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I've neve tried this before, but I have a vocal take I'm thrilled with except there's one note that needs to be held, and I just...

Ain't Nobody
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u b k 17th February 2011
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I have auto tune evo and use graphic mode but a lot of the time as soon as I edit a whole vocal track and click out of it a pop...

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psycho_monkey 17th February 2011
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Hi, I have a silly question about connecting my Great River ME-1NV mic pre to my apogee duet. My understanding is that in...

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princecharmin 17th February 2011
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Because I would sure as hell hope so, and soon at that. I hope that when we start seeing 1TB (or high capacity - you get the...

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cjogo 17th February 2011
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ok, so recently I got the waves ssl channel along (with the other ssl bundle plug ins but thats beside the point) I put it...

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Sigma 16th February 2011
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hi guys my name is vyse and i need help i got this soundcard call audiophile 192 here a pic of the card...

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M4-10 16th February 2011
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hello, do any of you know where i can buy this style rack case with a compartment for the computer and another one for outboard...

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drBill 16th February 2011
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After I reinstalled my drivers from apogee's website, my duet is super quiet. At first it was too loud and a pin drop would make...

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malik 16th February 2011
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Hi everybody, I know if we want to bypass the audio interfaces stock AD/DA converters with external ones, it has to be through...

Red Baron
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Red Baron 16th February 2011
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Hello Slutz howdy I am 22 and have secured a place to go to college to study electronics with an audio engineering focus later...

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Sky 16th February 2011
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Soundgarden Reunion Is Official: “School Is Back in Session,” Writes Chris Cornell : Rolling Stone : Rock and Roll...

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ironbelly 16th February 2011
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Ive found an ampex mm1200 16ch with 8track head and remote in verygood condition. how much should I pay for it?? ...Im in...

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Wiggy Neve Slut 16th February 2011
Avatar for kkonkkrete

I'm looking for a 16 channel recording console that doesn't have mic pres (i.e. only line-level inputs), but I can't find any...

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Avatar for Andy Hamm
Andy Hamm 16th February 2011
Avatar for creepysuitguy

Hey guys I have a API 500V rack and an API 512C as well as a Grace 501 installed into the rack, when I engage the phantom power...

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creepysuitguy 16th February 2011
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I was browsing MF yesterday and came across these bad boys. Has anyone tried the ones in the metal housings? I was thinking of...

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drbob1 16th February 2011
Avatar for MrToast

Hello Hello, Im curious of anyones experience of making the transition to freelance producer/SE. Esp in the current climate. I...

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LuckyGrin 16th February 2011
Avatar for malik

Just got an apogee duet yesterday and it's clipping and sounding just awful. All I did was plug it in and test it in Logic 9 and...

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Avatar for headspin
headspin 16th February 2011
Avatar for Ain't Nobody

I've got good studio cans, but they're way too big. I'd like to get the best sound possible in something that won't fall off...

Ain't Nobody
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Methlab 16th February 2011
Avatar for digibiu

and you happen to own the MixedLogic M24, or you are considering purchasing a new 24 channel Control Surface and would like a...

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digibiu 16th February 2011
Avatar for Shannon Adkins

I was wondering if anyone who has used both could advise me on this. I found the crossgrade for $150. I would be using it for...

Shannon Adkins
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Shannon Adkins 16th February 2011
Avatar for alexamk

PIcked this up on vinyl recently ans was floored at the space of every instrument. Even though I am not in love with his...

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u2bonoman 16th February 2011
Avatar for rockxrock

will the output from the ampex be to high for the ssl aplha link?? shiee

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Avatar for Trakworx
Trakworx 16th February 2011
Avatar for gigamesh

I'm trying to find a set of high hats that sound like this: Curses! - The Deep End _ft_ Nancy _LCD So.mp3 -...

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Avatar for Twocanwin
Twocanwin 16th February 2011
Avatar for Absinta

I'm somewhat simple and when I noticed that the Aurora didn't have a headphone jack I freaked. So question is, how do I hook up...

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Avatar for Perceverb
Perceverb 16th February 2011
Avatar for Pies

Hey Last week my 002 blew so I have just picked up a 003 and noticed the word clock I/O on it. So I guess the best way to sync...

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Avatar for Pies
Pies 16th February 2011
Avatar for thenewyear

With the advent of Pro Tools 9 I'm looking for a set of good low-profile cans with a mini-jack i/p for mixing roughs straight out...

