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since taking this sound engineering business seriously... i notice i've developed a serious case of OCD and now i never forget...

Hans Island
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Hans Island 25th January 2011
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I got a great guy but I'd like to try out some other guys for grins. Affordable and into my music is also needed :) My stuff is...

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RKrizman 25th January 2011
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Hello all. I am having trouble hooking up a Yamaha ProMix 01 with an MBox Pro running Pro Tools 8LE as a control surface. I've...

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Brad25ca 25th January 2011
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So I'm thinking of buying this since i have quite a lot of libraries but cant use as well because of my inability to play the...

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da4gotten92 25th January 2011
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Hi - I'm new to digital recording, but I have Pro Tools 8 running on my 2009 Imac, Intel Core 2 duo 2.66 ghz 2 gb memory...

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mikecorwin 25th January 2011
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Hey all, So I am setting up my studio and have just picked up my console, a DDA DMR12. I am in the middle of mapping out the...

Shadow Boxer
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Eganmedia 25th January 2011
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Hi! I am primarily a guitarist. Sometimes I also play a bass guitar. I'm not very pleased with DI bass tone. I experimented a...

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dibravibra 25th January 2011
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Hey guys, Quick one for you PT guys ... Rig: Pro Tools HD 2 Rig G5 192 i/o Tracking at 24-Bit, 48K Buffer set to 128 or 256...

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Avening 25th January 2011
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I deal with jingles. So occasionally I have to leave the studio and go the ad agency office or client's meeting room to present...

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Unique 25th January 2011
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I find bouncing straight from protools screws with a mix and gives me something completely different than I expected, maybe it's...

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sbcgroup1 25th January 2011
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Now that I know there is a standard of mics having + and - in a specified way, why do I have a pair of new mics out of phase...

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-tc- 25th January 2011
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I have been listening to more and more "newly famous" songs and I have noticed something. Verses have catchy music (For...

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ltemma74 25th January 2011
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Just wondering what the difference is between these cables? The AES/EBU costs much more, but on Mogami's website the Gold Neglex...

Shannon Adkins
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Shannon Adkins 25th January 2011
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Jules forgive me for this but I had to share....Guys look at this workspace I just found on the...

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maxklein 25th January 2011
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hey guys, I need some advice on building a good cabinet of mics I dont record drums, but record mostly vocals, acoustic...

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phildog33 25th January 2011
Avatar for paco de colonia

Hi, i´m looking for a small and lighweight 2 channel recording solution. Is there a possibility, to make a combination with...

paco de colonia
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DigitMus 25th January 2011
Avatar for Surfkat

Hey folks - I am recording a singer/songwriter from Va Beach and we need a room where we can record some acoustic drum tracks....

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Thedspeth 25th January 2011
Avatar for Big_Bang

cellfone Woody Norris invents amazing things | Video on TED.com Amazing, though I loath all things military (he so should have...

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Deleted 0a764d277b8c297 25th January 2011
Avatar for alvinphoto&sound

I tried to research this around and couldn't find any answer :( . Is anyone having a problem with tightening K&M 210/6...

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Avatar for Studio Economik
Studio Economik 25th January 2011
Avatar for camerondye

There are a couple of threads on this but no real world use of the thing. If you have one or have used one please throw down...

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Rokus666 25th January 2011
Avatar for godofmetal

From another post: Does anybody know what transformers the mesa boogie dual rectifier uses? I'm about to start building the...

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musicjohnny 25th January 2011
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Hi, i am trying to do some video production in pro tools. I dont have much experience in this, but i am trying to combine some...

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rcb4t2 25th January 2011
Avatar for FShkreli

Is it possible to hook up outboard gear to your home recording "studio" rig without a mixer? I have a setup that...

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Sacha 25th January 2011
Avatar for Boner

Has anyone tried this yet? http://www.lautenaudio.com/index.htm

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dambro2 25th January 2011
Avatar for Toby snowby

Im recording an excellent singer song writer today (myself).. and i was thinking that maybe i should not use the auto tune at...

Toby snowby
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Toby snowby 25th January 2011
Avatar for artifax

Hi, My mate found this old EAP ribbon mic at a car boot sale in Harlow last year and asked if I knew anything about it. My...

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artifax 25th January 2011
Avatar for aleatoric

Interesting day today. I have been having some issues with my Sontec MEP-250EX. After about 20-30 minutes of use the bypass...

