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I know there are going to be a few new thread created with 9 coming out, but I figured this might be a useful one since it opens...

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Joeytpg 5th November 2010
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OnceMe 5th November 2010
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Sorry for the lack of info guys. I will be using for as many things as possible i guess! Vocals mainly, and as a room mic for...

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joelpatterson 5th November 2010
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I trying to understand the use of reverb a bit better on vocals. Whenever I use it, it always seems to a bit big and noticable. ...

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Froombosch 5th November 2010
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I'd rather not spend more than I have to, but I'm willing to go up to a max ceiling of $1500 or so (which would mean financing...

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mattsearles 5th November 2010
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I'm looking into experimenting with a headset mic for myself. I will be doing a few one man shows (a la Howard Jones) and want to...

Ken Walker
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Ken Walker 5th November 2010
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Hypothetical case: Your (US) city has an arena football franchise. On spec, you submit a fully-produced 3-minute anthem dedicated...

Curve Dominant
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Curve Dominant 5th November 2010
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I started out with a Logic/Apogee Ensemble/MacBook Pro setup and moved happily currently to a Metric Halo 2882 (with 2D/DSP/MIO)...

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Niconic 5th November 2010
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boy, do I miss the south...going back for thanksgiving though The Muscle Shoals Sound - Americana | VBS.TV

Teddy Ray
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Teddy Ray 5th November 2010
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I need a good brass section to record a handful of parts for an album i'm producng. The band supplied abrass group you weren't...

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jonathan jetter 5th November 2010
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I have a 909 and a 606. Recently to sync everything to my DAW (Logic) I bought a Doepfer MSY2. I have set up the gear as...

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BarnFaction 5th November 2010
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Is Johnny on this board? Has anyone worked with him? Would love to hear how he went about getting this snare sound: Trapt...

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Cookie 5th November 2010
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Was tracking with my Tascam 38 when... somebody distracted me in the middle of a reel rewind and the tape ran out. At full...

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illacov 5th November 2010
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Hi, Im on the verge of buying the Quested S8r's. I have a £2000 budget which they fall perfectly into. Have heard they are...

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IndigoBandit 5th November 2010
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I found a few other posts like this, but all from years back. I'm looking for contracts like the ones featured here. Product...

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hunthearin 5th November 2010
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eeerrr i posted on it a few weeks ago..in the native thread..sooooooo get plugged in to local recording groups the...

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Deleted 6ccb844 5th November 2010
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hi, i want to get back to the old sound ... i now recorded on tape and use some goods preamps (sca , UA, altec ) i want to go...

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keiffer 5th November 2010
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Never thought I'd see the day. Look! Flying pigs!

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CassidyGT 5th November 2010
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Some guy traded in a bunch of stuff at work and really didn't want his MOTU 2408 mk2s, I guess, because he just gave them to us,...

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wineredno1 5th November 2010
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hardly looking for that one. not big, just punchy. and dry and more dark than bright. guess it would be a dynamic as of all mics...

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waxx 5th November 2010
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anyone here know any techy details about the recording of this record? i believe it was done at jane seymours house in...

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monkeyxx 5th November 2010
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What's the difference with the i/o modules? Will a 192 i/o work with hd2? hd3? I'd really like a cheaper i/o PT alternative, but...

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McDingus 5th November 2010
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Thanks for your time and consideration, Dallas studio folks! ASCAP has partnered with America SCORES, a charitable organization...

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vitaminseal 5th November 2010
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Basically I have been able to get a good amount of time at work recently to focus on music so I have started bringing my laptop...

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Robert Bressler 5th November 2010
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now i am all messed up. have and hd3 pci-x with an older g5. bought in to the pci to pcie exchange hd1 for 1800. so i have...

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jrhager84 5th November 2010
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Ok so I've bought my dream mic. The Lauten Horizon, the tone is so thick I can almost taste it. For my serious projects I'll...

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pan60 5th November 2010
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Fairlight Xynergi HD 96 Channel Media Production Turnkey Desktop System with Edit Controller Hi all! Features are...

