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Any ideas how to get that synth sound that goes throughout his song "Bright Lights Bigger City"? AWESOME sound, any...

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weezul 4th February 2011
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This might seem off topic for this forum, but I can't think of a better group of people to ask... I've ran my studio for about...

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uncle duncan 4th February 2011
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Hey, Anybody have a torrent link to download this? Anybody have a copy they'll share before I'm forced to bend over for...

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jroxx7 4th February 2011
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Hey everyone, first post here! I recently built an iso box for my 1x12 Egnater cab that I run my Orange Tiny Terror through. I...

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drBill 4th February 2011
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I'm considering getting some additional DA convertors to take advantage of my outboard compressor on the mix. Can someone let me...

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Trakworx 4th February 2011
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I've done my research but I'd just like to get everybody's opinion.

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asap audio 4th February 2011
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Hello Slutz, I am headed to miami for the WMC for the first time. What is it like ? Never been there before. I am rushing...

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Avatar for Lumin One
Lumin One 4th February 2011
Avatar for Mite

I just bought PTHD Native with OMNI I/O. In the Included bundle I have THD8.5 soft. Since I registered my product I could, and ...

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psycho_monkey 4th February 2011
Avatar for Tops Cut oFF

i've tryed the sm 57 on a snare and was not very impressed and was wondering some other ways to go in the same prince range. ...

Tops Cut oFF
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Reiner 4th February 2011
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So I searched some on here but nothing came up directly talking about it. I was given a sample that is the intro of a song but...

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dbsoundguy 4th February 2011
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Hey there, I am currently doing some research for my dissertation this year and i wanted ask some questions to find out what...

Mr Ben
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theblue1 4th February 2011
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Have you tried to get a price list from them so that you can pick and choose what's best for your client's application and...

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Avatar for John Willett
John Willett 4th February 2011
Avatar for Tim Davis

Thought I'd come down and say what an amazing time I had setting up my new Avocet today. The difference in sound quality has...

Tim Davis
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Tim Davis 4th February 2011
Avatar for Doublethumb

Hi guys, I guess there are already some threads on the subject, but couldn't find this specific information. If it's in some...

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Doublethumb 4th February 2011
Avatar for finlove

Anyone know what kinda kick was used?sounds seriously cool

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Chucho 4th February 2011
Avatar for ReubenTobias

I was wondering what the majority of people here do, in terms of mixing their tracks. Do the majority of you guys: A) Have a...

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Avatar for zakco
zakco 4th February 2011
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Dear members, I've got this 'strange' set up in my small recording studio in my room. I'm a big Reel to Reel fan, and also...

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shlumaan 4th February 2011
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So lets start a thread in the vain that classic joke veil ( has to be real ) ......... You know you're a slut when you find...

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aj633 4th February 2011
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Hi all, Complete rookie here, I'm trying to work out how to deal with latency. I am trying to record acoustic guitar using 2...

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aj633 4th February 2011
Avatar for tobemixthis

Hey there! Does anybody have any experience with this desk? I.g. what´s the channel layout, how´s the EQ and just everything...

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tobemixthis 4th February 2011
Avatar for Davido

Hi, I'm after some medium priced low impedance balanced cable to make my own XLR/Jack cables. Anyone know of anywhere in...

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Davido 4th February 2011
Avatar for bendecido

Looking to buy either one of these two microphones and would love some feedback from people who have used both. Whatever i buy...

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slimboyfat 4th February 2011
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Mix and Zen with Bob Power: Musings of an NYC Music Master : SonicScoop – Creative, Technical & Business Connections...

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down_town 4th February 2011
Avatar for overgrown

i've done tonnes of searchign on this topic, but i dont really have a definitive answer. 6lbs in the grand scheme of things...

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Avatar for Glenn Kuras
Glenn Kuras 4th February 2011
Avatar for kamawhelp

Hey there. Just looking for a few suggestions on which handheld recorder to look into. I aim to do field/location...

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Avatar for FLUKE
FLUKE 4th February 2011
Avatar for JustifiedStudios

Ignore the second part of the Title, Type-o! I have my Tax Refund and I was thinking of getting the Apogee Symphony I/O with a...

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Avatar for You_Father_Sky
You_Father_Sky 4th February 2011
Avatar for Pip

I sold my Voyager to fund other kit, what is the best VST replacement, I know it will be no where near, but ball park? I was...

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illnus 4th February 2011
Avatar for jdproject1

Hi With cubase, and an MR816X interface... what is the best way to utilize outboard gear such as an API2500 stereo compressor,...

