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Hello, this is my first post under my new user name, but have been a part of GS since approx. 2005. So hello again! Before...

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8TrackFlashback 1 day ago
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There are many ways to record an acoustic guitar but what are your favorite techniques that you like to use for capturing either...

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Landon Hook 1 day ago
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Hey everyone, I'm about to trade my almost new Lewitt LCT 440 Pure for a KSM32. I own a 440 Pure but a couple of weeks ago...

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angelojulioth 1 day ago
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Hi all, I would like to upgrade my interface. I'm currently using an M-Audio Delta 1010, which is a fossil. However, I don't...

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monkeyxx 1 day ago
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Morn, Trying to get A handle on the age of and MD 441-u Serial 001971...very low number. Anyone with an older very early...

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Phavior 1 day ago
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Anyone seen these on ebay? super cheap but looks decent, US company in KeyWest?

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haysonics 1 day ago
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Hey guys i just want to know for anyone who has tried nlp audio microphone, is it any good? the mic cost from 3000 euro to 5000...

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Omniman 1 day ago
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Mid-size room, minimal yet efficient acoustic treatment. Coming from small 5" woofers and having wanted a 3-way monitor for...

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Taivanski 1 day ago
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does anyone know which fuse holder is needed for an old soviet esko-100 tape delay multi fx unit? it was made by urals...

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aramism 2 days ago
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Hi all I am looking for Beesneez 7 pin valve cable schematic. I wrote to Ben and Veronica a while ago but had not heard from...

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kris.aps 2 days ago
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My low-budget synth setup is using an old, and I believe notorious, mixer... a Behringer Eurorack MX 602A that I bought about 20...

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Deep Water Music 2 days ago
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Hi all. I need to replace my Fostex pmo.4 speakers as one of them now hums, and am after recommendations on my replacement...

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SecretSociety 2 days ago
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Going way out on a limb here and wondering if anyone has an old dead Alpha-link lying around they'd consider parting with for...

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thousandyards 2 days ago
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I'll reveal which is which in due time. Both are 100% raw, no eq, compression, effects, and the overheads ONLY. Disclaimer:...

Gary D Olson
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Gary D Olson 2 days ago
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Well its been a long time since I've been on here. Anyways..long story short I was in Colombia with my wife when the quarantine...

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chessparov2.0 2 days ago
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Hi Slutz I am contemplating between these 2 monitors, where I live I can't find any dealer that has them so I need your...

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zephonic 2 days ago
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I am in possession of two MD-409 mics from the 80s that, as hand-me-downs, never received any servicing until I recently decided...

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j.frad 2 days ago
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Should I upgrade my Rode NT2A to a Manley Reference C? Is it a worthy upgrade or should I not bother? If anyone knows, how is...

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musicfiend311 2 days ago
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I got a couple of their products and plan to buy more but I don't see much here about them so I thought it would be a good idea...

Skamm Goodiez
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Audionaut 2 days ago
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I am looking for some new studio monitors for mixing/mastering Trance music. I've tried the HEDD Type 07 MK2's and Adam Audio...

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Ootje98 2 days ago
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Hi to All! Can somebody help me to recreate this seq? Heard it so many times in old goa trance records....

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xarquid 2 days ago
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I am curious why some artists have such a distinctive voice that makes you want to listen. I hope it can be learned, i want to...

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scius 2 days ago
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Anyone try one of these yet? Looking for a fanless (i.e., noiseless) power amp for my NS10s around this price point ($800) and...

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mvvn1987 2 days ago
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Hey y'all Can anyone help identify what monitors these are, attached?

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thismercifulfate 2 days ago
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I really love the dynamic range of classical music. Are there rock albums with a similar range?

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softwareguy 2 days ago
Avatar for Peter Craft

Greetings, I have one of the original Toft ATB24 consoles and I'm considering an upgrade. I'd be looking in the ~15k budget...

Peter Craft
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alanhyatt 2 days ago
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If there are any...? like, if any presets that I can purchase from or for free? e.g. I have EQ-MP and other Softube Plugins...

Method Man
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Method Man 2 days ago
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When I started my home mix rig I had a pretty lackluster setup: KRK monitors, MBox, some Waves plugs etc. I'd like to think...

Black Diamond
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ChayaFFM 2 days ago
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I've been trying to get in touch with the folks at Aurora Audio on and off for months, regarding some technical issue with a...

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sdd17 2 days ago
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I'm looking to get a pair of budget but decent quality small condenser microphones for my home studio setup and am torn between a...

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szyam 2 days ago
Avatar for franktree

Has anyone had the opportunity to compare the Sontronics Delta I to the Sontronics Delta II? I've read that there were some...

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franktree 2 days ago
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hi everybody, i'm looking for advice ... i'm doing my 1st recording and i try to get a fat snare sound ... i'm almoste there...

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Jeroko 2 days ago
Avatar for StrykeBack

I'm not sure where the best spot to land this would be, but I decided to dip my feet back into music production and started...

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Derros 2 days ago
Avatar for sinesiren

Hey guys! I have an offer for a pair of Adam 2.5A's in good condition for 800€. The Eves SC208 are approximately the same...

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SecretSociety 2 days ago
Avatar for sirjuxtable

Hey All, I've read what little information I could find on this 8u transistor based preamp from Australia, but curious if any...

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sirjuxtable 2 days ago
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What do u think of it ? Did any one here use it and kept it ? I found one on eBay for 500 USD , is it worth the money ?

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deedeeyeah 2 days ago
Avatar for OwensDrumming

Hi guys, I’m looking to pick up a pair of either of these mics for my studio and I was wondering if the 122V is worth the...

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Penguino 3 days ago
Avatar for burke111

I live in the same city where the Sonic Farm stuff is made. I bought a Creamer Special Edition and am having a shootout with...

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Dave_Ionic 3 days ago
Avatar for Todd M

Someone I work closely with asked the handy person to paint his speakers white. I wrongly assumed that he would at the bare...

Todd M
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thismercifulfate 3 days ago
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So after a long search to upgrade my ADC these seem to be the two best contenders! abduction The only (slightly significant)...

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mikeraz 3 days ago
Avatar for jumpingboy

I have a Radial Voco-Loco that adds some buzz when I connect my condenser mic (PGA-98H). I have a hunch it is an issue with the...

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jumpingboy 3 days ago
Avatar for SDB_12

Hey all, Looks like these are out now, so wondering who’s heard them? I’m looking to replace a pair of Focal CMS 50s one...

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oneblackened 3 days ago
Avatar for silence2-38554

I can hardly find any info on this thing! Just picked it up a couple days ago at a swap meet for 20 bucks & it's in great...

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London Acoustics 3 days ago
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SaschaP 3 days ago
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hey there, i've been using an allen&heath GL4800 32-channel mixing board in conjunction with the direct outs going to an...

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schmolmo 3 days ago
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Rob 28 3 days ago
Avatar for Jules

So we have the streaming services all catching up in various ways. Remuneration to artists from streaming- remains very...

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loujudson 3 days ago
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GTRTony 3 days ago
Avatar for Rob Coates

Since people are now receiving their ZULU, and testing it, I think it's time for a new thread dedicated to ZULU. I got mine this...

Rob Coates
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Martel80 3 days ago
Avatar for Diegel

I always used Logic for creating monitor mixes and it's worked ok but lately I've been comparing singing while monitoring through...

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Diegel 3 days ago