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egoEgo 5th November 2010
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Hey there, so I have a couple of questions on the Native Instruments Maschine, it looks pretty interesting to me right...

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noggin 5th November 2010
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I'm new, be gentle. My starting gear is a Guitar and Audiophile 192 pci interface for PC. I need a pre-amp for my acoustic...

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BradLyons 5th November 2010
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not a review, just a thumbs up. thumbsup i picked up a pair second hand at L&M about a month ago, and i have to say i have...

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Bopkit 5th November 2010
Avatar for Polychuck

please, i need your experience advice before i get in the studio with a band that pays! i love these mics EV635a ,57, AT4050, 421...

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James Lugo 5th November 2010
Avatar for julian.david

Folks, In addition to our new AEA ribbon microphone we also are going to have an amazing line-up of industry professionals at...

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David R. 5th November 2010
Avatar for mds

Hey guys... Trying to keep things tidy in the studio and was considering putting some gear on top of my sub woofer. Its not a...

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Radiogal 5th November 2010
Avatar for thebigcheese

I picked up a nice Orange amp a little while ago and noticed some hum/hiss that I didn't notice on my Vox amp. Naturally, I...

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thebigcheese 5th November 2010
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Hi there, I'm looking for people with a "jailbroken" iPhone and a ProTools rig to help beta test a piece of software...

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Dreamsilent 5th November 2010
Avatar for sunnyb

i just scaled down from my nord stage classic to a nord electro 2. i only really used the nord for rhodes, wurly, and the very...

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IndigoBandit 5th November 2010
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It seems Musician's Friend has them for $498. Is this a good deal and if you were in the market would you buy it new from...

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vierge99 4th November 2010
Avatar for Darth Preamp

Hi there! Anyone have ANY experience with Emotiva amplifiers? I already did a search, and found pretty much nothing? Check it...

Darth Preamp
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BrandonFrisby 4th November 2010
Avatar for Deleted 20f5954

I just purchased my second vintage Neotek. My first is a 24x8 series 1e.....and now a 16x8 series 1e. The first one sounds so...

Deleted 20f5954
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Andbaek 4th November 2010
Avatar for Mandyman

Dear Slutz! howdy Love this forum, can't learn enough! After a lot of infos picked up on gs, I made myself an idea of how my...

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Mandyman 4th November 2010
Avatar for thekidpaypa

I was wondering if it's ok to hang my mic like this? Does it effect sound and will it damage the mic?

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McDingus 4th November 2010
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After doing a recent batch of mixes for my new project, I realized that I'd really like to mix OTB and incorporate more of my...

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e-are 4th November 2010
Avatar for music_girly

Hey guys, Sorry if this is in the wrong space - I figured someone must have a M-audio keystation 88ES and be able to put me in...

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music_girly 4th November 2010
Avatar for Keithtron

My band is gearing up for live shows, and we'll be using a PC live. I've never used a computer live before, and it's little...

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Keithtron 4th November 2010
Avatar for herokiller

Hi, I just bought a 4 track Tascam tape recorder. It's been many years since I used cassettes so I'm not really sure what to...

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Illmo 4th November 2010
Avatar for shaddai

Bopped through they're website for the first time in months to notice they've made a new web store & are stating they have...

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BFrederick 4th November 2010
Avatar for steffenb

so here is the story, a guy from africa contacted me thru facebook to record an album. thing is i did not got a proper...

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steffenb 4th November 2010
Avatar for mike vee

My setup is as follows: (A) Profire 2626 connected through firewire (main interface) (B) Profire 2626 connected to the first...

mike vee
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mike vee 4th November 2010
Avatar for Fandango

I'm looking into adding a single channel compressor to my chain, mostly for vocals between a Golden Age Pre-73 and a Fireface...

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Fandango 4th November 2010
Avatar for BSAchop

Anyone ever hear of this thing? It's from an old radio station, just wondering if it would be useful for any type of music...

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BSAchop 4th November 2010