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Hey there everyone. So I picked up a 3630 and I'm going to try modding it. Is there anyone out there that have done this mod? I...

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tchgtr 15th March 2020
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Good DAY everyone, and hope everyone takes care of themselves and their families at this point in time. I'm ready to jump ship...

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Basslik 15th March 2020
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Anyone know if a pultec style EQ exists in a pedal? Obviously you can’t fit an entire pultec in a pedal, but a passive eq with...

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vernier 15th March 2020
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Yes I know it's indeed possible and it works. But is this a frowned upon method especially if you're taking an XLR mic, coupling...

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Frankiejam 15th March 2020
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Hey, Anything similar and versatile midi controller as Artiphone instrument 1 to recommend? Basically something that allows me...

Deleted 444b9a2
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Deleted 444b9a2 15th March 2020
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It is a SE X1T...got a great deal...but no power supply. There is an MXL PS69 that seems to be a pretty close match to the SE...

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RandomPerson 15th March 2020
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hi everybody, I've been walking around with this question in my head for a while and I've decided to share it with you. Maybe...

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Stayf 15th March 2020
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I just watched some live sound vids and one of them was Dave Rat talking through the Chili Peppers live sound setup. He had...

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Quetz 15th March 2020
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Hello slutzs, I'm trying to get some ideas on how to fill a tracking only lunchbox. I'm tracking everything from voices, soft...

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MilkPossumSound 15th March 2020
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I thought I found the ideal audio interface here: Fluid Audio SRI-2 But sadly, it doesn't have MIDI (I'd like midi out)....

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knightfal 14th March 2020
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I just ordered a pair of these and will take delivery in about ten days. I want to go ahead and build some stands. (I am a...

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PresbyByrd 14th March 2020
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Hey guys, long time lurker and new member on these forums. Thanks for all your help over the years. I recently purchased a used...

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TOAST13 14th March 2020
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:cop:Been this way for many years :::: .“The sheriff ’s office encourages the community we serve to enjoy time with...

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cjogo 14th March 2020
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I have a PCM-42, and am curious about how it functions. I like to put it on vocals between 50-120ms for some slap-back. When I...

Skoolboy Jim
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Skoolboy Jim 14th March 2020
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The talkback switches on this desk are latching. Before I take the plunge and open up my desk does anyone know if it's...

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justinhill 14th March 2020
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Hi, I am thinking of adding powered monitors to the audio PC. I noticed that many powered monitors (including popular ones...

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biksonije 14th March 2020
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Hi all, I'm having an issue with my Art Voice Channel Tube Preamp. It works good for 1-2 mins after that. It cracks and sounds...

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blake.nong 14th March 2020
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hello everyone in the last couple of days i was searching for what kind of reverb/delay is Jacaszek using for his vocal but i...

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kamimarga 14th March 2020
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Last April I bought a B-Stock Kush Clariphonic MS. The Clariphonic is a wonderful bit of kit that can make certain tracks shine...

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nomekop2000 14th March 2020
Avatar for jctaudiodesigns

Golden Age Project EQ-81 Anyone using it yet? Any experiences yet?

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Coldsnow 14th March 2020
Avatar for RightOnRome

DI1 Active Direct Box | Miktek Audio I love Miktek, so I wonder what these little boxes sound like?

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RightOnRome 14th March 2020
Avatar for DMagnus

So today I noticed a static like noise that would randomly appear in the signal chain every minute or so. I am currently using a...

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bgood 14th March 2020
Avatar for Skoolboy Jim

I have a small analog overdub and mix studio where I do my own music. No computer in it. Most overdubs are done mono and direct....

Skoolboy Jim
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Wayne 14th March 2020
Avatar for dajoha

Hey, all long time reader first-time poster. So I recently stumbled upon an Allen and Heath GL 2200 that is being auctioned off...

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dajoha 13th March 2020
Avatar for davidwilson

Anyone have any info on these. I picked one up as part of a trade and cannot find anything on the web about it apart from a...

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Drumsound 13th March 2020
Avatar for nomekop2000

I recently got a tascam 424 mkii. I was thinking about running my drums through them since I heard drums are good through tape...

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Avatar for numero6
numero6 13th March 2020
Avatar for Progmatic-Studios

Hi, I’m thinking of buying a secondhand Analog Four MK1 but got some questions I can’t find the answers for... maybe...