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Avatar for Nymphomation
Nymphomation 4th February 2011
Avatar for michael cleary

wondering what effect is being used on the Keith vocal break in memory motel where he comes in singing "shes got a mind of...

michael cleary
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Avatar for Kiwi
Kiwi 4th February 2011
Avatar for goro

Hi, in the studio where I work, there is a Soundcraft 16 channel Tape recorder, model 762 mkII serial number 0262130. The unit...

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Avatar for goro
goro 4th February 2011
Avatar for Anthony Duran

Lets have it... how many Mboxs, 002, 003 .. etc. going up for sale in turn for else. *No, I'm not hating on anything, if...

Anthony Duran
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Avatar for judah
judah 4th February 2011
Avatar for osh

Hi guys, I have a all-analog studio with a nice mixing console, great preamps, lots of cool gear. Now I wanna step into the...

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osh 4th February 2011
Avatar for FShkreli

I am an electronic music producer with an already well-rounded rig but I have a thing for hardware synthesizers and was...

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areyousure 4th February 2011
Avatar for mikecorwin

Hi Guys - Just got Komplete 7 today and I have a question: I want to install Komplete on my IMAC, which is a 2007 2.66ghz Intel...

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Avatar for dave999z
dave999z 4th February 2011
Avatar for leroygodspeed

I'm having a pretty big problem with my effects pedal chain. I was hoping someone might be able to shed some light on it? I...

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ianbryn11 4th February 2011
Avatar for rav

Hi everybody, Have anybody tried to use nuendo a pro tools 9 simultaneously on the same machine using mx4 mixer? What i would...

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rav 4th February 2011
Avatar for pinky

I just had these done and thought a few people might be interested. I thought Id try something I havent seen in a while and...

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groselicain 4th February 2011
Avatar for The Press Desk

Special Three-Day Event Provides In-Depth View of Entire Live Mix Process Audio specialist Sennheiser Canada announced...

The Press Desk
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Avatar for The Press Desk
The Press Desk 4th February 2011
Avatar for infiniteposse

I know there's lot of reviews/opinions of this unit out there. What I don't see is folks trying to improve the overall...

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Avatar for infiniteposse
infiniteposse 4th February 2011

Evey time I turn it on I have to re-adjust the Meter to 0 I mean its easy to do but whats up with that

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ROCKER STUDIOS 4th February 2011
Avatar for greatgreatriver

I was browsing Internet while drinking beer... Found this band... Red Fang! I got excited and enjoyed the music - just wanna...

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Avatar for riantide
riantide 4th February 2011
Avatar for dalachriser

I´ve started using a 16" floor tom as a bass drum. The only mics I have are: Line Audio Design CM2 (2) SDC Blue...

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Avatar for fakiekid
fakiekid 4th February 2011
Avatar for macshutter

So I got a microkorg, and brought a guitar cable and connected it to the microkorg from l/mono to my headphone line thing in my...

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Avatar for macshutter
macshutter 3rd February 2011
Avatar for Mr. Kelly

Hi all... sorry for the mundane "which one" post! But... every bit of input helps! I'm considering the following two,...

Mr. Kelly
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Avatar for mds
mds 3rd February 2011
Avatar for hmmmmhmmmm

Hi all, I'm not sure if this is an easy question to answer, but I'm a bit confused about it. What is the best way to run a...

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Avatar for hmmmmhmmmm
hmmmmhmmmm 3rd February 2011
Avatar for Butcha

Hey all, I have a recording session coming up soon. For one part the aim is to recreate a Roger McGuinn style 12-string electric...

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Avatar for Butcha
Butcha 3rd February 2011
Avatar for jlaco

YouTube - "How He Loves" | Jared Anderson The main vocal mic he's using. Not the 57, but the ribbon/ldc beside it!...

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Avatar for Mike Tholen
Mike Tholen 3rd February 2011
Avatar for chriscoleman

Does anyone know anything about the recording and mixing process for Sufjan Stevens' album "Come On Feel The...

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Avatar for n8tron
n8tron 3rd February 2011
Avatar for Dores

Hi everyone! I know that there is a number of threads like this existing already, but I have read everything I have come across,...

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Avatar for Dores
Dores 3rd February 2011
Avatar for Luthatdude

I have an opportunity to purchase a 1995 Neve V66 at an amazing price. All channels have eq's and busses. 19 of the 40 channels...

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Avatar for eleo
eleo 3rd February 2011