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Hey guys. Does anyone have any experience of using this plugin? I'd like to know if it's any good, and more specifically how it...

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Melopsmusic 25th February 2020
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What application would they be best used for?

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Pikelets 25th February 2020
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has anybody worked with the forssell smp-2b and the millennia media hv3 (not the 500 series versions)? they both are in the...

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deedeeyeah 25th February 2020
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On a drum bus for a song on a record I produced and mixed I boosted 8k at 5 db using Waves CLA Mix Hub. Console 1 SSL 4000, Waves...

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babydaddymusic 25th February 2020
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I've got a few single preamps, and am looking for a stereo set. My favorite on almost everything is the UA Solo 610 with either...

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Rec_Eng 25th February 2020
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I'm in need of a stereo compressor. I currently own a Rupert Neve 5043, an Aphex Compellor, and a Klark Teknik KT-76. I can't...

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drumandbass75 25th February 2020
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I've yet to get a mono OH to really work for me. I'm curious where the people using mono OH are placing the mic relative to the...

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Drumsound 25th February 2020
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I just got Tascam 22-4 recorder that powers on. I don't have any kind of tape to test it out. What kind of tape should I get...

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JLast 25th February 2020
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Hi, my midi controller is M-Audio Keystation 49. So the pitch wheel always sounds lower than it should. For example I set it to...

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KenjiMax 24th February 2020
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I managed to nab an offer for a pair of Yamaha 615s, which are basically vertical NS10s with a matching amp for less than 150...

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ChayaFFM 24th February 2020
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Hi all, I have an Alesis HD24XR that needs to be retired soon. I'm on the lookout for something similar as that machine was...

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Liam mac 24th February 2020
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Not my intention to fuel yet another debate on analog vs. digital here since I already work Hybrid and I'm quite happy this way....

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GearFiddler 24th February 2020
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Hey all, I am looking for advice. The following scenario is made possible for me, I am just hearing everyone out about it. A...

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joeq 24th February 2020
Avatar for Mr Funk

It seems to me that light stands are much better value than mic stands. I actually think the excellent Sontronics Matrix 10 is a...

Mr Funk
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in media res 24th February 2020
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Hey yall. I'm about to pick up a Sound Workshop 1280B with the meter bridge for $700. I've been looking for a little console to...

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kirslis 24th February 2020
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I know this sounds like a bit of a random thread but I dropped my Neumann TLM102 on Monday night. I've tried it out and as far as...

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Lon7 24th February 2020
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I'm naming those two UAD eq plugins because I'm kind of interested in them. And though I use and love UAD plugins, my love for...

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GreenNeedle 24th February 2020
Avatar for Batpro

Hello, some time ago I wrote a review about a famous brand that sell both digital and analog gear. The review about an interface...

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Sharp11 24th February 2020
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Adriel_Jeremiah 24th February 2020
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Hello everybody! I'm wondering here, what plugins can be used so that vocals could sound as in Katy Perry - I Kissed A Girl song?...

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orsodevero 24th February 2020
Avatar for 7up partridge

Has anyone done a direct shootout, own both, or (pleeeaaaase) have audio samples? I'm specifically interested in a pair of...

7up partridge
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Avatar for Lud
Lud 24th February 2020
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I'm Aware of a few mic modders and ive been trying to get ahold of jj audio but ive been trying for a like 2 months lol and i...

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neve1064 24th February 2020
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NINETEEN XIX COMPRESSOR, MULTI EFFECTS AND ENHANCER UNITS Anyone used them? SOS says they were budget. They are on Ebay for...

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nat8808 24th February 2020
Avatar for monkeyxx

I keep changing my company name but I think it's WEA or Wiley Electrical Audio and these would be the WEA 12 microphones. It...

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monkeyxx 24th February 2020
Avatar for theglow

I mean I knew he played drums on a few White Album tracks but I’ve never heard anything about this!!! (Double Kicks?) Is this...

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Avatar for Virgil
Virgil 24th February 2020
Avatar for audiogearjunkie

Granted the title of this post is sort of corny but seriously man I scored two Inward Connections 500 series STEP EQ's today and...

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AudioSponsor 24th February 2020
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I may or may not upgrade my mic setup to either a Rode Procaster or an SM7B. I haven't decided on a amplifier for my 2i2 2nd Gen...