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Avatar for thenewyear
thenewyear 16th February 2011
Avatar for rcb4t2

Hey all - I have a hosa little bro from my vocal booth. On channel one (xlr) I've noticed a buzz - it seems to only appear at...

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cyrano 16th February 2011
Avatar for capnreverb

Let's match mic/mic companies to car/car companies. Audio Technica - Toyata Shure sm57 - Ford f150 Neumann -...

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Avatar for Eganmedia
Eganmedia 16th February 2011
Avatar for strawdps

I am looking at running midi instruments (organs, drum loops, piano, etc.) through my nice fender tube amp and then micing it up...

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Avatar for BigClayton
BigClayton 16th February 2011
Avatar for Sigma

bejeeebus...wworried... i decided to clean up my cables/toosl/misc cabinet one of the drawers is all the computer cabling...

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Avatar for havard
havard 16th February 2011
Avatar for imnickb

I need some virtual instuments that can help me pull off mariachi style music. I already have Gypsy which has some decent guitars...

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imnickb 16th February 2011
Avatar for Joram

I was doing some tests in ProTools LE 8.0.4 and something stange happened. It seemed that PT added the levels of a few channels...

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Avatar for Joram
Joram 16th February 2011
Avatar for Krecording

Hi, Just a quick sound out about pt hd native. It says 64 i/o. Does that mean it's 32 in/32 out or 64 in/64 out? Secondly has...

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lynngraber 16th February 2011
Avatar for urfavorite

Ok i thought i hit magic when i had the blueberry with the presonus eureka hot rod but the kiwi with the presonus eureka hot rod...

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urfavorite 16th February 2011

Hi guys, I've seen that are some threads with the same title, but I couldn't find my answer.... I need to connect a Digi 002 to...

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VARIETE'S ACTOR 16th February 2011
Avatar for Tylerduunga

This is a photo from a tracking session during Coldplay's latest album "Viva La Vida". Any idea what mic this is they...

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Avatar for audiogeek
audiogeek 16th February 2011
Avatar for Beiteltjie

Posted this on All About Music first but don't think many people go there. I am busy with an album that will be released in...

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Avatar for unitymusic
unitymusic 16th February 2011
Avatar for James Lugo

Wanna follow the studio remodel progress? As some of you know we got the boot from our old studio on Hollywood Blvd, the new...

James Lugo
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Avatar for Acusonic24
Acusonic24 16th February 2011
Avatar for synth

and getting myself a pair of KRK VXT 8.. the new room i am in is a little on the large side, i feel i need something more bassey...

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Avatar for synth
synth 16th February 2011
Avatar for southline

Hi all, 4 piece band playing around a single condenser (Rode NT2). We have had better than expected results in small, loud...

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southline 16th February 2011
Avatar for Foxis

Hi, Short Q: Has anyone had any luck getting in contact with Euphonix support lately (for artist systems)? Filed an issue...

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Foxis 16th February 2011
Avatar for weldroid

Yesterday I have managed to generate a digital feedback on a glitchy drum track inside my daw that resulted in a very-very loud...

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weldroid 16th February 2011
Avatar for Brendan Jury

Ive tried various orchestral virtual instruments in pro tools 9 and cant get many instruments going at once.However on cubase 5...

Brendan Jury
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Avatar for scott petito
scott petito 16th February 2011
Avatar for HUBA

Hello I need help finding what and how to adjust the pinchroller pressure. Was hoping I wouldn't have to open up the whole thing...

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Avatar for HUBA
HUBA 16th February 2011
Avatar for payne104

Can you foresee a day when outboard gear is COMPLETELY obsolete? If so, how long? 20 years? 50? 100? I feel that pre amps...

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Avatar for Yetti
Yetti 16th February 2011
Avatar for drouchka

Hi there. i'm looking for an audio interface with which i could plug my dynamic microphone (shure sm7) and my headphone (hd...

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Avatar for drouchka
drouchka 16th February 2011
Avatar for bermudaben

A sound engineer friend of mine lately suggested that I try and set mix levels while listening in mono (and at a low listening...

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Avatar for distante
distante 16th February 2011
Avatar for china jam

Slapback stomp box. What are the options?

china jam
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Avatar for GYang
GYang 16th February 2011
Avatar for jujumies

I've written once or twice about this same subject without help... lets try once again... I love roger nichols plugins and...

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Avatar for jujumies
jujumies 16th February 2011
Avatar for joeq

I once saw a disco that had a Traffic Light system for controlling volume levels. I think the idea was to keep all visiting DJs...

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Avatar for Makinithappen
Makinithappen 16th February 2011