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Hi, I've made a sheet music of a song, It's finished, but I realized that is better if I duplicate the tempo and put the notes to...

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juliomonroy 21st March 2011
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Ok, so I just got my new MPD32 to replace the old busted MPC2000 that my friend needed back. I was wondering if anyone here could...

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ldn2 21st March 2011
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EDIT: I Changed the title to (see above) - Can't change the actual one Hi guys... might go shopping soon and would like to have...

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Big_Bang 21st March 2011
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Does the Ghost have mono FX returns? I have a mono spring reverb and a Roland SDE-3000 that I'd like to hook up on the returns,...

Sean Sullivan
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Sean Sullivan 21st March 2011
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I want to save CPU and archive my reverb sound on my mix but what's the best way to do that? My settings are post-fader so if I...

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vtone 21st March 2011
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I'm looking to hang a couple mics from the ceiling of a vocal booth. I need them to both have a free range of movement within the...

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666666 21st March 2011
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I have had this Roland Juno Di for about 5 months and realized that I need the money more than I need a new keyboard. What is the...

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JoaT 21st March 2011
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I recently got hold of a pair of NS-10m's, and one woofer smells like marshmallows. The tweeter is fine, and some sound comes out...

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biggator6 21st March 2011
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I've been blessed with a demo unit of the Solaris synthesizer to create a batch of sounds for the upcoming Frankfurt Messe. I'm...

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CarLofgren 21st March 2011
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Hey guys, I' looking to buy an interface with some great stable drivers that can keep up with the amount of tracks , synths and...

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Marando 21st March 2011
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Howdy, I've done some searching, and while there are some related topics, none seem to cover these two questions when tracking...

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powderfinger 21st March 2011
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So here i sit on my 5 year old non intel mac and tdm pci x hd2 accel system and i am wondering where guys like me stand. Dont...

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psycho_monkey 21st March 2011
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I'm an Android phone user but I've seen similar apps for iPhone users, so this is a general question for any people using smart...

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Johnny Favorite 21st March 2011
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I'm trying to help a friend put together a studio based around an m-audio 2626. I realize this has been discussed before, but I...

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recordinghopkins 21st March 2011
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Hi. I may be able to buy 10x six metre 8 channel xlr to xlr cables. I'm wondering if it'd be realistic to use them as a variable...

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organism 21st March 2011
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Tomiboy 21st March 2011
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Somebody paid $250 for a Unidyne sm57... NOS in box? Fine. BUT 250 bucks? Vintage Unidyne III SM57 Shure Microphone New in...

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McDingus 21st March 2011
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I think I have stumbled on a way to help my hearing impaired mom hear MUCH better but need your help with some specifics. She has...

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LeeYoo 21st March 2011
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Hey guys, I can't seem to find a thread here that easily discusses how to take the transformer out of an SM 57. I would...

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Rick Carson 21st March 2011
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Hello Gearslutz, I hope you're not tired of this game, I bought a new, more powerful DAW running Cubase and have $12,000.00 to...

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Swurveman 21st March 2011
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So I got logic pro 8, Because garageband doesn't have midi out. I am new to logic and I have no idea on how to use this. What im...

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stevengamel 21st March 2011
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I can't believe the bad run I have had purchasing gear of late. Out of 6 pieces of kit I've bought in the last month or so 3 have...

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Tomiboy 21st March 2011
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Hello friends, I'm having trouble with my tape machine, and I'm looking for any insight you folks might offer. I have a Tascam...

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glenn Taylor 21st March 2011
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Hi all, I'm attempting to help a friend who owns a small studio sell a pair of 1969 Neumann U87 condensers. I know a bit about...

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PRobb 21st March 2011
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Has anyone used these pres to record drums (both OH and close mics) ? I'm a seriously looking at these. I already own a Pacifica...

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Shaft 21st March 2011
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I recently ordered a custom build of an acoustic guitar and decided to go with a sound port - the little hole at the top of the...

