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Hi all, I have an old Behringer MDX2000; I know: not top-shelf equipment, but it was free! One minor problem -- one of the...

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Gertius 12th February 2020
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Hi all, In general, not for long term storage, what’s the best way to store guitars, banjos, violins, etc? Wall mount? Floor...

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ccg 12th February 2020
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I am considering to buy a mackie onyx 12 channels with firewire. As i understand, i could go straight from the mixer to my...

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devontodetroit 12th February 2020
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Are there any headphones with prominent mids like this between 1k-3k? https://i.imgur.com/FdJriCX.jpg

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goom 12th February 2020
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Hello! I did mics shoot out with: Slate VMS (clean, FG47, FG800, FG251) Manley Reference Cardioid AKG 414 XLS Audio-Technica...

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robsenz 12th February 2020
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Hello everyone, I'm considering the Zoom H5 (already have the H1, like it). I've researched a bit, read a few reviews,...

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XFer 12th February 2020
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Heyyyyyooooo i recently finished my basement build and Im using Adam A7's as my monitors that I've had for years. I know they...

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SecretSociety 12th February 2020
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Just figured since I bothered to take it I’d post it. I’m going thru every piece of gear and making a spreadsheet with all...

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aremos 12th February 2020
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Got myself an iRig37 Pro KB Controller. I did get it from amazon, so far, the controller loses touch with the Laptop , windows...

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theblue1 12th February 2020
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So, as luck would have it, I've got a little room in my budget for a Next Serious Toy. My rig is currently an odd-lot amalgam of...

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chessparov2.0 12th February 2020
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I recently purchased an old Studiomixer II Console. (and yes it is called a Studiomixer) and was wondering if anyone knows...

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Wadeb 12th February 2020
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Simple question time, looking to A/B some monitors around the $2000-3500 range on the west coast, but as far as I can see,...

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JoshuaE 11th February 2020
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I may be a little crazy, but I'm thinking a fun winter/spring project for my shop may be to fashion a RCA 44 series mic (of...

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Goldenvoice 11th February 2020
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I'm am painfully out of touch and never up on trends. This is a sincere question. When did drum mixes (and guitars too)...

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Gunadoo 11th February 2020
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Hey all, just acquired an RCA 74b on indefinte loan and was wondering how fragile these are. My friend who lent it to me said he...

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jpgerard 11th February 2020
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I'm about to get the symphony I/o system from them because it's tax free and free shipping. Just nervous in using them because no...

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mpresev 11th February 2020
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Hello all! I currently have a focusrite 18i20 + octopre, using mainly a 14 mic setup on drums, 3 on guitars / bass and 1 on...

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MediaGary 11th February 2020
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So, several years ago I switched from using an SM57 on snare top. I'd been working a lot with ****ty, unbalanced indie drummers,...

Six Feet Over
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gravyface 11th February 2020
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Hey all. When it rains, it pours! I found a sweet electric piano on Friday and on Sunday I found this: An Ace Tone X-3 combo...

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standingwave 11th February 2020
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I'm putting together a new input configuration for my studio, and I was considering buying an ASP800 to feed into the lightpipe...

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hedgehognrown 11th February 2020
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My mixer has a TRS Insert Connector on the rear for each ch. I have a 16 ch TRS to TRS connected and a 48ch TRS Patchbay which...

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kennybro 11th February 2020
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Hello, My name is Franz and even tho I'm new to the forum, as a visitor I've always found all the answer I needed here....

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Reesnat 11th February 2020
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Hi Everyone. I've got a pair of Event Project Studio 8. Not the best in the world, but they'll certainly get the job done...

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caseyleesharp 11th February 2020
Avatar for Lazer Toms

I'm a producer and would like to get some input on a hypothetical situation. A singer/songwriter has never recorded before....

Lazer Toms
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BIG BUDDHA 11th February 2020
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Im currently using HD280 as tracking phones but Im looking for some in ears which are easier to carry around. There are so...

