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Hey there, I've tried and searched the forums but barely found anything about this unit and users experience... Sounds like...

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virtualgeezer 10th December 2010
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I recently bought a Yamaha MM8 used and have no clue if to record it using audio cables into my interface, or if to run a MIDI...

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da4gotten92 10th December 2010
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I've been hearing a lot about a pro tools 8 mod. I guess you can make LE function as HD 8. Is it a myth or is it legit?

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psycho_monkey 10th December 2010
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Anyone who have or had ? It's Class A ? Same headoom as V72 or V672 ? Other rewies are welcomed. LATER EDIT: Ok, gotcha. The...

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dalcl 10th December 2010
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Is there a way to turn off the power to the rack on the Brent Averills? I don't see any switches anywhere. On a related note,...

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ianbryn11 10th December 2010
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Just wondering how you guys deal with recording a rock album to a click, and the preproduction/scratch tracks that go along with...

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PEImatrix 10th December 2010
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I am mixing a few projects where I am using 60 tracks and my computer (Phenom ii triple core) can't take it anymore. General EQ...

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Slikjmuzik 9th December 2010
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Are those still the standard or is there something else?

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api2500 9th December 2010
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I imagine they go for more now than they did when you could buy them new, but it would be interesting to know! Anyone know?

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Mertmo 9th December 2010
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Hey guys, my little bit of research has yielded mostly confusing results. I was wondering if you guys could point me in the...

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rocksure 9th December 2010
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Is there anywhere i could look locally to get this thick foam cheapy like at the beginning of this video? Little Big TV -...

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psycho_monkey 9th December 2010
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What have I learned in 30 years of recording and what do I wish someone had told me to avoid me having to learn it the hard way...

My Tiny Circus
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Bob Ross 9th December 2010
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Anyone know anything about it. picked on up CHEAP and I have no clue. I haven't even tested it out yet.

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FatherTime 9th December 2010
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i have a tascam 2488 neo i have a few things that i need to know and they are critical things if i am correct the first thing is:...

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77766613 9th December 2010
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There is an Ampeg Super Stud on my local craigslist... It looks like an SG and its dirt cheap, I'm wondering if it worth getting...

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Rick Carson 9th December 2010
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Hey everyone, I have a question about old used tape machines Ive been seeing old Teac / Sony / Akai 1/4" tape machines on...

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BrianW 9th December 2010
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I don't have space to put the monitor pairs side-by-side, and I'm only using the Yorkville's for home theatre + occasional hifi...

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jchadstopherhuez 9th December 2010
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Ive heard good and bad things about the HP4... I would only need 4 headphones, so it seems like a good idea, but there are so...

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jlaugh87 9th December 2010
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I have a Mac Pro running Pro Tools 8 HD using a Rosetta 800 interface, I want the rosetta 800 to be recognized in Logic, does...

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kflory31 9th December 2010
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My brother currently owns an M3 organ and I'm trying to find him a leslie rotating speaker that will work with it. Unfortunately,...

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idylldon 9th December 2010
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I'v seen that this technology has been used for the last Orb featuring David Gilmour. Here is the link: 3D60™*:...

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DrDeltaM 9th December 2010
Avatar for epidemic44

I recently acquired a Frontier Tango 24 8 Channel A/D D/A converter to use with my DIGI 002r and pro tools. I cannot get the...

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epidemic44 9th December 2010
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Hi folks Just yesterday got the new babyface and wanted to share the first impressions. My previous interface is edirol UA-FX....

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Phaidon 9th December 2010
Avatar for JB Retro City

Bummer, My 6 month old Western Digital 500 Gig external HD crapped out with a live session and some nice overdubs I need back....

JB Retro City
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JB Retro City 9th December 2010
Avatar for ScumBum

I'm looking for a Free chromatic tuner plugin for protools . Or a cheap one thats worth buying because its really good .

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ScumBum 9th December 2010
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Hello there are loads of "tape simulator" plugins, some hardware ... but they're mostly emulating saturation. but...

