shock mounts? they seems to go bad very quickly, and I'd like to stock up. -sm

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oldgrowthtone 4th February 2020
Avatar for analoguedoofus

Hi guys, I'm currently sat (not literally) on boxes and boxes of old band demos recorded on cassette and i'm looking to...

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analoguedoofus 4th February 2020
Avatar for Prank

Hi guys need mic recommendations please thank you :) Already have a Tlm 103 For hip hop vocals only Drake sort of hook style...

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uros_86 4th February 2020
Avatar for nwtlnts

I bought a Microtech Gefell UM71 cardioid LDC- the capsule is an M71, silver- but I really don’t know which body I have. Anyone...

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nwtlnts 4th February 2020
Avatar for mikoo69

Has anyone ran a 1073 as a line amp to add color when tracking, after a different preamp. I own a BAE1073MPF w/ HPF and am going...

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mikoo69 4th February 2020
Avatar for Moondog007

OK so go easy on my highly challenged technical brain..... I have tried to read everything else on gearslutz first before...

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dc_r 4th February 2020
Avatar for derrek_clay

Hey all — So I’m looking for a second microphone to compliment my Heil PR40 on kick drum. I love the PR40 for it’s tight...

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Avatar for Mario-C.
Mario-C. 4th February 2020
Avatar for NerdyFiddler

Hi folks, “Quick” question here... I have been looking at mixers for a bit now, to complete a new part of the gear I...

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NerdyFiddler 4th February 2020
Avatar for jdurango

In researching oldschool Ampex tube-based reel-to-reels, I've heard people knock the 354, mainly because it can't be converted to...

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cathode 4th February 2020
Avatar for Sigma

When i started out engineering, i thought that getting the best "most natural homogenous" sound was the goal.. then...

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Noisewagon 4th February 2020
Avatar for OrphicTrench

Greetings, I read a couple of threads here and there, but I thought it would be easier if I asked you directly which mic you...

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Avatar for OrphicTrench
OrphicTrench 4th February 2020
Avatar for mikoo69

Very interested in the 6176 and wondering how it compares to the 610 and an 1176 separately? I currently have an 1176LN and...

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kennybro 3rd February 2020
Avatar for neurosport

ok so for my speech recording needs have these options: 1 - AKG C4500B-BC with its horrendous response on paper, the fact that...

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Avatar for Aural Endeavors
Aural Endeavors 3rd February 2020
Avatar for tsujigiridubs

Hello fellow slutz! Ive been in the process of building a hybrid set up to get some real tasty saturation that i have been...

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2N1305 3rd February 2020
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tsujigiridubs 3rd February 2020
Avatar for passenger

hey guys, I was chatting with this company last year about repairing my PL-20. Sometime has passed, and i'd like to send out...

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Avatar for Jbl3rd
Jbl3rd 3rd February 2020
Avatar for LevinGuitar

The mxl arrived with a 5 star 5751 WA tube inside, it's the old one, isn't it? The rest seems to be original. Sorry for my slow...

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Avatar for LevinGuitar
LevinGuitar 3rd February 2020
Avatar for babydaddymusic

I have a smaller space and I have a recording desk that I bought from Sweetwater. Even with a smallish monitor (screen) My NS10's...

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Avatar for mrfantastic
mrfantastic 3rd February 2020