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jpgerard 24th February 2020
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I recently picked up a Studiomaster STAR system. Really cool form factor. It sits half vertical/half horizontal (like some...

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Avatar for krazh
krazh 24th February 2020
Avatar for the groke

Does anyone know what this processor is? All it seems to do is make things a little thinner and brighter... perhaps an...

the groke
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Drumsound 24th February 2020
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I feel album art can mean nothing, or it can mean something. But I don't think it can be a negative.

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Avatar for Patrick Norton
Patrick Norton 24th February 2020
Avatar for Thrasher200

Anyone know what kind of mics Slayer used to record guitars on Reign in Blood, South of Heaven, And Seasons in the Abyss. I’m...

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Thrasher200 24th February 2020
Avatar for Coco_McCross

Hey everyone, My names Corey and I recently obtained a Tascam PortaStudio 424 Mk1. I don't know the correct place to post about...

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Synth Guru 24th February 2020
Avatar for roman_

Hey there, I have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 with 4 Mic Pres that I can't say blow me away, soundwise. Apart from having 4 more...

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roman_ 24th February 2020
Avatar for goom

I'm going to keep the title a little vague.

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johannburkard 24th February 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm having some issues with my DAW to Reel to Reel recording. I just bought it so I have no idea what I'm doing...

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12ax7 24th February 2020
Avatar for dhughes

Got a matched pair on the way. Just curious about how some of you all are putting yours to use. Any fav applications? Unique...

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Avatar for Wayne
Wayne 23rd February 2020
Avatar for jayson_p

Who, in the US, do you folks turn to for your tube microphone tubes? Right now I'm looking to get some new tubes for a pair...

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Deleted e03114c 23rd February 2020
Avatar for grahambo!

I have a stereo pair of Cascade Fathead II's that have hardly ever gotten use. In fact, I rarely record these days. I just busted...

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Avatar for voodoo4u
voodoo4u 23rd February 2020
Avatar for StillCrazy

Hey everyone, I am trying to help a friend make a decision on getting an X32 for his project studio. Right now he is running...

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ayskura 23rd February 2020
Avatar for roadsweeper

I have owned the above compressor for a couple of years now, was given to me by an old acquaintance. It is designed as a live...

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Avatar for RandomPerson
RandomPerson 23rd February 2020
Avatar for ezeaudio

hello in mic with cables is easier, but can this beta 58a wireless be false the capsule? I have no chance to hear it it is...

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Avatar for ezeaudio
ezeaudio 23rd February 2020
Avatar for csrMark

Hello all, i have 2 6176's. today I was trying something and want to use the compressor side only of the 6176's. I...

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csrMark 23rd February 2020
Avatar for myshkin

I've been listening to Elliot Smith's eponymous cd a lot lately and love the warm, crispy sound of the vox and acoustic guitar. ...

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Avatar for Liam mac
Liam mac 23rd February 2020
Avatar for xarquid

Can somebody help me to identify what synth/prreset usud in this track? heard it in numerous tracks that detroit sounding. The...

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Avatar for xarquid
xarquid 22nd February 2020
Avatar for TheSinbound

Heya guys. Thinking about pickup up an AEA R84, but I'm debating between the getting the active version. My preamps will just...

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Avatar for Shannon Adkins
Shannon Adkins 22nd February 2020
Avatar for clarksil

I may need a capstan motor for my 234 but not sure. My situation is as follows: before I realized I had to replace the belts, I...

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Avatar for clarksil
clarksil 22nd February 2020
Avatar for scraplord

I was thinking about using cat5 for some studio wiring and am wondering if it is up to the task.

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Avatar for cathode
cathode 22nd February 2020
Avatar for gravyface

In the main banner image (and there's another pic lower). They look amazing, size/mount wise.

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Avatar for Pawel
Pawel 22nd February 2020
Avatar for james01

I have a Rhodes 73 (stamped 1982 but doesn’t look like an ‘80s model - has only two knobs) in pretty bad shape that someone...

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Avatar for 12ax7
12ax7 22nd February 2020
Avatar for sl4zhz

Hey guys, want to ask how your studio noise level ? I use Apogee element 24 (adaptor) through a macbook pro and there's some...

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Avatar for sl4zhz
sl4zhz 22nd February 2020