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Last night NewYorkBrass.com my associate and co-producer Erin and Jonathan 'Dusties' Bucio (Also known as 'not-Mo', who gave her...

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newyorkbrass 19th November 2010
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Hey there, has anyone got to build/try the D11 active DI by Seventhcircle? I have an N72 and C84 and would be really interested...

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mdmitch2 19th November 2010
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Hi, I did look through some other threads but they aren't as focused as what I am looking for. I have done a lot of experimenting...

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KEATON3am 19th November 2010
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Backstreets.com: Springsteen News

Teddy Ray
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Teddy Ray 19th November 2010
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I'm using pro tools 8 HD and when using the guitar amps in the the control room, the guitar is picking up the sound of the track...

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eddieb 19th November 2010
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Hi Everyone! Just curious what people think of Vintech these days... I recently got a 273 and it sounds fantatic! It's a...

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secombs 19th November 2010
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Is there ANY way to do this with decent results? I really don't want to have to re-track... mezed

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ben_allison 19th November 2010
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I'm recording a demo for a band in their rehearsal space this weekend. They run through a Macke 1640i with FireWire card. I was...

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jbg08 19th November 2010
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Don't know if you guys have seen this yet. Got a chance to talk to these dudes about this session Sunday before they literally...

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BCAUTS 19th November 2010
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So, is mono compatibility important in this day and age? Should we worry about our mixes in mono, even if they sound great in...

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waxx 19th November 2010
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In your experience which model/ brand of boom stands have worked the best for Coles 4038 on Drums Overheads? These Mics are a bit...

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Steffmo 19th November 2010
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I just got a Tone King Imperial and it sounds great but I'm trying to record it and am getting too much amp hiss that is more...

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BasHermus 19th November 2010
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This is Dylan at Newport '65. I've seen (and heard) this mic on many films from the era and it sounds great, but after an hour of...

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Matti 19th November 2010
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I have the microkorg and have been using it and ableton's built-in soft synths (Analog, Operator), mostly ableton's garbage...

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tyler1205 19th November 2010
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Hi Folks, Had a look for a relevant thread that would answer this question without much luck, and I'm sure there's someone out...

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Andy-Focusrite 19th November 2010
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Hi everyone, Ive been reading this forums for years and I think this is the only time I had to actually start a thread to find...

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StratSvante 19th November 2010
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So I've decided it's just impossible to get my good mixes to sound professional when I master them myself. I'm looking for...

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old ghost 19th November 2010
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hi there just one stupid question: is the multiface and the adi8 doing aproximately the same thing, with quality of converters...

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raqim 19th November 2010
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Just wondering what your opinions are of the DIY kits available. A lot of them claim to imitate previous, popular hardware...

Edward Shnapper
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junior 19th November 2010
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I joined this site about a month ago. Nothing huge has happened but one of my tracks was recently put on the featured music...

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BlueFire 19th November 2010
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Hey Slutz I'm looking for a different way to capture a guitar cabinet's sound. I love how my Royers sound on it but I still want...

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KRStudio 19th November 2010
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Are the Mogami cables really that much better than the Pro Co stuff? I've got a fair bit of Pro Co in my system right now and...

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southsounder 19th November 2010
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Hey Folks. Thanks for all your advise through and through and I need your advise again!! Here is where I am at in terms of...

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CJ1973 19th November 2010
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What's the best method for recrding on the D1600 and then sending the mix over to the ML9600. Should I use 16 bit or 24 bit? ...

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Jimmi Accardi 19th November 2010
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Does anyone know a resource for Blank amp templates for writing in settings? I don't think this is a new idea or anything I just...

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dysenterygary 19th November 2010
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If you could make the Mac optical input recognize ADAT lightpipe protocol. This would simply be a software thing, wouldn't it?...

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blakegaston 19th November 2010
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I dont want to believe this haha, because i love the song mainly for the way its sung and the tone of his voice but on the...

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dream 19th November 2010
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I really cannot believe how good this plugin sounds over a rock mix I'm doing. Jesus Christ.. Superfused, middle mode, perfect....

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dream 19th November 2010
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Here is an improvised jam I just finished mixing. 414 and 57 on the guitar. Bass DI. Drums recorded in my home studio (i play the...

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stevelindsay 19th November 2010
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I bought two old "blonde" MD421 mics, neither one has a clamp (that goes to micstand) and the other one has a broken...

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Ronski 19th November 2010
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There is a black microphone (U47 type with Neumann type head basket) about midway into this video. I am curious if anyone knows...

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CJ1973 19th November 2010
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I'm using a shadow hills mono Gama on steel setting as my API style pre sound. I notice there is definitely a boost in the higher...

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beau_mckee 19th November 2010
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Hi, Is it ok to rack a Son of a Q underneath a Mac Pro and extra Hard Drives? Is there a chance I could loose or damage any...

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jpupo74 19th November 2010
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trying to mix totally otb and building fx as $$$ allows i have a lexcon pcm70 and i love it... love the "tiled room"...

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Shaft 19th November 2010
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ok so now that i have several guitar amps, and will soon have more, for the studio, i am looking into ways to have them all wired...

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nonamesleft 19th November 2010
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ok so i bought a ksm32 about a week and half ago and have been doing alot of testing with it. Problem is i dont think is right...

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etrella 19th November 2010
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i have a subwoofer that has a volume adjustment on it... how can i be sure this accurately representing the mix and that i dont...

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Yfoiler 19th November 2010
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Anyone advise what would do the job best for Master Buss compression to add a little warmth and glue the mix?

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BarefootStudios 19th November 2010
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I was using a presonus firebox, which recently **** the bed, so am i looking for a new recording interface. I am using Win7, and...

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lobby 19th November 2010
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My 1972 U87 needs a capsule rebuild. I'm corresponding with someone who does this... he threw me by saying he would need to...

Shiny Beast
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vintagelove 19th November 2010
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Sorry everyone in advance for the mouthful, this is my first post: Meeker, Storyville, are you out there? I’ve...

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EzekielNoise 19th November 2010
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79_Limited 18th November 2010
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Hey there, so I just got a Lynx Aurora 8 with an LT FW card. It`s enough for what I do, I am not tracking more than 3 tracks...

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kittonian 18th November 2010
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Good morning Slutz! When discussing or reading about music (mainly in a mix or gear's desired effect context), references to...

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Synonym Music 18th November 2010
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All, So I am really, really thinking about selling a few of my old vintage amps (1985 Marshall JCM 800 50 watt, and a 87ish Mesa...

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IntelDoc 18th November 2010
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Hi everyone i have a Tascam M600 i came across it's setup in my small garage project studio i was wondering if anyone here could...

1602 productions
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jlaugh87 18th November 2010
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Both I hear are wonderful boards. My local music store is selling an Amek TAC Scorpion 24 channel for $600. I was also looking...

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Bob Ross 18th November 2010
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I currently have Pro Tools HD 8 running on a Mac Mini 2.4 Ghz dual core processor with 2 GB Ram (brand new) Our bands current...

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psycho_monkey 18th November 2010
Avatar for Mattchen

This might seem like a stupid question to the engineer pro. But I just put up studio foam (the black wavy stuff) for the first...

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Ethan Winer 18th November 2010
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So I am really into the convenience of a recording interface/console like this. I am just curious how you would bypass a...

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jlaugh87 18th November 2010