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I own an MD 441. Love it! Sennheiser is currently my favorite company. However, I don't feel like I fully understand the...

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edva 10th January 2011
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Alrighty.... so after much complaining from me about insignificant threads, I've got one of my very own: Any recommendations...

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Drumsound 10th January 2011
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Would anybody like to talk about the difference between tape saturation and tapehead saturation? Such as which is actually a...

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Capstan Cappy 9th January 2011
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For live performance....want to take a feed off the mic (to go to a computer for fx), whilst the signal also goes off to the...

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synthbob 9th January 2011
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i'M ON MAC 10.5.8 (PowerPC G5) AND USE LOGIC PRO 8 i have a POD Line 6 XT Pro, and i'd like to know if it would be possible to...

Vince Latulippe
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steverino 9th January 2011
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I recently got hold of Melodyne Editor, which I think sounds awesome, but can't seem to get around the fact that whenever you...

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jamesc91 9th January 2011
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I'm talking $600 or cheaper...Is there anything out there that's dirt cheap and decent? EQ's?

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bee 9th January 2011
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Hi there, got a peavey unity series 2002 24 channel mixier in the basement that ive never got to use. Anyone got an idea what...

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Udyret 9th January 2011
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International Vintage Guitar Collectors Association Radio Interview with International Vintage Guitar Collectors Association...

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Dervish Riff 9th January 2011
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Hi Guys, I'm looking for info on Mutt Lange's studio he had/still owns in London. I remember reading that it was a 19 year old...

Deleted User
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marcus 9th January 2011
Avatar for Sim

I can find barely anything written about this gate apart from what it does. I've got the opportunity to get one for £135. This...

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Sim 9th January 2011
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When running logic some of my sessions wont let me use key commands at all. Even save. Ill open another session and it works...

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rcb4t2 9th January 2011
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Everytime I export from Garageband. Everything gets panned to one side. Usually I just take it into a studio and split the stereo...

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drewdanburry 9th January 2011
Avatar for Sonic_Beast

Hi there, I’ve noticed that when I listen to any style of music I like it to be never louder than my speaking voice. ...

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Avatar for theblue1
theblue1 9th January 2011
Avatar for Marsacrare

Thinking about the tube CM-12 from Advanced Audio for big heavy electric guitars. Too loud for this microphone? Could it also be...

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Avatar for kats
kats 9th January 2011
Avatar for EvilSoup

I'm trying to decide between getting an Axe-fx or just getting a Vox AC15C1 and a Princeton Reverb RI. I want to like the Axe as...

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EvilSoup 9th January 2011
Avatar for astronaut

good day! after searching the internet I still have not found a device that would have the switching I need... best to give you...

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astronaut 9th January 2011
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Hi, Can someone see what kind of mixer is on the desk? Also whats in the rack in the middle (the black one)? Link: YouTube -...

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datafeist 9th January 2011
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RaJuR on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos www.facebook.com/rocdahousestudios

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theproduca 9th January 2011
Avatar for Dricks123

This is somewhat of a newbie question, I've searched forums for a similar post but couldn't find anything that gave me the answer...

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Dricks123 9th January 2011
Avatar for lewi71

Hey guys I'm coming all the way from Adelaide, Australia! I'll be in New York 6th-16th Feb Miami 20th-23rd...

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ebulb 9th January 2011
Avatar for Oh-no's

A little too edgy? What do you think?

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Avatar for Space Station
Space Station 9th January 2011
Avatar for Kae

Hi everyone, I'd like to start mixing OTB, and I would need some gear advice. I'm planning to get a nice compressor (either...

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Avatar for bassman
bassman 9th January 2011
Avatar for bejeeber

I need to supply a performer with wireless headphones for recording and overdubbing. That may be against orthodoxy, just plain...

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Avatar for audioboffin
audioboffin 9th January 2011
Avatar for 80.6

I just found a TEAC A-2300SX and a Telefunken magnetophone 3000 hifi yesterday. Is any of them good for mastering? Should this...

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Avatar for 80.6
80.6 9th January 2011
Avatar for shamca

Does anyone know if I can my Multiface II without the PCI card? I'd like to run the adat out from the MF to to my raydat instead...

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Avatar for shamca
shamca 9th January 2011
Avatar for orangepegs

I'm looking for something along the lines where I buy one hub and have multiple headphones pulling from it. Maybe I live in a...

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tonik 9th January 2011
Avatar for fineline

Hi! Own a Apogee DA16 but have an opportunity to buy a ADI 8 AE very cheap. I only need 8 ch out and wouldn't mind an...