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badmark 9th December 2010
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If I can get a vintage 441 for $250, is that better than getting a brand new 441 for $899? I want this mic to last a life time....

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Baroque 9th December 2010
Avatar for St. Augustine

So, trying to figure out my setup. I would like to know what people think about the mic pres on the Profire 2626 interface. ...

St. Augustine
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Slikjmuzik 9th December 2010
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For fun, just a little curious about what's on the horizon in regards to A/D D/A converters in the near future, be that 6 months...

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bluemix 9th December 2010
Avatar for Bilic

I would find it interesting to see how much people have improved over the years.. comparing an old track, to a more recent one. I...

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adathead 53 9th December 2010
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Has anyone tried this thing? Just looking at it has me all fired up to tweak some knobs. She looks like a tone shaping...

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Glenn Bucci 9th December 2010
Avatar for syliano

First of all I am new here so if I post this in the wrong section, I am sorry. Here's a little bit of background info: I am a...

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dickiefunk 9th December 2010
Avatar for patvsgodzilla

i'm a guitarist-singer and i've been trying a pair of Logitech Ultimate Ears 700 lately. they are plugged into an headphone amp...

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patvsgodzilla 9th December 2010
Avatar for ianbryn11

My toms, both floor and rack, ring like crazy when i play the kick and snare... I taped em up a bit, but they are still very...

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OceanMan 9th December 2010
Avatar for CJ1973

Hey Folks.. I am back to my research again and hope you can help. I am looking to find out the best Tube Preamp out there, that...

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-10dBfs 9th December 2010
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Despite ordering over a week ago, during their black friday sale, I still have not received a download link or shipping...

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Avatar for TonyBelmont
TonyBelmont 9th December 2010
Avatar for russellwolff

So, I recently started using my LiquidMix again after a long break (well-documented break in these forums). With the current...

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russellwolff 9th December 2010
Avatar for maskedman72

i only have 2 gold channels with quality conversion. my question is,on a drum kit where sould i utilize my 2 gold channels? so...

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cinealta 9th December 2010
Avatar for Jules

OK apart from a world war.. What coud change everything as we presently know it about recording? The $100 laptop? Apple...

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CodyD 9th December 2010
Avatar for coyot

Dangerous Minds | Deconstructing ‘Moonage Daydream’: Hear David Bowie in the Studio 1971 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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MikeFFG 9th December 2010
Avatar for gussyg2007

hi gs'rs I have recently took on an intern (son of a friend) Seemed keen at first but not so sure now Very shy with the coffee...

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McDingus 9th December 2010
Avatar for John N

After all the months (years?) of frenzied anticipation that many on GS have endured, I'm wondering what ever became of the Comp...

John N
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John N 9th December 2010
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nominated for best album art EVER... by me. http://img24.imageshack.us/img24/97/thebigpink.jpg mixed by Alan Moulder,...

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quantumpsych 9th December 2010
Avatar for John N

Anyone heard these? Someone commented that the KRKs may be repackaged Shures? I already have a pair of Shure SRH840, so wondering...

John N
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PDC 9th December 2010
Avatar for ReubenTobias

I make a lot of electronic music, and recently I stumbled across something to make (to my ears) the deepest and warmest bass...

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Avatar for Hardtoe
Hardtoe 9th December 2010
Avatar for aj633

I'm looking for a solution. We've been recording drums to Pro Tools LE via a Digi 002 for my band, and they just sound flat and...

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s.d.finley 9th December 2010
Avatar for Drooh

When I try to open a pt session the splash screen comes up and loads untill the DAE. It says DAE loaded, but then it just stays...

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Drooh 9th December 2010
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Hi all Whats your thoughts on the 2 monitors I have said ? Can any one tell me the pros and cons of each monitor...

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Norrie 9th December 2010
Avatar for John N

Anyone have an older (American made, I think) CAD E-300? Just wondering about this mic and if its significantly different than...

John N
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John N 9th December 2010
Avatar for Storyville

couple threads on this already, but mostly with dead links. I'm running optical cables from a bay at the rear of my control room...

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leutholl 9th December 2010