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nosebleedaudio 25th January 2011
Avatar for CharlieF

Hello. The school i work in has a live room and control room set up. There is an XLR (M&F) patch box connecting the rooms,...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 25th January 2011
Avatar for Tuberizer

The new Social Distortion album came out yesterday, listened to it day and night and have to say: I love it. Nice songs, awesome...

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 25th January 2011
Avatar for Nina

which are more flat and natural? the new KRK 8400's or theSony MDR-7509H's? i plan on using the with the new VRM box for mixing...

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therealbigd 25th January 2011
Avatar for blakegaston

After a recent experience I had with Metric Halo, I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude publicly. Despite the fact...

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burnhard 25th January 2011
Avatar for Deleted 6ccb844

I just mixed a Pop demo for a friend I know, it was so much easier and less time consuming for me to get a better more...

Deleted 6ccb844
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Deleted 6ccb844 25th January 2011
Avatar for lagoausente

I have bought a QY70, a little portable hardware sequencer. Im impressed with the practical it is for quick recordings, but...

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lagoausente 25th January 2011
Avatar for seen-da-sizer

What is the mixer console shown at the beginning of the "Geico Record" commercial? Sj_1uiL7T7o

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seen-da-sizer 25th January 2011
Avatar for Cologero

I'm running a mac pro quad core with an mbox 2 and krk 6's. However, I plug in the monitors with 1/4 cables into the (Mon Left...

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Avatar for Steb
Steb 25th January 2011
Avatar for lovekrafty

My friend has a emulator II that I went to check out Went to power it up and low and behold nothing. Upon further inspection I...

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lovekrafty 25th January 2011
Avatar for ssprod19

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I'm offering a free vocal recording session to one lucky singer here in...

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ssprod19 25th January 2011
Avatar for Bladesoar

So I've been mixing for a while and I've gotten to what I consider pretty close to the quality that you hear in the big studio's...

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 25th January 2011
Avatar for Hadeed

Hey guys, I'm wanting to put out a feeler for any positions available in the production of music. I'm being realistic and know...

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Hadeed 25th January 2011
Avatar for maxiedaniels

I just purchased an OWC Bus-powered FW800 drive. I'm using it with my Macbook Pro 15" (newest model) and my Apogee Ensemble....

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Avatar for maxiedaniels
maxiedaniels 25th January 2011
Avatar for gb-jazz

Since I have gotten my NS10's hooked up to the Bryston 4b st, my system is really cranking and it seems like my ears have been...

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Avatar for Sigma
Sigma 25th January 2011
Avatar for dikkiedik

Hi! I ran into a small problem working with Icedaudios Audiofinder. i love the program, but i can't seem to be able to let it...

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Avatar for IcedAudio
IcedAudio 25th January 2011
Avatar for vladshap

I'm getting ready to record some drums. I have a pretty good idea of what I would like to do as far as what mic's and pres to...

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vladshap 25th January 2011
Avatar for Matt Hepworth

Hoping that someone in Utah may have an Engl Savage (non SE) that they might consider renting me for a few days. Need to cut...

Matt Hepworth
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Matt Hepworth 25th January 2011
Avatar for Gaorinath

I have a Lexicon PCM80 and was thinking to update to the TC M5000 reverb. Does anyone have any experience from both? In what ways...

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Avatar for Voyage.One
Voyage.One 25th January 2011
Avatar for brubru

HI! im going to buy either of these pair of monitors and i'd love to hear what gearslutz have to say about them before to make...

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Avatar for sam guaiana
sam guaiana 25th January 2011
Avatar for Flying_Dutchman

Dunno if this is crazy, but after 1 month tracking, than mixing and so on i can´t listen to a record anymore, i got no positve...

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Avatar for ofajen
ofajen 25th January 2011
Avatar for Manfrensengensen

After reading that some dig the vibe of this unit I decided to try it since I have 3 of them. One has been in my bass head rack...

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Avatar for vernier
vernier 25th January 2011
Avatar for Toby snowby

Is this the ultimate setup? Everyone knows that pro tools is ass cheeks when it comes to trying to get a bit of a beat going on...

Toby snowby
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Toby snowby 25th January 2011
Avatar for Cicatrix

Hey folks, I have just become aware of these little Adam A3X's. They look real sick, especially for the price. I am currently...

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Avatar for Cicatrix
Cicatrix 25th January 2011