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Osse_87 11th February 2020
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Please add links to tape recordings and videos. bumpkin

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Sounds Great 11th February 2020
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Just purchased a vintage U87, looking to find the date of manufacture. Serial is # 13.168. Capsule looks to be in too good...

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Klaus 11th February 2020
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Hi everybody, I'm currently searching the web to find out what RCA Studios (Los Angeles) used in the 60's. Most major...

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Sigma 11th February 2020
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So I just picked this up on Craigslist. Very interesting. So far I'm loving it. I don't have a lot of personal experience with...

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Sigma 11th February 2020
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I messed up! I bought an M80 online with no power supply and I didn't do a search before I bought it to realize that they're...

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callmecarny 10th February 2020
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Searching for the schematic of a Siemens/WSW Studiomischpult 8-2 Anyone?...

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rhino666 10th February 2020
Avatar for VoiceShow

I'm in the market for a tracking compressor for a VO studio, and it's come down to one of the 2 listed in the subject line. I'd...

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Avatar for Glenn Bucci
Glenn Bucci 10th February 2020
Avatar for burns46824

I bought my Publison DHM 89 B2 from a French Canadian producer a few years ago and, thankfully, was able to find the schematics...

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wwittman 10th February 2020
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I hear some music on itunes more than standard . what is last true standard ? for example I test Bille Eilish on my I-tunes...

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theblue1 10th February 2020
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I've had this DI box for many years now and love it. When I originally picked it up during my early college years, I thought it...

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tymish 10th February 2020
Avatar for thelessiknowtheb

I just bought a pair of DT-880 premium after testing it for a month, along with K702. They sounded nice and I preferred them to...

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thelessiknowtheb 10th February 2020
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Hey All, I use Logic Pro X (don't love it, use it :-) ) Lately I've been importing lots of samples/audio intro...

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RoyFan 10th February 2020
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I got a Vermona PH-16 several years back and stuck it in my rack. It's gone largely unused until recently, when I decided to...

The Mule
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gabjam 10th February 2020
Avatar for v241

Hi there, I have been offered these monitor-stands. Sorry for the bad picture! The glass on top does not belong to it. Does...

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v241 10th February 2020
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Hi, I have a 949, that makes lots of odd noises and needs alot of warming up. Does anyone know anyone skilled in London who...

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drzygote 10th February 2020
Avatar for brianellefson

Im in the middle of a studio build out. This week I'm wiring a lot of my outboard gear via tuchel connectors to the patch bay on...

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jpgerard 10th February 2020
Avatar for DG Hall

Hi everyone, I was in the hunt for a workhorse mic in the 251 tone category. I already own two original AKG C12's, but I want...

DG Hall
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jpgerard 10th February 2020
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Hi folks. Ive never seen a comparison between these two monitors before but they seem to have a similar purpose. Both are...

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Avatar for doliveros
doliveros 10th February 2020
Avatar for Chaotic

For hip hop vocals (mostly). I was thinking of getting a channel strip, now I might go for individual components. I use a Shure...

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vs5900 10th February 2020
Avatar for laughton

I just found out about this VHS series that Eddie Kramer did called "Adventures in Modern Recording" and can't find it...

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Avatar for Ed Driscoll
Ed Driscoll 10th February 2020
Avatar for Mister_Kenova

Hi all, To all that are recording a 6505+ into a torpedo live/etc, what volume/post knob do you prefer to set your 6505+ for...

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Mister_Kenova 10th February 2020
Avatar for joecandy

So i'm still using a 24 channel Radial splitter and running to a mixer for headphones. Are people still doing this, or is...

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psycho_monkey 10th February 2020
Avatar for omega75

Great vid, talks about making an echo chamber (!) at 4:46 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctWs_usT-BM

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RBHan 10th February 2020
Avatar for CPhoenix

I have an SSL-clone hardware bus comp. I've officially run out of mono outputs from my interface. However, I'd like to start...

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CPhoenix 9th February 2020
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Hello, trying to set up my guitar to sound like it does in Cubase, only with real physical pedals through a physical...

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mkeihl 9th February 2020