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XXXEsq 13th March 2020
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Hi all I built this it wasn't the first keyboard I made I've also built a Bass and 3 or 4 guitars Show me pictures of your...

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Lamster 13th March 2020
Avatar for schronos

Some people have talked about the new DPA 2011a, but no real news of satisfaction and comparison with other mics like km184 and...

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saurumanx 13th March 2020
Avatar for KickSnareHat

I recently got a used UA 610 Solo and when a mic is plugged in the mic level is super quiet, even when gain/level are maxed....

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ardis 13th March 2020
Avatar for Sigma

the whole ribbon/phantom issue ends with a few new manufactures saying on their websites that certain vintage mikes can be hurt...

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psycho_monkey 13th March 2020
Avatar for mdjice

Out of curiosity what frequencies do you guys Boost and Cut on MOST vocals? kind of like your secret weapon, as soon as I you run...

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kennybro 13th March 2020
Avatar for studer58

You might not be familiar with these ribbon mics from Se Electronics...Sound On Sound reviewed them favourably a few years ago:...

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chris661 13th March 2020
Avatar for telemaxx

I have the opportunity to buy a set for a low price (1500$). Do you think it's worth it? I use ProTools, Logic and Reaper for...

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telemaxx 13th March 2020
Avatar for MREVOL

Looking between calrec 1061/1161 vs 1073dpa vs chandler germanium. Mostly doing rock music. Would love to get user feedback on...

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MREVOL 13th March 2020
Avatar for Peso

Im really into making electronica such as Ulrich Schnauss. Its really open and airy sounding with lots of layering and reverb....

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Avatar for mrfantastic
mrfantastic 13th March 2020
Avatar for avidlistener

Everyone knows that if you can make your mix sound good through the NS10s, you're good. I've heard the same exact compliments...

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avidlistener 13th March 2020
Avatar for madseason

Hello, I have a very non-ideal room where I want to record and produce a project (rock, alternative, electronic). Room is...

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Deleted 6833614 13th March 2020
Avatar for sommer43

Hi! I'm thinking about buying an UREI 1176 Rev F or maybe a clone. Who do you think makes the best UREI 1176 Rev F clone, and...

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Avatar for NamelessUnknown
NamelessUnknown 13th March 2020
Avatar for PeerSoe

Hey, I degraded my SP828 to a line level trimmer for drum triggers a few years back as it gets somewhat noisy when there is...

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PeerSoe 12th March 2020
Avatar for bleep

peluso p87


Looking for a decent mic and the peluso p87 Came to mind. Didn’t like the WA87 in the demos I heard. I figured I wanted...

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Avatar for Deadletteroffice
Deadletteroffice 12th March 2020
Avatar for UncleCharlie

I've been using a Tascam UH7000 and connecting 2 sets of monitors with my Mackie Big Knob passive controller for a while now....

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Avatar for L-Fire
L-Fire 12th March 2020
Avatar for JohnB7

Our church just had a pulpit mic die. The dead mic was an Audix M1250. I would like to replace it with something similar, but...

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Avatar for Bushman
Bushman 12th March 2020
Avatar for Godhand502

Has anybody here used both these mics? How do they compare?

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Avatar for ardis
ardis 12th March 2020
Avatar for hart07

Lunch box api modules are great for sounding. But this box how it works I mean it's only for microphone or other analog...

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Avatar for CJ Mastering
CJ Mastering 12th March 2020
Avatar for goldphinga

Can anyone from Rhodes shed some light on progress with the design and when we are likely to see them on sale? Having a hard time...

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Avatar for GYang
GYang 12th March 2020
Avatar for saken

Does anybody know how I can solve this? Bought it 2nd hand arrived today , but this is not a straight pulse :( Almost looks...

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Avatar for joeq
joeq 12th March 2020
Avatar for babooino

Hello fellows.... I have a TC Finalizer Wizard Series 48k and the display backlight is not working anymore, the display itself...

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Avatar for RBHan
RBHan 12th March 2020
Avatar for camomiletea

I have seen a ton of ways that engineers use 2 microphones to record a singer songwriter playing a guitar and singing at the same...

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Avatar for camomiletea
camomiletea 11th March 2020
Avatar for Ariel Schlichter

Hello community! For a new installation project, we are going to record elevator music INSIDE a moving elevator. Instruments...

Ariel Schlichter
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Avatar for Drumsound
Drumsound 11th March 2020