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Hey guys. So I'm thinking of buying some wave plugins maybe the gold bundle as they are 40% off this month. Are there any issues...

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Mushroomagical 25th December 2010
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for recording sessions in spring 2011 i am looking for an alternative to the studio used until now. what places are there? ...

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Deleted 99dc753 25th December 2010
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I published a few days ago, a thread about the Schoepes CMIT 5u being plugged into a Fostex FR 2 LE, field recorder. Since...

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John Willett 25th December 2010
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I'm buying an audio interface with the intention of playing live (using reason) and running that in stereo over the p.a. As well...

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RealMusician 25th December 2010
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No, nothing strange going on here, just wanted to grab your attention and wish you all a Merry Christmas!!!

Johnny Plant
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chessparov 25th December 2010
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SOS Jan 2011 just came out with a review of PT9. They mention that they had significant CPU spikes when trying to use the UAD...

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Slug1 25th December 2010
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AudioArts has a small, pretty cute console called AIR which is geared towards smaller radio studios etc. They're a very...

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petsematary 25th December 2010
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I'm all analog, and I need a piece to mixdown to so I can give my clients digital files/cd's. I was looking at both the...

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element47 25th December 2010
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Hey guys, Truth Custom Drums has just announced their release of some drum samples at TRUTH CUSTOM DRUMS and Truth Drum Samples...

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realmarkat 25th December 2010
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Here it is: Furman P1800 PF Power Factor Power Conditioner at AmericanMusical.com There's also a rackmount unit for a little...

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Acoustaholic 25th December 2010
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Ok just wanted to see what people are using are the moment, I hope that I've covered most commercial studio monitors with the...

mac black
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icecubeman 25th December 2010
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I've just been listening to Joe Walsh's Rocky Mountain Way..!! Great stuff..!! I'm intrigued if anyone know what the keys that...

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mslim 25th December 2010
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Hi all, being quite a newbie in the music production game i was wondering whether i could ask for some suggestions...

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hugoruben 25th December 2010
Avatar for bassmac

It seems a lot of people like using both an 1176 and LA2A on vocals. How/where do YOU use both of these? (from tracking to...

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loujudson 25th December 2010
Avatar for aj633

Is there a cheap/free software I could use for tracking with my 002 that would also read the lightpipe input on my Mac G5? I have...

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Avatar for Nelson89
Nelson89 25th December 2010
Avatar for brendley

Guys...I have used the Amek 9098 pre and eq's extensively and find them very usefull.....SOOOO how does the Amek pm 01 Eq range...

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wood&wire 25th December 2010
Avatar for koanz

so ive ruined christmas by getting an alesis micron from america, and not at all thinking about the fact that plugging it in here...

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koanz 25th December 2010
Avatar for CE_Music

Hi.... I'm looking at the c88 as an upgrade from my ns10m which I currently use as my main monitors..... They go down to 35 hz...

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jensenmann 25th December 2010
Avatar for Deleted 4205102

I've just heard news from a friend about Best Buy building studios in their testing locations. My friend talked to the manager in...

Deleted 4205102
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Avatar for Nelson89
Nelson89 25th December 2010
Avatar for Graal

Hello folks! I was in the mood for some good songs from the early 2000s and I remebered this song: Savage Garden - To the...

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Nelson89 25th December 2010
Avatar for -Noodles-

When delivering an EP - I usually ask for "comments", but recently some of the bands have included engineers.. So...

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Nelson89 25th December 2010
Avatar for CeeAsh

I have an average condensor microphone I got from a mbox bundle I started out with back a couple years ago :D And I haven't...

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u b k 25th December 2010
Avatar for pearldrum944

Hi, is there any way to change the master section meters to different channels than 1-2 (for stereo)? I am using a system that...

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pearldrum944 25th December 2010
Avatar for gizm770o

I am looking for a new recording interface. I want at least 8 mic inputs as 8 analog outputs and I would prefer to also have...

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gizm770o 25th December 2010
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Hey there- I need help deciding what to do... I really need a larger mixing console (currently using a 12/4/2 Tascam from the...

Deleted User
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Jonkr 25th December 2010
Avatar for dream

I just realized for as much complaining and whining as I did on this forum and the duc I never got a chance to formally thank the...

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SynthLine09 25th December 2010
Avatar for fataltone

(DOING CHRISTIAN RAP AND TRADITIONAL GOSPEL AND RnB TYPE OF GOSPEL) So I'll be using real bass,acoustic guitars and itb...

