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I hope not to have choosen the wrong forum. I have to record a guitar with its amp (head+cabinet) and I would carry the head's...

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John Suitcase 24th March 2011
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So, for the past couple of years I've been waiting on getting good DA conversion (just have an Apogee Mini-Me AD +002) because I...

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T_R_S 24th March 2011
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I have a duet and run it with logic 9 and love it but lately I've been getting some jitter. Sometimes none and sometimes I have...

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nodie33 24th March 2011
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Looking to rent a pair of Meyer HD-1 from April 2 through 7 in the city. Any ideas? Dreamhire can't help.

Wyn Davis
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Wyn Davis 24th March 2011
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I've searched all over, came close to finding it, but it was a V72b schematic... Any help would be much appreciated....

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beingmf 24th March 2011
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Hi All, I need to recreate this vocoder effect with vsts, since I dont own hardware vocoders. YouTube - Beastie Boys -...

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blackafgano 24th March 2011
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Any tips on how to get the acoustic guitar sound of Boston's song Hitch a ride regarding how many guitars, type of mic, and how...

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coachz 24th March 2011
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Hi! I have a problem to connect ground, because the old black ground-cable is at the replaced Tuchel connector. The screw...

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1970Jumpy 24th March 2011
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Hi Everyone This is my first post. I been kinda out of the recording loop for a while and im looking for some advice. I own a...

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niallmegs 24th March 2011
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Do you ever find yourself dumping songs because you feel they are too simple?I think for me, its becoming a disease. Basic rock...

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FFTT 24th March 2011
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Hey guys... I had the great fortune to be given a box of electronics, and in it was an API 3124 card! I am pretty psyched about...

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API Sez... 24th March 2011
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They stopped over and we were checking out some cool gear. Vz2haIcPOQ4

James Lugo
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rascal9 24th March 2011
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I really don't need a full transport remote control, but do need some sort of remote Start/Stop foot pedal for tracking and...

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FFTT 24th March 2011
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Anyone has a plug in mind or any settings for a multiband comp etc? I would like to open a really offensive...

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switch1 24th March 2011

Anyone know anything about these? Been offered a 2nd hand one. 32 channels. Are they any good? Thanks

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TWINSTATES 24th March 2011
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I'm running Logic 9 and my D/A converter is the Benchmark DAC-1 (which I won as a result of Gearslutz :-) My macbook pro had an...

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John Willett 24th March 2011
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I have Focal Twin Bs and I just got a sub. it does not give tips in the manual on placement. Are you supposed to have the sub...

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NeedsMoreFuzz 24th March 2011
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hy guys, i have seen i lots of pro studios that when miking a vocal, the mic hangs from a stand- in other words, it is turned...

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Dayo 24th March 2011
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I got the original CD bought like 20 years ago an the shaker on the intro is on the right side. Than I have this remastered...

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Mite 24th March 2011
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Sorry, hopefully this isn't a repeat. And I know we're all in different places, so everyone's responses won't be fascinating to...

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studioleorec 24th March 2011
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Hi All, Does anyone know of any 8 way TRS-TRS snakes that can be fully plugged into a MOTU 828mk3's analog inputs or outputs?...

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jmik 24th March 2011
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My second Tune-o-matic bridge collapsed and I'm forced to buy some new ones. I can't afford the Callaham, and i'm leaning toward...

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travisbrown 24th March 2011
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Hi first time here I'm wondering if anyone knows where I can get good schematics with values of all the parts listed for a...

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Lehmman 24th March 2011
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As I get ready to make my next interface purchase, I find I'm severely lacking in firewire inputs. I'm running a 2010 15"...

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noise17 24th March 2011
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Wondering If anyone has tried to clock the older DA16 with the new AD16x will it improve my old DA 16'd DA? thanks KBB

Kris Bang Boom
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kittonian 24th March 2011
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I'm in a toss up between these two, im just wondering a couple things how clean are the digi 003 pre's when you start pushing...

