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I realize that Yamaha NS10 monitors aren't supposed to sound good. I realize that they emphasize the high-mids and don't have...

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yaren 7th March 2011
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OK, I\'ve been spending lot of time recently messing with distortion, on everything just to see what kind of cool effects I...

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folb695 7th March 2011
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Hey Everybody! Me and my buddy were wondering which "USB" mic option is the best for both vocals and acoustic guitar......

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John Willett 7th March 2011
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Hello all, I'm new here and also pretty new to the whole recording thing ... so I was hoping to get a little help. I'm gonna...

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edva 7th March 2011
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I'm keen on setting up a dual mono mix buss. I'm just not sure how to do it cooge. If any body can help me i'll be your best...

Edward Shnapper
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Snatchman 7th March 2011
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I play a Martin DM and I'm looking to get a pickup for it. Anybody know of some good ones in the $50 range?

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Erik Thomas 7th March 2011
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There is no buzz on these speakers and I'm not sure why. I just picked up a pair a couple of weeks ago and the imaging is...

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Critic 7th March 2011
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Im thinking seriously in buy a Digi 003. I need PT and in my country Mboxs are out of stock. Do you think is a decent piece of...

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Tritono9 7th March 2011
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This might need to go in the low end section? Anyhow, I sold my Digi 002R and am running PT9 and Logic 9. Looking for better than...

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refugee1 7th March 2011
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Just started using the microkorg editor on my PC and i'm looking for more patches, i have gotten a few from techno-id.com...

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frenzycat 7th March 2011
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This has been asked to death, but my query is a little more specific: I recently got the ART Pro Channel to use primarily as a...

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ironbelly 7th March 2011
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Hey fellow slutz. My biggest weakness when tracking seems to be getting a good bass gitar sound. I usually mic the amp with a...

Bedlam Sound
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Yetti 7th March 2011
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I've been using a digi002 for the past 10 years and I can't take it anymore! My ears know what they want, and they aren't going...

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SMCrock 7th March 2011
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I'm setting up my new studio currently, and I have to make a decision with what monitors to use. I have JBL 4326's, and...

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ghosty999 7th March 2011
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Hi you.. I'm experimenting some direct recording through a Peavey Classic 50/50 poweramp in a Focusrite Saffire pro 40 audio...

Antonio Agrusta
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Antonio Agrusta 7th March 2011
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So I've found and read the other threads on GS but can't seem to find any audio clips of the C5 A/B'd against anything else. On...

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ridgeway 7th March 2011
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one of the magic "what should i buy next?" posts. thanks for your suggestions! what i have: mics: blue blueberry...

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andychamp 7th March 2011
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You'd think that would vary greatly, but if I remember right, a music shop owner once mentioned 165 pounds using light-guage...

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DrFrankencopter 7th March 2011
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Recently got the Allen & Heath Zed R16. Trying to figure out how to get it to work with the Fireface 800. Should I use...

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dallasdon 7th March 2011
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hello, I want to connect a RME BOB 32 external rack mount unit to a RME HDSPe aes card. This will require two db25/db25 digital...

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Pro-Audio-LA 7th March 2011
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Does anyone know if this is half damper pedal compatible? Thanks

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Bakez 7th March 2011
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If you are NYC-based and play/engineer/produce/compose and/or listen to/love music, this is where you want to be: Sun, March...

Soul Finger
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fhames 7th March 2011
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I got some drums and usually i work off samples but these are live kit takes and ive been looking at the time alligned and the...

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Wayne 7th March 2011
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Hello, i want to buy some microphones for Vocals and Accoustic Guitars. Isearch for it on ebay and found this mic, what i found...

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giraffe 6th March 2011
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I was given 2 of these conference mics. The foam windscreen is orange. Any idea what this is?

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docvlak 6th March 2011
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So, This is my problem I have: A mixer with: -2 optical ADAT Ins (8 channel each) -2 optical Adat Outs (8 channel each) ...

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distante 6th March 2011
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I know many pros track ITB and mix on a nice desk. I've been becoming much more familiar with analog technology at school. We've...

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fastlanestoner 6th March 2011
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I usually use my POD into my interface, set the trim on the interface around 12 oclock and adjust the rst of the volume on the...

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Fizzyhair 6th March 2011
Avatar for Deltones

I was re-reading and re-listening to Slipperman's "Guitar From Hell" narratives these past few days and I have a...

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noiseflaw 6th March 2011
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I record several singer-songwriters who want to record while singing and playing acoustic guitar – they get their best...

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gehauser 6th March 2011
Avatar for hihello

anyone know what would cause the VU meters 17 thru 24 to blackout and not show any signal? their outputs are working and the...

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hihello 6th March 2011
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Xtinct 6th March 2011
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AstralPStudios 6th March 2011
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Of course I know anything BUT a real SSL Console will sound like it. But does the mixer in Record bring anything new to othe...

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denmanjum 6th March 2011
Avatar for jujumies

Hi, Can someone tell me some info regarding this mic? What era? Model? I already have black one which is really good sounding....

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jujumies 6th March 2011
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i've been looking at several mics baby bottle, v69, etc and came across this mic.. does anyone have it or used one? just...

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Psykiatrizt 6th March 2011
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I am out of my mind, hope you get it. Think of it like prestige worldwide, the monster truck announcer, and the car stereo...

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casey_outlaw 6th March 2011
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Hi I`m in Europe and for some time trying to purchase some Avedis Line z adaptors. Looks like they are impossible to...

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musicmixer04 6th March 2011
Avatar for u b k

Imagine if you could slather your productions with the tone and vibe of a particular 12 month period, past or present, what would...

u b k
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themaidsroom 6th March 2011
Avatar for sunray

Hi Guys I hope this is a good place to post this. I have been doing PA work for years(conferences, fetes, presentations, shows...

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sunray 6th March 2011
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I recently had to sell my distressor for financial reasons and I have (just for now) replaced it with a 160X which i got for 200...

mike vee
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mike vee 6th March 2011
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Can anyone tell me what this instrument is that comes in at the 1 sec mark right after she sings "let it ri...

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coachz 6th March 2011
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Hello, can you tell me, if there are differences in recording with Ipad by using an interface like usbpre 2? Is the...

paco de colonia
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Deleted 1a30a04 6th March 2011
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I am in Germany and from time to time I order directly from the US. But not all dealers offer paypal and Mastercard charges...

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buzzjoe 6th March 2011
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Yes folks, the eagled eyed amongst you may have noticed the new link in the forum navigation bar marked "Video Vault"...

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Avatar for Arthur Stone
Arthur Stone 6th March 2011
Avatar for superbee

Hello, I am beyond frustrated, I am having some problems troubleshooting my HD Rig routing using my Switchcraft patchbay. I have...

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superbee 6th March 2011
Avatar for hotpinkbirds

I'm a newbie when it comes to selling my stuff and am looking to have a good beat player, paypal, but i would like to have full...

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hotpinkbirds 6th March 2011
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The Press Association: Brain 'retuned' in tinnitus case Retuning the brain sounds kind of off to me but kinda makes...

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Avatar for Absolute
Absolute 6th March 2011
Avatar for blackbox

Are CD-Rs as good as factory, "glass master"-produced CD's nowadays? It does seem like all the murmur concerning...

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jimibrix 6th March 2011
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Has anybody else noticed that soundcloud had an adverse effect on the audio you upload? Im not talking the usual loss of...

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Avatar for Deltones
Deltones 6th March 2011