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fataltone 25th December 2010
Avatar for Hotstuff

Hi, Thank you Telefunken Elektroakustik team for the great t-shirt, tie pin and guitar pics you sent me just for participating...

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Avatar for Hotstuff
Hotstuff 25th December 2010
Avatar for asdfdsa

So I have a stereo reciever/ power amp and 4 speakers (pioneer) that can be powered (I think 200watts, 12'' speakers w/...

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asdfdsa 25th December 2010
Avatar for Shred

Our band recently purchased some equipment to record demos, but I feel like there is more noise on the tracks than than there...

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Avatar for AnthonyRochester
AnthonyRochester 25th December 2010
Avatar for mikeyrad

Anyone with any experience using these in the studio while mixing? Any pros and cons? I have one that Ive been using for...

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mikeyrad 25th December 2010
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Just wishing all you Aussie & Kiwi Slutz a Merry Christmas. Stay safe. And hope 2011 is kind to you. hooppie

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Ernie O 25th December 2010
Avatar for Boschen

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through Dub House Not a creature was stirring, not even Danger Mouse All the...

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Boschen 25th December 2010
Avatar for khai

I love my AT 4060. It's got a very soft attack with very sweet top end. A very smooth and elegant sounding LDC with enough...

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mossimo654 25th December 2010
Avatar for Deleted 6ccb844

Hi Gearslutz, Firstly a thankyou to alot of guys that has helped me out, it's coming to the end of the creation of my bands...

Deleted 6ccb844
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Deleted 6ccb844 24th December 2010
Avatar for Michael Conway

Hi guys, I am looking into buying Adam A8X's however I read that these are mid-field monitors. I don't mind paying the extra...

Michael Conway
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Avatar for Michael Conway
Michael Conway 24th December 2010
Avatar for bruceferraudi

I know monitors are sort of a personal thing but what do you think are the Best Monitors under $300 and why? Best under $600? ...

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Avatar for Johnny Plant
Johnny Plant 24th December 2010
Avatar for dumbo

I ordered a Genelec sub from them and it took more than 2 months to ship and almost 3 months to receive. During this time my...

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Avatar for dumbo
dumbo 24th December 2010
Avatar for jasyr

hiza, has anyone spent a bit of time with these and be able to tell me if the OT is different than MP2? if they sound basically...

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Avatar for Dave Davis
Dave Davis 24th December 2010
Avatar for dullfangs

Hi Can you mix a great sounding record using just the tools available on an SSL : Bus comp, channel eq and channel dynamics?...

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Avatar for Sarusan
Sarusan 24th December 2010
Avatar for abecedari

I am wondering about to change my old M-Audio soundcard, but I don't know if I my ears will notice improvements in the sound...

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Avatar for brockorama
brockorama 24th December 2010
Avatar for Bluepowder

Currently my signal chain is like this: Guitar - > amp(suhr badger) -> weber minimass(fully attenuated to provide speaker...

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Avatar for Bluepowder
Bluepowder 24th December 2010
Avatar for royalxvi

Does anyone have the Omnitrax Synergy desk and Euphonix MC Mix and Control surfaces? I'm asking because I recently got a Omnirax...

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Avatar for royalxvi
royalxvi 24th December 2010
Avatar for Black Animal

i will be moving to costa rica soon and have about 75,000 to spend on recording gear. what would be the easiest way to do this?...

Black Animal
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Avatar for FFTT
FFTT 24th December 2010
Avatar for Jesse_O

I will be running an AT 3035 for vocals into protools. I'm wondering what pres I should consider looking into without breaking...

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Avatar for Slikjmuzik
Slikjmuzik 24th December 2010
Avatar for Baroque

I've been talking to a sales guy from sweetwater... he's been very helpful! I've been trying to figure my PT9 switch, and he...

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Avatar for digibiu
digibiu 24th December 2010
Avatar for Dudevico

I've been mixing a project for one of my friends the last couple of days. He is a great singer and has a really good voice,...

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Avatar for Ron Vogel
Ron Vogel 24th December 2010
Avatar for Deleted 651cf92

i have just got my hands on a vortexion wvb tape recorder and i am now trying to get it working, does anybody have a manual for...

Deleted 651cf92
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Deleted 651cf92 24th December 2010
Avatar for Ronski

Hi! Does anyone here know about that "instrument"? Was there some kind of special trick in it or was it just Tommy Hall...

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Avatar for Ronski
Ronski 24th December 2010
Avatar for bendecido

I recently sold my trusty mpc 2k and am trying to move with the times and work more ITB. One of the biggest things i relied on...

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Avatar for systematika
systematika 24th December 2010