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benjaminp 24th March 2011
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I know I'm a dinosaur so no laughing! I have been using a tascam mx2424 to record with for the last 8 years or so and today I had...

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Steffmo 24th March 2011
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What would be a better complement to the 550A I already have? My initial thought was to get the versatile Great River but I also...

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johnnyc 24th March 2011
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I just got a TC1210 finally, I love the sound of this thing, are there any tricks to setting this up? Its running this in the...

Les Paul Gibson
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Les Paul Gibson 24th March 2011
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Watch the "Designing your Home Studio" tutorials. The host is overtly ogling his attractive young female assistant....

Jim Keaney @ Devotion Recording
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AcademyCurve 24th March 2011
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Anyone know if pinch rollers are interchangeable between the various Revox machines, specifically an A77 and PR99? Also, it seems...

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Quint 24th March 2011
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and these plug-ins: Is there a clear cut winner between UAD's ssl plug-in channel strip and waves', as far as emulating the real...

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Kenny Gioia 24th March 2011
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I'm looking for an alternative to the STA Level compressor..something that will basically pin the bass to the floor of the...

Gav G
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Kaigen 24th March 2011
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Bob Heil is on a show called triangulation right now @ live.twit.tv very cool.

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rustez 24th March 2011
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And probably changing the name?...ha. But yeah, does anyone know/think RME is planning on doing anything like that? And if it...

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superwack 24th March 2011
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Hi, What is your goto vocal chain? I'm mainly interested in preamp / comp etc as mics tend to be more heavily dependent on...

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andychamp 23rd March 2011
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I accidently flipped the phase on my stompbox in front of my guitar-amp before recording. I'm not doing any blending or summing...

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-tc- 23rd March 2011
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Just wondering the pitfalls of mixing I always seem to have vocals too thin and roll of too much bass what about everyone else?

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Cheebs Goat 23rd March 2011
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hello guys, just bought 2 wm-1 mic preamps from poland for 300 euro (both). i've read they are the eastern siemens v276...

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ONE LUV 23rd March 2011
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I got a deal on from Sweetwater for a M-Box 2 Mini, PT LE 8 with a crossgrade to PT9. I'm using the PT9 with my FF800 and I have...

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RTR 23rd March 2011
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Long time reader, first time poster... I was looking at buying the MCU Pro and extender, but came across someone selling the...

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atomicvai 23rd March 2011
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i currently own the mbox mini and the LE that came with. i am still very new to this recording stuff so ill continue to learn...

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|-| 23rd March 2011
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I'm coming to the end of tracking an album which I will probably send to a mix engineer to mix. How much 'cleaning up' do you...

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fastlanestoner 23rd March 2011
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I'm working on a mix for a honky-tonk trio client(s). they are vocal/acoustic guitar, steel guitar and bass. I started mixing in...

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climber 23rd March 2011
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I'm trying out the transient designer and a few others, I've never used a TD so it's a new thing to me, but I like it! Do...

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AstralPStudios 23rd March 2011
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Does anyone know if there is a shortcut so that if I have a track selected in protools I can automatically bring it up on the...

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ericemery 23rd March 2011
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Hi, I just purchased a RNC. It has unbalanced ins and outs. I want to use it on the inserts of my Mackie Onyx 1640i, which are...

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SDB_12 23rd March 2011
Avatar for Dog Boots

I just have a link to a recording I made some weeks ago, and thought I'd share with anyone interested. It's two Sennheiser...

Dog Boots
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AstralPStudios 23rd March 2011
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Tempo is between 60 to 120bpm. It's fairly common to sing syncopated 16th note lines in pop music, but most vocalists I work with...

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jonnymac 23rd March 2011
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Hi, Sorry if this is a basic question and possibly misses the point, but I'd value advice from experienced board members. I am...

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Reveirg 23rd March 2011