Scott Whigham
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AnthonyRochester 21st March 2011
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Hi guys! Does anybody know of a simple VJ software that can handle up to 8 min files and trig them from different keys on a...

peter a
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peter a 21st March 2011
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Recently got an Aurora 8 with a LT/ADAT card and I'm using it with a DIGI002 rack and a Macbook Pro Pro Tools 8....maybe later...

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jjboogie 21st March 2011
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Is it necessary to fade your track/s for TV & Film licensing? Or do they do it? I'm hearing two different things... Yes and...

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Greg Curtis 21st March 2011
Avatar for Scott Whigham

So the new VCC is out and it's a weird demo: To demo it, you must have an iLok2 If you do buy it, you get a free iLok2 this...

Scott Whigham
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The Beatsmith 21st March 2011
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Most short-run CD deals (under 1k units) offered by people on-line are for burned CDs. Initially, I want 300 double CD albums...

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Story 20th March 2011
Avatar for king of sweden

I need to print the click in cubase as a reference for the next studio's overdub session. I'm using Cubase 4. I recall back in...

king of sweden
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Ghost Note 20th March 2011
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Hey guys, I know this has probably happened to most of you so I will pick your brains........I have an M-Audio Profire 610...

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Audio4LIFE 20th March 2011
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I have an older apogee Rosetta that only goes up to 48k and I'm mixing into the masterlink. I was wondering if anyone has...

michael cleary
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michael cleary 20th March 2011
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anyone know where to buy vintage mics in London or anywhere else in the UK other than funky junk?

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jimmy3189 20th March 2011
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Hello - This is my first post here - I have been an avid reader for several years though, and I am always amazed how much...

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giraffe 20th March 2011
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Sorry, if question is a little bit out of topic, - I would like to ask to Americans - is any difference for prices to search used...

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Erik Thomas 20th March 2011
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So, lately I've been doing a bunch of research into the technical aspects of microphones. I've found a ton of misinformation, and...

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-tc- 20th March 2011
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Hey All, I need a bit of advice/direction. Apart from just experimentation with new gear in the next few months on my end i...

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lakeshorephatty 20th March 2011
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Astonishingly, I can't find any relevant info online. I have a session with several MIDI tracks I need to export...

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Deleted 1a30a04 20th March 2011
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Okay, so in budgeting for a new room we're planning on building, I've come to the question of microphones. I have a lot already...

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toneguru 20th March 2011
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I'm broke but I want that valve sound. I initially thought the TL Audio Fat Track might be a good idea but a lot of people over...

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Audio Child 20th March 2011
Avatar for iamthetruth

So I decided to listen to some new music today, to get a feel for the current stage of the loudness war (it's gone farther than I...

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Hardtoe 20th March 2011
Avatar for dballas

Hey all, I'm doing a project for one of my recording classes at school, and I can't find any information on the Audio-Technica...

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lurxtlifeson 20th March 2011
Avatar for slaphappy

Looking for some vocal snippets from the Cloud JRS-34, Coles 4038 and AEA's 440, r84 and r92. Thanks.

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Avatar for slaphappy
slaphappy 20th March 2011
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hey, have heard monsieur zimmerman's masterpiece tangled up in blue on the radio a couple times in the past couple days. one of...

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Avatar for Arthur Stone
Arthur Stone 20th March 2011
Avatar for techneek

I have the OCL-2 and a Massive Passive on the 2buss but then use a plug insert on master fader to get volume up to decent level....

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Avatar for Ciozzi
Ciozzi 20th March 2011
Avatar for Jorg

I never owned any of the East West stuff so I was looking for some actual user feedback on the sound and quality of them. For...

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Jorg 20th March 2011
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I'm going to buy a new soundcard. I have looked at the Motu 828 mk3. The specific soundcard offers two send inputs. I have a Solo...

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papaki23 20th March 2011
Avatar for soundtrack2life

OK I am thinking I really want to give OTB summing a spin. . . . I am torn between dedicated boxes (i.e. Dangerous 2 Buss, Rascal...

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soundtrack2life 20th March 2011