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Avatar for AllAboutTone
AllAboutTone 9th January 2011
Avatar for Chadshorebird

Hey Slutz: Our studio records mostly Rock/Alternative/Blues/Pop. I'd love some help deciding the next steps to take with our...

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Avatar for junior
junior 9th January 2011
Avatar for Rick Carson

I was wondering if there was a way to use protools in a full tape machine type of varispeed where I can speed up audio and record...

Rick Carson
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Avatar for Rick Sutton
Rick Sutton 9th January 2011
Avatar for hubercraft

I am looking for a hardware sampler... Leaning toward the Roland S770 any ideas. I like the sound of hardware vs. software

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Avatar for StarfishMusic
StarfishMusic 9th January 2011
Avatar for db0007

80% of my work is just mixing the other 20 is split between vocal recording and MPC. Ive been wanting to add inputs so Ive...

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db0007 9th January 2011
Avatar for Play

Are there any reputable brands of cables I should know about before buying? I'm also a bit concerned about the lengths - is it...

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Avatar for HitzHits
HitzHits 9th January 2011
Avatar for JB Retro City

Hi, Ive got a good cheap and quick mastering guy for clients (around $20 a song) thats great for demos and such. And I've got a...

JB Retro City
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Avatar for Deuce 225
Deuce 225 9th January 2011
Avatar for Seijou

Hey all, I'm a bit of a newbie here, so I'd really appreciate some help. I am trying to use a Firepod as a sound...

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Avatar for Seijou
Seijou 9th January 2011
Avatar for Perj

I dont need many inputs really just a quality output. I have a TC Electronics Konnekt 6 right now which I know isnt much but is...

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Avatar for Perj
Perj 9th January 2011
Avatar for qwanta

I was recently watching Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, a 2004 series made to look like an eighties TV series. I thought they did a...

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Avatar for narcoman
narcoman 9th January 2011
Avatar for mmplisskin

I just received a Uad solo 610 and A designs Nail. Both items came in the same box from Alto Music. The pre seems to have damaged...

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Avatar for pan60
pan60 9th January 2011
Avatar for kiopo

So, studio owners (recording or mastering), are you currently making a profit from your business? Give as much or as little info...

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Avatar for Shane Michael Rose
Shane Michael Rose 9th January 2011
Avatar for Top40Music

Just got an In Ear Monitoring system for under $150 on ebay . Well it's my first; and was under the impression that the audio...

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Avatar for Top40Music
Top40Music 9th January 2011
Avatar for mrnomer09

Hey guys i know there are numerous discussions floating around about this but... CAN ANYONE POINT ME TO A DEDICATED, EDUCATED,...

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Avatar for Johan_Sthlm
Johan_Sthlm 9th January 2011
Avatar for OzarkRoots

I was wondering...is there a good way to split a single xlr to record the same vocal take through two separate pres?

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Avatar for moonpi
moonpi 9th January 2011
Avatar for emmymusic1

so i decided to hook up my old 003 to my symphony i/o. now this is not the first time i did this and i had all my clocking...

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Avatar for emmymusic1
emmymusic1 9th January 2011
Avatar for Steetz

Hey guys, I'm sure this has been covered before but I wanted to dabble into myself and see what I can gather. What I want to...

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Avatar for drbob1
drbob1 8th January 2011
Avatar for j-uk

Any recommendations where to buy in the uk? Cheers J

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Avatar for j-uk
j-uk 8th January 2011
Avatar for musicbydesign

Pro Tools 9 - Fireface 800 - Windows 7 64 bit Any users with similar setups with any advice on optimizing settings. I...

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Avatar for musicbydesign
musicbydesign 8th January 2011
Avatar for Electroslut

Hello, I was hoping somebody out there has had a chance to use some of the older discrete adm stuff, and maybe some quad eight...

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Avatar for JQ127
JQ127 8th January 2011
Avatar for goldendye

Slot. Any tip ? I search, search . . . . and nothing found . . .

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Avatar for jupiter8
jupiter8 8th January 2011
Avatar for Soundmanluke

So it hasn't been until fairly recently that I heard you could turn the attack knob to off and use the UA 1176LN strictly as a...

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Avatar for jlaber
jlaber 8th January 2011
Avatar for henryrobinett

I hardly ever use it. Still I hate to get rid of them. I have two. What do they even go for? I don't have al the plugins,...

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Avatar for buddachile
buddachile 8th January 2011